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Lucky Bowen Dodged a Bullet

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Jarrod Bowen was spared the embarrassment of being involved in England’s shocking 1-0 loss to Iceland at Wembley yesterday. Three Lions manager Gareth Southgate decided to leave West Ham’s Bowen on the bench for the full 95 minutes of an awful performance, and it was probably for the best.

As warm-ups go, it was about as bad as it could get for England before the Euros, and Bowen has probably dodged a bullet by not being involved.

Former Hammers captain Declan Rice was made to face the media following a performance where England barely registered an attempt on goal.

“There’s work to be done,” said the former Irons captain, one year after the glory of Prague.

“When you have that much of the ball, have a couple of clear-cut chances, and get beaten 1-0 at home just before the Euros, it isn’t ideal.”

Despite the unexpected setback, Declan believes the game can still provide England with some good pointers ahead of Euro 24, but then again, it was probably just scripted media talk rather than what he actually thought.

The 25-year-old was the most experienced player left on the pitch at full-time and insists England will be raring to go in Gelsenkirchen. However, it was clear the team missed the world class Jude Belingham but there was surely enough talent on the pitch to beat Iceland at home.

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  • David says:

    England fans should expect nothing in euros as team changes every match mean there’s no 11 players gelling together The friendlies can introduce couple of players but leading up to big tournaments only the 11 first choice should be playing Total madness chopping and changing all the time

  • John simmonds says:

    Lucky old Jarrod…
    It was so insipid last night I turned over and watched Dalgleish… and I dont mean Kenny. Absolutely awful..Euro favourites?? As Jim Royle would eloquently put it.. my ar**

  • Hammeroo says:

    It’s Coming Home! 🤮😂

  • FredK says:

    Dreadful display by England but I must hold my hands up to Iceland who were well drilled and organised. Our so called abundance of attackers rarely broke them down.
    I agree with a previous comment regarding team selection. Surely Southgate knows his best side so play it now and limit the amount of subs used. He has his team in his head so what’s the big secret? It’s not as if he has a plan B.

  • Dave W says:

    Thought Palmer has taken Bowen’s slot, seeing him push Bowen more central during last Bowen England outing. Can only think Bowen will be in Germany having a part time holiday seeing as Southgate only sees top 6 sides players who are under 21′ s to fill his teams.

  • Jellied Eel says:

    The fact that Southgate has chosen both Watkins and Toney suggests that it never occurred to him that Bowen could have been a back-up for Kane. Bowen has shown that he can play in the more central position and can score goals there. Southgate could then have chosen another central defender.

  • Morkus says:

    Southgate is our weakest link, he hasn’t got the tactical ability to change things when is not going to plan
    We will play a half decent go 1 up then shrink backwards until we concede and lose on pens , I’m calling it now

  • Steve says:

    We are just not good enough,Lewis Dunk say no more

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