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Lopetegui Set to Forge Irons into Defensive Juggernaut

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There is a very interesting article by Analytics United on the official site where they suggest a significant shift in style under new manager Julen Lopetegui, with a focus on building a resolute defensive unit. Lopetegui, renowned for his meticulous tactical approach, boasts a proven track record of crafting watertight defences.

The Spanish coach’s philosophy prioritises defensive stability. His teams are drilled to be highly organised and press opponents with high intensity, disrupting their build-up play and forcing errors. This approach is evident in Lopetegui’s successful spell at Sevilla, where his side consistently ranked among La Liga’s best defensive units.

Lopetegui’s tactical flexibility allows him to adapt between a 4-3-3 and a 4-2-3-1 formation, ensuring his team effectively covers the pitch regardless of the opponent’s strategy. Furthermore, his pressing tactics share some similarities with those employed by David Moyes, West Ham’s previous manager. However, under Lopetegui, pressing becomes a cornerstone of a more structured and comprehensive defensive system.

While the focus on defensive solidity is a clear departure from West Ham‘s recent style, fans can take solace in Lopetegui’s well-rounded approach. The Spaniard’s tactical prowess extends beyond defence, and supporters can expect a team that is not only difficult to break down but also possesses attacking capabilities.

It is all beginning to look rather good.

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  • Simon says:

    Not a surprise at all, after Moyes’ team allowed in over 70 goals last season.
    And that alone, should have shown Moyes and his team of merry men the door.
    How can such an expensive team be so bad defensively?
    Dawson and Oggie alone carried this team for years.
    The new manager gotta get rid of Pinnochio/The cat kicker and his lazy bunch of defenders and their attitude, together with our soft midfield that allows opponents to just waltz thru.
    Thank goodness Phillips is gone. Now to sort out Paqueta and his attitude etc.
    Our prayers and well wishes to Steidten, our new manager, his coaching team and scouts.
    May they find the right players, and correct the negatives with the current players too.
    Coyi – God bless West Ham.

    • Phil says:

      Amen to that !!!

    • Charlie says:

      Prayers and God bless them, wtf is that all about? It’s a game of football and contrary to what Bill Shankley said, it isn’t life and death, shows how ridiculous things can be.

  • Bennyboy baker says:

    Let’s not jump the gun yes it all sounds good but words are cheap come the start of next season we will find out if it’s just talk or something amazing after the way David moyes had the team playing we don’t want and can’t have more of the same I wasn’t sure about Lopetegui but the more I hear and get to know about him I believe he can take us to the next level that is if all the chat is true for now we need to get behind him and support him the new incoming players and the club

  • PlaistowPundit says:

    Flynn Downes seems the ideal player for the new system, let’s hope he gets the chance.

  • D says:

    What I don’t get with this article is where it says he does share some similarities with Moyes in that he likes to use the pressing tactics? The only game I saw us play the high press was the first half against Leverkusen which was about the best I saw us play this dire season

  • Kevlar says:

    We were very good this season on the odd occasions that we attacked teams! Wolves Freiburg leverkusen first half and Newcastle away before Moyes handed the initiative back to Newcastle when he reverted to type when 3-1 up! That match has to be the worst manager decision of the entire season! It cost us a European spot and knocked the players confidence pathetic spineless individual Moyes is thank goodness he’s gone now.Good bless Lopetegui,steinden and his coaching staff let’s have a wel organized motivated west ham every match this season COYI

  • Adele says:

    Let’s hope he gets it right and we can press on through the whole season not just the first 4 months, but he should of kept Kevin Nolan on as he would be good for the coaching staff to players.

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