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Lopetegui v Moyes is no choice at all

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Choosing between David Moyes and Julen Lopetegui isn’t really much of a choice at all. I’m aware that I don’t speak for everyone, but for me, it’s like asking whether I’d prefer to be punched or kicked.

During our earlier poll, I described the selection as a magician’s choice; however, Hobson’s choice may well be more apt. The definition of both is the illusion of an apparently free choice when there is no real alternative or only equally objectionable alternatives.

In this instance, the question was whether you’d prefer unadventurous manager A or B. It’s an unfair choice because the majority of people who would like to see David Moyes replaced as West Ham manager would ideally like his successor play with a youthful and attacking team. Lopetegui it appears does neither.

For those who wish to know, the poll is running at roughly 55% in favour of David Moyes; however, David Sullivan would be wise not to read too much into this statistic. I’m cautious and mindful that the results may imply that the majority of the fanbase are happy with the current style of play.

The poll result is certainly no endorsement or validation of Moyes’ incredibly pragmatic outlook on games, which sees us set up as fearfully against Sheffield United as we do against Manchester City. Many fans, including myself, have grown frustrated by seeing advantageous positions in matches thrown away during the second halves of games.

Moyes is frequently outsmarted by younger, shrewder, and more tactically malleable coaches who switch tactics and substitutes, which then turn a favourable lead for West Ham into a victory for the opposition.

Perhaps the whole charade is set up for a claim that attempts were made to recruit other managers, but Moyes was the last man standing. If that is the case, and the illusion of choice is used against the West Ham fans as it was with the appointment of Manuel Pellegrini, it may take a lot more than pulling a rabbit out of a hat to appease those who feel duped.

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  • Deathblow says:

    Sullivan. You are an embarrassment to our club.
    Why employ Tim Steidten if you refuse to listen to him?
    You want him gone, you little weasel and this is your way of frustrating him out of his mind so he resigns and you don’t have to pay him to go.
    You are a fool and make us the laughing stock of the EPL as everyone knows money means more to you than making this club fun to support. I dread going.

  • Tewert says:

    Absolute kack of an article Gonzo

    His Sevilla sides were progressive and pressing oppositions with the highest levels of possesion in la liga.
    Still if you want to push this nonsense and feed your readers and viewers with the same biased bile aimed at Moyes than crack on and I pity anyone that reads it and actually believes it.

    • Gonzo says:

      I don’t feed anyone anything Steve . . . complete tosh.

      Like everyone else, you’re welcome to click on the link, submit an article and I’ll publish it.

      Obviously I’d appreciate you cutting out the insults, but aside from that I’m more than happy to publish an alternative opinion.

      I look forward to receiving your correspondence.


  • Kevin waylen says:

    I am a west ham season ticket holder and I’ve been supporting west ham since 1973 I was 14 when I went to my first match at upton park.What was the point in us uprooting to the new stadium if we weren’t going to mix it with the top four/six regularly? We have a wonderful opportunity to rebuild now as we need 10-12 new players.We need a young modern progressive manager who has good motivational skills and tactics.Sullivan should pay the release clause if £13m fo Amorim and prove to the fans that he has claret and blue blood.We all want to see a possession based team dominating the opposition and scoring plenty of goals.We deserve to be entertained we turn up in our droves every game.Its about time that WEST HAM UNITED stepped up and competed with the big guns.COYI

  • Remember this says:

    Remember this Rambo quote?

    “I want, what they want, and every other guy who came over to the London Stadium and support our club wants! For our club to love us as much as we love it! That’s what I want!

  • John (Lancs) says:

    14 points better than last year
    Euro trophy last year
    Yet still this Moyes bashing
    Keep Moyes
    Sell Paq for top dollar falls over to much
    Bring thro some youth get top strker. And sterling Jobs a Good. Un

    • rollercoaster hammer says:

      last season our points tally was 20 less than the year before and 26 points less than the year before that. we were almost relegated. this season we had 33 points at half-way. 16 points since then and only 4 wins in 22 this year. we have been thrashed more times this season than any other i can remember in 47yrs of following. we have regressed, the fotball is atrocious. stop defending him, he’s done. we deserve better

  • Martin says:

    I’m sick of Moyes ball, whatever the league position. I enjoyed the championship more in 04/5 than watching some games this year.. when the journey away from LS take an hour in the ****ing rain after £100 plus for a ticket and ****e food i think we have every right to seek to be entertained.
    When Moyes ignores players and flogs them on the cheap I get disappointed..what could we have done this season with Scamacca, Fornals, Benrahma and Downes on the bench?
    When Moyes squanders the legacy of academy players I get bitter. Johnson Mubama etc just the latest to wither on the vine and go forth to flourish elsewhere. Criminal.
    When the Scotosaurus drives our most talented players into the ground by playing them 3 times in 8 days, no subs, 95 mins, week after week, and then sounds shocked when we get beaten, I get really angry.
    Thanks for the trophy.
    Now Go.

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