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Lopetegui: Steidten’s in charge of transfers

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New West Ham head coach Julen Lopetegui has given his most candid interview yet and finally put to rest the transfer uncertainty that has blighted this club for too long.

Whether it be Danny Ings, Maxwel Cornet, Said Benrahma, Alex Kral, or Kalvin Phillips, there have been too many times where the club and former manager David Moyes were not aligned in their transfer strategy.

Quite frankly, West Ham have been in such a transfer muddle for so long that many fans often believed that players had been purchased against the manager’s wishes. So, it’s incredibly refreshing to listen to the new West Ham coach speak so positively about the new transfer structure at the London Stadium.

The Spaniard was speaking in an interview with US broadcaster CBS, and some of his answers were a breath of fresh air and a real change from the cryptic codswallop we’re usually fed.

Lopetegui was asked by a CBS reporter whether he was happy to just be the head coach or whether he had future ambitions to be the manager.

Lopetegui replied, “I am very happy to be the head coach. It’s a very hard position and I will be spending all of my time trying to improve my team and my players. I am involved in all areas of the club, but my daily job is improving the team.

Of course, I am working shoulder to shoulder with the performance director [Tim Steidten], but everybody knows their responsibility, and this is important because I have to spend a lot of time improving my players.

I am very pleased to have a good team and a good department for scouting at the club because teaching players your mentality and tactics takes months rather than days, and I must concentrate on that.”

Honestly, this bloke is like a breath of fresh air and the more he talks the more excited I become for the season ahead.

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  • Anon says:

    Agreed we have rolls Royce manager and a Dacia owners in Sullivan and Brady

    • Mr Buddy Lurve says:

      Really?? We’re not even into a new season yet, have already made one exciting signing, have an exciting new manager and it’s still not enough for you to stop knocking the owners…

      How about we just give it a rest with the Sullivan bashing for a while and sit back and chill on the negativity?

      How about you imagine setting aside your dull life for a sec; think about how you’d spend your millions if you had had the ability to make them, rather than constantly whining on about those who actually have?

      You board bashers are broken record. Grow up and have a look at yourselves.

  • joseph says:

    This is great to hear and of course he will have some input into who the club try to buy but like he says his job is to educate and train the players into his style of football and that will take time and something hopefully the majority of fans will give him.. and seeing him give some players a look that the previous manger just plainly and at times childishly ignored is a good thing.

  • Essexirons says:

    The transfer window has been open for 4 days, let’s give them a chance before the hysterics start.

    If anybody thinks a complete change in philosophy at the club will happen overnight, need to check themselves into reality hotel.

    The players last season showed what they can do when the shackles were removed for certain games.

    The main areas are in defence, only the bottom 3 were worse, 74 goals in 38 games is shocking
    Rome wasn’t built in a day etc etc ⚒⚒

  • Tony says:

    WH are in unchartered territory and my prediction is that whatever happens next season, This will be a season like no other. I am gonna have a bet that Lopetegui will take hammers to the next level… This is the type of manager we have been screaming out for and now we have one. Whether we Win, lose or draw, I am already looking forward to hearing Lopetegui speak. COYI ⚒️

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