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Lopetegui’s Long Term Hammers Ambition

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New West Ham head coach Julen Lopetegui revealed his long-held ambition to manage the Hammers, a dream sparked during his visit to The London Stadium with Sevilla.

West Ham’s memorable Europa League victory over Sevilla left a lasting impression on Lopetegui, despite his team’s defeat. The occasion and atmosphere made such an impact that he vowed to one day manage the club.

During yesterday’s press conference, Lopetegui shared how that European clash ignited his passion for West Ham. “I am thrilled to be here. This is where I want to be. West Ham is a big club with immense potential. The pitch, the stadium, and the fans create a fantastic environment. I believe we have a strong squad and a great foundation to achieve significant success.”

Reflecting on his previous visit with Sevilla in 2022, Lopetegui said, “I remember the intense atmosphere when we played West Ham. I told myself then that I wanted to come back as the team’s coach because it was a special experience. Now that I am here, I aim to leverage those strengths and elevate the club to the next level.”

After his first stint in England with Wolverhampton Wanderers in the 2022/23 season, Lopetegui was determined to continue in the Premier League. “I have always believed the Premier League is the best competition in the world. It’s where every player and coach aspires to be. The league is incredibly demanding, with a unique rhythm and culture. I’ve spent considerable time in England, watching numerous matches, and I hope to have deepened my understanding of the game here.”

Lopetegui’s enthusiasm for the new challenge is evident as he aims to replicate and build on West Ham’s European successes.

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  • Hammeroo says:

    An ambitious man. That’s what West Ham needs! Good luck to him – and for us.

  • Gary says:

    He’s gonna be disappointed when he realises atmospheres like Sevilla night are few and far between

    • I'm not the answer to our right back problems says:

      Not necessarily so, if he gets us playing good, entertaining and high energy attacking football then the West Ham Family will be there right behind the team in full voice every home and away game.
      in Tim & J-Lo we trust!

  • Eddy Trivett says:

    I wish you all the very best and look forward to watching some good football atthe stadium next season.

  • Dave says:

    Outdone by the Moyesiah

  • Ossie says:

    Gary’s a bundle of fun.

    • Billy says:

      Is Gary related to dave soo negative

      • Gary says:

        No. Wish the stadium would rock like it did that night at the start of every game. Not just last few minutes

        Only happens when we are winning. Liverpool and Chelsea 2 seasons ago were amazing. But only when we were winning

        If it was from kick off teams would fear coming to us

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