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Lopetegui Gives Cresswell Deal Thumbs Up

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West Ham insider @ExWHUEmployee has reported that Aaron Cresswell appears to be having a late change of heart by agreeing to a one-year extension to his West Ham contract, which was due to end next month.

The West Ham left-back signed a one-year extension back in 2023 with an option for a further year.

Last summer, Cresswell was close to a £2.5 million move to Wolves under Julen Lopetegui, who is said to be a big admirer, before the Spanish manager suddenly departed the Premier League club last August, causing Cresswell’s deal to collapse.

It’s safe to assume, therefore, that Lopetegui has given the green light to the contract extension and quite possibly has given assurances to Cresswell.

This is bound to spell the end for Hammers academy graduate Ben Johnson, who has been overlooked in favour of Cresswell in recent matches.

It also appears to confirm claims from within the club that they were concentrating on recruiting central defenders rather than full-backs in the Summer window.

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  • Dgoody says:

    Absolutely diabolical from the club

  • Dark horse 99 says:

    No, no, no. Cresswell is past his best and now too slow for the premiership

    • Phil Thompson says:

      YES YES YES so correct, Cresswell is past it, championship maybe but to slow & boring football.

      GET RID

  • Dave says:

    We never learn, another backward step.
    His legs went 2 years ago, you can see teams targeting him.
    He’s probably had a change of heart because nobody came in for him in the premier league and championship teams won’t pay the same wage, why else would you sit on the bench for 12 months.
    With no euro football we have 12 games less for him to bench warm.

    • Phil Thompson says:

      Totally crazy.
      WTF are management doing, new coach was supposed to be getting rid of dead wood.

  • Conrad wilcox says:

    Absolutely crazy decision by the board and new coach.Only thing I can think of is that he qualifys as a homegrown player.

  • Gonads says:

    ….and Michail Antonio has agreed a new 4 year deal to become the London Stadium Announcer. This will come as a blow to Jarrod Bowen’s missus who was widely tipped to be in for the position.

  • Pessimist says:

    A club insider says, how many times have we heard it ? Perhaps Fabinski will get offered another ten years. I will believe it when it happens.

  • Robert says:

    This is why we will never take it up the next level with this mentality. While these sub standard well past their sell by date players are at the club they stop young players coming through.

  • Frank Reed says:

    Don’t believe this story, even a div watching replays of our games would realise how many goals against us have been through Cresswell not doing what he’s paid for. His days are over, similar to this site actually, can you not cut the negativity and child like posts which now seem to be obsessed with a view that it’s opinion is going to make a difference. Thank the lord we have too many real loyal supporters who actually just support the club and don’t wish to be led by this drivel of info. As time goes by and hopefully as a club we get stronger and more successful more real West Ham fan sites will emerge and support our team rather than consistently give a negative attitude.

  • Kevin waylen says:

    I don’t like this if this is a sign of Lopeteguis signings then we are stuffed. Cresswell has been off the pace and too error prone for the last two seasons.We need young quick hungry players,I would definitely play scarles at left back if we don’t sign another next season.

  • Jason Dunlop says:

    Honest to goodness! Please tell me this is another made up story just like 99% of every other story that hovers around West Ham United! Cresswell was a fine hard working player for us but he’s absolutely done! Wouldn’t surprise me to read that Antonio is to sign a new 4 year contract, after reading this hogwash story!

    • Hugh Jars says:

      Oh well, pensioners united fu…..d again next season. Kin rubbish

    • Robin Frost says:

      Remember Lopetegui signed Dawson and also tried to sign Antonio and Cresswell , this doesn’t bode well for the hope of gathering a vibrant young athletic squad of players

  • D.f.butcher says:

    I thought loopy was the head coach and Steiten was in charge of supplying the team , so why is he suddenly green lighting things , we get told one thing , then we get told a slight contradiction?

  • Hammermax says:

    From the same owner who begged Carlton Cole to come out of retirement nothing surprises me. Emerson is our only wing back worthy of retention. Creswell has been a one dimensional liability for 5 years.

  • KMac says:

    If true, prima facie, an awful decision, ! Cresswell in his prime was a quality left back. However, he hasn’t been Premier League standard for a couple of years! That said, as part of the necessary squad restructuring this Summer, we could be losing a number of “leaders” (eg Ogbonna, Zouma, Fabianski, Antonio, Aguerd and, of course, Cresswell). Hopefully others such as Bowen and Ward-Prowse will help hold things together, but we do presumably need to take care not to remove too many important faces. Perhaps Cresswell is considered important in this sense? Notwithstanding this, we will need to bring in some more strong characters to replace those who leave….. let’s hope we do our business efficiently…..

  • Millis77 says:

    Cresswell will not get another year. Great player for us and disgraceful of the club not to give him a summer testimonial. Wolves were linked to him and Antonio, who has also worked tirelessly for the club because they were working against financial restraints. That is why Lopetegui left. Tim Steidten will identify the players and Lopetegui will coach them. Moyes has gone because he didn’t want players that were recommended, alienated players he didn’t like or want and only had one tactic. Let’s see what happens over the summer and the start of the season

  • Jim says:

    This is a joke how we meant to compete with pacey forwards attacking, he’s terrible in aerial duels gets done every time should have gone two season back come on ! Moyes will be back bailing us out again with this ambition get with the program West Ham.

  • Basvegas says:

    Like everyone has chipped in with, poor decision unless J-Lo will operate him as a left CB in a back three perhaps? Great servant but should be let go next month.

  • Eug1 says:

    Please don’t let this be the sign of things to come. You cannot make a case for giving Cresswell another year. This decision is so wrong that if true the fans will just despair. The worry is he signed Dawson & tried to sign Cresswell & Antonio at Wolves.
    What happened to Steidten making all the decisions on signings?
    The guy hasn’t arrived yet & his making the biggest balls up

  • Eug1 says:

    Is it to late to get a petition going?

  • Hammeroo says:

    Dad’s Army United!

  • D.f.butcher says:

    Do you think Sullivan watched the same games As us ? I was quite optimistic about loopy now I can see us hitting a speeding truck , they haven’t officially announced him as manager (head coach) yet , and I’m already thinking oh b???ocks another season of boring something resembling football rubbish , can’t wait for the transfer window to begin , champions of Europe we know what we were.?

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