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Lopetegui’s New Dawn Starts Today

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Today, the West Ham United squad arrive back at Rush Green to begin pre-season training. Obviously, there will be some absentees with some players on international duty, but the start of training feels significant.

Ordinarily, I always welcome the summer break from football, but for a number of reasons, I find myself incredibly excited about next season and in a hurry to to back to club football.

Perhaps it’s the turgid offerings that Gareth Southgate has been serving up via his England team, which has made me crave something more exciting. Usually, I would be excited by the Three Lions participating in the knockout stages of European competitions; however, this time I find myself apathetic towards it.

I do wonder if Southgate’s tactical similarities to David Moyes have made me less tolerant of England’s performances, but I am definitely ready for something new and different.

Therefore, West Ham’s return to training feels somehow symbolic, as if a line is being drawn under what has been a successful yet sometimes less than entertaining period for club and country.

Julen Lopetegui’s words and demeanour during his recent press conference have helped massively. Both he and Tim Steidten exuded a positivity that made me hanker for the start of the new season even more.

West Ham are about to usher in a new era. It feels like big changes have been made, it feels different, and most importantly, it feels like a step forward. I can’t wait.

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  • Chris Wheeler says:

    New Dawn. You having a laugh. Same old West Ham. I thought we were getting our transfer business done early. Where are the 8 new players we need that were suppose to be in place to start pre season. How is it a New Dawn? What is difference from other seasons.

  • Selsdonhammer says:

    I too am excited, for the first time in years, about the new season. It certainly feels as though the club is moving in the right direction with a new manager and structure in place. Even if it takes a season for the new system and players to gel I will be happy as long as the style of play is attractive. Thankfully we have seen the end of Moyesball. I am staggered by the amount of negativity posted in so many of the comments on this site. It seems that it’s the same recycled rants about Sullivan and Brady and “nothing ever changes”. Clearly the whingers have written-off the New Dawn before it has even started.

  • Benny the Aussie says:

    Totally agree, looking forward to a new era for the Irons ⚒️
    Onwards and upwards

  • HammerRush says:

    Why are people so negative about the new season?? Will we win the league – no. A cup – unlikely.
    But we have a new manager, we will have new players, a new playing style, great fans, no financial worries. Of course it ain’t perfect, but let’s be positive.

  • Hugh Jars says:

    We will be massive this season! C O Y I 🫧🫧⚒️⚒️

  • Hugh Jars says:

    C O Y I 🫧🫧⚒️⚒️

  • Alistair says:

    David moyes european trophy winner? Ungrateful lot

    • Martin Treasure says:

      Alistair, if you’ve watched the last couple of painful England games with mounting frustration, imagine paying over a grand to go to East London and put up with that negative, dull boring style for over a year. It isn’t about gratitude, many have said their ‘thank you’s’ to Moyes, it is about seeking entertainment rather than being bored to tears after spending hours in the pi**ing rain just getting to the stadium. Too much to ask?

  • Jeeps says:

    Great minds think alike so they say. Definitely alike but not sure about ‘Great’ bit.
    Southgate going on about missing Maguire and Phillips, sounds like Moyes
    Southgate wanting Moyes to sign Gallagher when he couldn’t get a game at Chelsea.
    Tactically neither of them want to change.
    Yes, two peas in a pod.
    Negativity towards signing players is their own doing.
    Should never have got on a pedestal shouting about something that was never going to happen
    Has never been anything straight forward about whu transfers and that won’t change with present management.
    Keeping quiet and letting things take there course would have been a better option (maybe not for media).

  • geoff risley says:

    purists still exist.i am one.
    its who we are.no where not going to win the league.when you have been brought up on moore hurst. brooking.bonds.lampard senior.bryan pop robson.alan devonshire.graham paddon.you have been spoilt.dont be in denial in what we buzz off its called skill.do people remember skill and excitement.it uesd to be called entertaining football.for me it ended with harry redknapp.david moyes gave us some great moments but didnt understand either west ham culture or our supporters wants.

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