Loving the New Kit-first impressions are Positive

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One for the purists. Described by some sites this morning even as “a thing of beauty.” It actually reminds me of the thick cotton heavyweight replica I wore with pride as a seven-year-old, with Geoff Hurst’s white number hastily cut out from an old pillowcase and sewn on the back.

It’s that time of year when the “new variant” of the Claret and Blue kit gets leaked and posted for us all to look at and moan about, usually uniting in the “it’s not as good as it used to be” rant. Well, now it IS. As far as the “home” kit is concerned anyway. Whoever designed this kit for Umbro deserves a vote of thanks for NOT trying to put a modern twist, stripe, orange flame, or other cursed “newfangled twist” on the kit. It looks straight out of the photo archives as if worn by the Moore, Hurst, and Peters triumvirate in the late 1960s or early 1970s.

Displayed in the new official club video with sleeve sponsor QuickBooks’ green logo (more about that later), but importantly without the red Umbro branding seen in previous “previews,” the strip is showcased along with the slogan “Wear the Greatness,” with first team members modelling. Apparently, there is also a return to white shorts AND white socks instead of the claret and white hooped versions, making the homage to an earlier era complete.

I believe the “away” kit is still the accursed black, so I guess there’s no wholesale return to the much-loved (by me, anyway) blue shirts and shorts with two claret hoops as per my first Subbuteo team—until the dog trod on them anyway.

Noted by several sites is the absence of Captain Kurt Zouma from the PR shots and video, which has been taken as further evidence that he is to be sold this summer. I see it certainly as further proof that he’ll no longer be our club captain, but as for selling him—I just don’t see him attracting many offers with such obviously limited fitness. In his position, most would just see out their contract before having to take a large backward step in terms of salary.

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Like everyone else, lifelong WHU fan and season ticket holder in old BMU stand at Upton Park from 2003. Billy Bonds these days with my adult son and impatiently waiting for my Grandson to be old enough to initiate him before his mum grabs him for Man U. All opinions are my own very biased ones.


  • Dave says:

    No one should buy this until they u turn on ticket concessions.

  • S says:

    Don’t go back to the white shorts. The all-claret looked spectacular and unique. I was a big fan.

    • Charlie Farley says:

      Ha! I think you’re in the minority, S. All claret was awful…..

      • S says:

        Haha It sure seems like I am, but I can’t lie: I loved the all-clarets!

        Hated the all-blue third kits, though. Made us look like Chelsea and there’s nothing worse than that!

  • Mark says:

    At last!! A return to the classic claret n blue shirts with white shorts and socks. Such a stylish kit, and much missed in recent seasons. How awful it has been to have to watch West Ham play in that God-awful all claret with hooped rugby-style socks. Horrible.

  • John Ayris says:

    Traditional is good, white shorts and socks are good too. This claret doesn’t look claret enough though, it looks pale I hope is the photography.

    • Charlie Farley says:

      The same might be said about the sky blue sleeves too… it must be the photography.
      As a schoolboy, I remember Bobby Moore’s last season at West Ham (1973-74) when the traditional kit included sky blue socks. Looked much better to me than white.

    • Andy Stone says:

      Looking at the shirts further away on the left and nearest on the right they are darker. Probably just the lighting, I hope. Agreed we don’t need a Villa type of claret.

  • Hammerpete6 says:

    Speaking as an old timer I really like this traditional shirt, and prefer white shorts to the all claret look. I would like light blue socks myself, but hated the hoops!!

  • Hamble Hammer says:

    Same as me as a 10 year old now 68 first shirt was a Geoff Hurst shirt complete with cotton stitched on no 10 but bought a replica one about 10 years ago still in my draw so it will save me about £70 having to buy a new one. Something to smile about already and the season hasn’t started yet.

  • Geezer Chief says:

    You all look great guys and girls. New kit a welcome echo from the past. I have long believed that hooped socks made for poor results for any club.

  • HammerRush says:

    Great to see a return to our classic colours, especially the white shorts and socks. Let’s keep it that way!!

  • Fletch says:

    Boycott buying anything from the club until the concessions have been reversed. I’ll get mine from DHGate again this season, only paid £17 for an “unofficial” Alvarez home shirt last year, good quality as well

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