Love him or hate him let’s wish Ravel well

ravel-morrison-west-ham-united_3010039We should all  – from a humanitarian point of view – be very pleased that Ravel Morrison has been cleared of all criminal charges and that he will no longer have to appear in court.

Sadly the 21st century Twitter phenomenon allows is a very clear insight into the mindsets of a few who it seems  would love to have seen him done for the most minor offences – of which it seems there are none.

Even had he “pushed” anybody, this is a minor offence of assault and would be very unlikely to have carried a custodial sentence so a few out there in the often offensive world of Twitter would have been disappointed.

In reality it makes not a a ha’porth of difference to his West Ham situation where the lad has totally burned his bridges.

Indeed it seems that’s the situation across the Premier League where there has apparently been no interest in handing him a chance to resurrect his career in England.

If – as has been said many times – our three most experienced coaches, Ferguson, Allardyce and Redknapp,  can’t get to grips with him – you wonder if any will.

Lazio’s Stefano Pioli apparently believes he can as I was told just a few minutes ago that move is now looking likely.

The thought of Ravel settling down to life in Rome takes a little imagination but  if that is to be the case I wish him well.

Some will believe we should bad mouth him and will no doubt use the worst language they can find to do so.

Others will want to thank him for some moments of great magic whilst others will simply wanted to wish a troubled soul well, I’m in the latter group. I hope it works for him.

Italian football is almost certain to suit him better but whether he can settle into such an entirely different lifestyle should he make the move is a question we wait to see answered.



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11 comments on “Love him or hate him let’s wish Ravel well

  1. 1 he will never settle in Italy no way they will have him out within 4 weeks

    2 I would like to see us give him one last chance put him on trial so to speak put him on a 2 year pay as you play/train/ keep you mouth SHUT but also put in that if he steps out of line the contract can be terminated with out paying it up.

    we got nothing all to lose like that

    cos I would hate to see him come good for someone else

  2. I would thank him for the amazing goal against Spurs…
    On his day he is an absolute talent…let alone his work rate at times.

    Fergie, Big Sam and Old ‘Arry couldn’t get him working in the team…
    Plenty of chances were given with no success.
    I believe time is up for him here in EPL…

    I wish him all the best, I genuinely hope that he can kick start a new chapter of his currently short but stuttering career somewhere else…


  3. I think WHU could have cut the Kid some slack in the current situation he has faced. It must have been stressful for the Kid since he was charged, lest not forgot that he knew he was innocent if others thought otherwise with social media comments posted. To have it dragged on for 3months would have done him and his mental state no good. I am not sure what the Clubs current disputes are with him resulting in them fining him his full weekly wage but having to engage the PFA to arbitrate isn’t good for Club or player but makes me think there is more to it if they are prepared to represent him in the dispute.
    I would like to see Sullivan and Gold intervene and give him the opportunity one last time to make it at WHU during the next 5 months with the olive branch of a new basic contract on offer if he performs. Surely with the loses of Zarate, Vaz Te, Sakho injured, Kouyate at ANC, Nolans poor form, there must be a place for his mercurial talent from the bench if only for a quarter of a match. He could be the playmaker alongside Song we crave???

  4. This kid has the ability to be one of the best players on the world stage, it really would be a shame to let him realise that at another club. I would loan him to Lazio at worst, but to be honest, now that he has had the charges dropped, I would give him one last crack at it. I think Big Sam washed his hands of him a long while back and he doesn’t seem the type to back track once that has happened. However the kid is exactly that, a kid and as we all know they do stupid things, I know I was no different. I just have this mental image of him tearing up the OS in a couple of years, but sadly that looks like it will never happen. Downing will only last another couple of years and he looks like the perfect replacement. That goal against the spuds will go down as one of the best WH goals and all by a player who only had a handful of games…………Real Shame!

  5. give him 1 last chance

  6. The man has a flawed character. He needs to grow up, fast. Apparently, no-one has ever shown him any boundaries.

    Good riddance.

  7. It’s out of our hands cos he’s a free at season end and can sign a pre contract. Basic contract? He obviously wants more than that. Bird has flown

  8. The lad obviously has issues outside football & while these are present he wont change.He has been a bit of a pain in the ass but i hope one day he can get himself sorted.This appears to be more than a football issue for him but something in his head that needs sorting.For this reason i wish him well & hope he can one day show everyone he has become a man & an outstanding footballer which he could certainly be 😉

  9. I thought there was a presumption of innocence until proven otherwise in the UK??Again Morrison has been found guilty by the media.I too believe in persevering with the lad.

  10. I don’t know or worry to much about his personal life, his biggest problem seems to be that he has no interest in working hard and adjusting to realise his talent, this is certainly why he hasn’t succeeded, football isn’t just about producing two or three mazy runs a game. It’s about turning up for training working on your weaknesses and integrating into a team. For his sake hopefully in Italy if he goes there with a new language to learn and lifestyle to adapt too he will realise that he has to change whether he likes it or not just to fit into every day life and get by. As DG told him he is the only one that can make his dreams come true and fullfil his potential unless he has teh desire and drive to do that it will never happen. I don’t wish him anything good or bad, if he changes and adjusts then he should pat himself on the back because that will be the first step on the ladder.

  11. Bang on the money No.32.We aint shipping him out coz of some court case or problems off field & this is the sole reason for it.The simple fact is the lad has had chances to prove himself out on loan.Show he is up for the fight to get in the first team,that he deserves to be in the team not playing in the Championship.But he has hardly set The Championship on fire for his 3 clubs.I bet there are few matches we can all say he was blinding in during his loans,he has hardly made the headlines for his outstanding displays.I wish him well & hope he does great if he ends up in Italy.But how long do you continue loaning a player out to prove himself.If people think he should be in our first team they are deluded.One great goal & a few dribbles a few times hardly makes him a must for our team.Nah,he had his chance,just as he did at Manchester before they decieded he was just extra baggage they didnt need around 😉

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