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Lopetegui Faces Scrutiny from Former CEO

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The appointment of Julen Lopetegui as West Ham’s new manager is generating a fair bit of debate, with former Everton CEO Keith Wyness having a good old fashioned moan.

Wyness is casting doubt on Lopetegui’s suitability for the West Ham job. He points to Lopetegui’s short and tumultuous tenure at Wolverhampton Wanderers as a cause for concern. While some might view Lopetegui as a potential improvement in terms of implementing a more attacking style, Wyness doesn’t believe his time at Wolves offers much evidence to support this.

Wyness highlights unresolved issues from Lopetegui’s time at Wolves. He questions Lopetegui’s ability to manage player relationships and adapt to the Premier League‘s unique challenges, citing reports of fallouts with players at his previous club.

Wyness also emphasises the uncertainties surrounding Lopetegui’s potential impact at West Ham. He questions whether Lopetegui can deliver the style of play that West Ham fans have been craving. Furthermore, he anticipates a more challenging transition period for Lopetegui than West Ham might be expecting.

Judging from his remarks, there is obviously some bad blood between the two. Hopefully, Lopetegui can silence the doubters and lead West Ham into a new era.

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  • Dave says:

    To describe his tenure at Wolves as tumultuous is ridiculous he arrived they were cut adrift at the bottom. They finished the season mid table. He then had a disagreement with the owners and left. Hardly tumultuous……
    Another no mark has to have his say and just shows his complete ignorance to our problems.The list of issues is endless, squad size and age, no youth development, plan B or C in game time, substitutions and timings and the ultra defensive set up. We are not even a counter attacking side because we all play so deep no chance of hitting on the break. These have all been created or caused by Moyes management. If only he had left after the euro win he would have been seen far more favourably by most including me.
    We know we are not going to turn into Brazil overnight but if at least 50% of the issues are addressed things will be looking up. We may end up struggling but before the careful what you wish for brigade start up, with the current squad and Moyes at the helm we would be nailed on relegation candidates……..

  • Len Scannell says:

    I agree Dave and well put mate.

    This Wyness fella seems to like seeing his name in print with non-stop opinions on every club in the news since he ‘retired’. What will the click bait journos do when he eventually learns to stop being a rent-a gob…

  • mark wiggins says:

    Sorry but Lopetegui is not the right man for West Ham . Sometimes the board should listen to fans , we’re not stupid . Wrong manager , the board need to reconsider . Might as well keep DM they are similar !

  • SydneyC says:

    Looetegui and Moyes are not same. Stop listening to the media. Go and watch his Porto and Sevilla games online. Definitely not a defensive coach. Tactically he is very good and forward thinking. The fans are knowledgeable? Really? The same fans who had never heard of Rubin Amorim, but now think he’s the answer? Why, because they studied his team’s play, no it’s because the media told them he was so now they believe it. How about look at the evidence and make your own conclusions?

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