Low Ball Offers Slow Transfer Momentum.

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There was certainly a feel-good factor around West Ham’s early transfer business ahead of the upcoming Premier League season.

The club has traditionally been a late starter as the silly season begins. However, on this occasion, the Hammers got off to a flyer by signing Brazilian wonderkid Luis Guilherme.

The early transfer caused a stir and an anticipation that things had changed at West Ham, that we were now a club that would get deals over the line early rather than waiting for deadline day.

Whilst we are still in the embryonic stages of the summer window, the buzz around the early signing of Guilherme seems to have dissipated somewhat.

West Ham has to be careful now because the club appears to be reverting to the old tactic of bidding considerably lower than clubs’ valuations for their players.

Kilman Saga

I’m not suggesting for one moment that Max Kilman is worth the reported £45 million; however, he is Wolverhampton Wanderers’ captain, and that’s his value to his club. Therefore, it was never likely that a bid of just over half the amount was ever going to succeed.

It now seems that West Ham are at it again with the lowball offer for Jean-Clair Todibo. I won’t bore you with details covered elsewhere on this website, but suffice to say, we appear to be bidding about half the desired value of the player.

I’m not advocating that West Ham shouldn’t haggle at all, but any initial offer should be enticing enough to bring the selling club to the table rather than dissuade them entirely.

There remains a feel-good factor around West Ham given the early transfer business and the Lopetegui/Steidten press conference. Therefore, it’s important the club maintains that early momentum and gets the new signings in early for pre-season training, just as the new gaffer likes it.

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  • Colin Western says:

    Largely agree. Derisory bids also dissolve goodwill and trust of the selling club.

    Is the bidding where Sullivan gets involved? Seen many people in business down the years stroking their egos by believing they are great “negotiators” and know how to get a deal. Sure, you don’t roll over and just pay what’s asked by show some respect and understand the power of selling club versus buying club.

    We seem to be still employing the “market trader” model?

  • Chris Wheeler says:

    Same old West Ham nothing has changed.

  • Phil Clements says:

    I can’t understand why they haven’t signed Jota Silva an En-Nesyri yet what are they waiting for.

  • Terry says:

    Same old, just pay the money.. get him now comments. I’m sure these same people would be the first to moan if West Ham lost points due to financial irregularities.

    • Martin Treasure says:

      Exactly so, Terry. One such ‘same old’ comment here today stated we need at least £200 million invested in the squad this summer. Just how that would sit with FFP regulations is beyond me.

  • Ian says:

    Sullivan just wants to be seen doing something with no intentions of paying out any money this way he looks good to the media

    • Old Git says:

      You don’t seem to have a Scrooby about West Ham finances and FFP rules. Look at our spending over the last five years. We’re up to the limit every year. We simply don’t have enough match day revenue coming in. Spurs, Arsenal and Chelsea match day income is 3 times ours.

  • David says:

    We must keep our faith/trust in Steidten. I believe that he knows how to get a transfer that he desires over the line

  • Duder says:

    Pathetic whining

  • Kip says:

    Totally agree mste ….thought it would be different but no..still ridiculously low offers wich then alienates clubs against us …is so frustrating….other prem clubs villa , spurs have just layed out big sums for a couple players.. don’t see none of this with them….same old west ham ….🤡 ..this is after 3 years in Europe and actually making money the last window when we sold rice and scamacca…the net spend then was minus…didn’t spend anything……tossers

  • Ken says:

    Sullivan He has no intention of getting any new decent players, just cheap crap nobody else wants, sell your best players and replace them with rubbish.

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