Lopetegui to Strip Zouma of Captaincy

Image for Lopetegui to Strip Zouma of Captaincy

Rumours are circulating that new West Ham head coach Julen Lopetegui is ready to strip Kurt Zouma of the club captaincy.

The move will come as little surprise to most, given the Frenchman’s unsuccessful stint following the departure of Declan Rice to Arsenal.

Zouma is well-liked within the dressing room and is considered a friendly but somewhat quiet character. This was evident throughout the season, particularly in games where West Ham appeared to be bullied and a leader was needed to step up.

The central defender was rarely put forward to face the cameras before games and especially following some of the club’s heavy defeats last season.

It is also well known within West Ham that the club will not be renewing Zouma’s contract at the end of this season, and some question whether he’ll make the starting line-up under Lopetegui.

A board insider let it be known to Claret & Hugh last season that the player was struggling with a persistent knee injury, and it was hoped a bid from the Saudi Pro League would be received.

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  • Jason Dunlop says:

    A bid from a Saudi Club? We can dream on! A great soldier over the past few years but he’s absolutely done as a professional defender! If we get any kind of fee for the big man then we will be seriously lucky! ☘️

  • Jeeps says:

    Quiet in the dressing room and quiet on the field.
    Defence, not attack, cost team at least 3 places in league.
    He couldn’t organise defence and definitely shouldn’t have been club captain (Moyes mucker).
    Donkey sanctuary calls.
    If he makes first team next season something has gone wrong with new signings.

  • Bennyboy baker says:

    He has been a great defender for us over the last few years but this year it’s clear that he’s not up to playing in the premier league his knees are shot to bits because of his knees he can’t keep up with the pace and has been a liability this season just finished

  • Bill says:

    Can’t wait till he’s put out to seed.
    Not good enough,never was.
    I know plenty of Chelsea fans that were so pleased when we signed him.
    Can’t pass for toffee and runs like he’s in treacle so will be sweet when he goes…lol.
    Never been captain material just another one of many mistakes Moyes made…..COYI

  • Wayne says:

    Good. Poor captain and an even poorer footballer.

  • Eddy Trivett says:

    Never was a great defender and came to us with knee issues. At best he would get his foot in to make a good block etc. But ball distribution was not a strong point. Hope someone is happy to give us something for him and take his ridiculous salary off the books. Never understood why Moyse made him captain there were a few better choices available.

  • Danielson79 says:

    Personally I think Soucek should have been made captain last season. He’s captained his national side (maybe still does?) he’s West Ham to the core. He may not be our best player but I think he could have been a leader. I think this season it will be either JWP or Alvarez, he shouts a lot and is a no nonsense player.

  • Phil says:

    How about Bowen? He speaks intelligently, works his socks off as he covers in defence and sets up attacking play, scores goals and sticks up for his team and the club. Would be a great example as our cpt.

  • Hammeroo says:

    Jarrod has already put his hand up for the captaincy. He’s West Ham through and through now, his partner’s family is all West Ham as we all know. He’s a very good player and a decent guy. I’d like to see him get the job!

  • Bibsgold says:

    Taxi for zouma, if not i will drive him myself,,

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