Lucrative UAE Move Stalls Striker Bid

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West Ham United‘s quest for a new attacker to bolster their ranks has hit a roadblock with their reported target, Simon Banza, seemingly prioritising a move to the United Arab Emirates.

Braga’s 27-year-old striker, Simon Banza, appeared to be the ideal candidate for West Ham. His tireless work ethic, energetic playing style, and impressive finishing ability (23 goals and 5 assists last season) seemingly ticked all the boxes for manager Julen Lopetegui‘s attacking system.

However, a recent report in O Jogo throws a spanner in the works. The report suggests Banza might be having second thoughts about joining West Ham. The lure of a more lucrative contract from a club in the United Arab Emirates appears to be outweighing the prospect of playing in the prestigious Premier League.

This potential snub from Banza has left some West Ham fans feeling disappointed. His blistering pace, physical presence, and impressive goal-scoring record made him a perfect fit for the team’s needs.

West Ham finds itself in a tricky spot. While Banza seemed like a perfect tactical fit, his reported desire for a bigger paycheck scuppers their plans. The club must now decide whether to try and convince Banza of the project’s long-term benefits or shift their focus entirely to their alternative targets.

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  • keith astley says:

    Must be true if it’s on that well known site O Jogo (no, me neither!).

  • weathamsteve says:

    Another mercenary who cares more about money than his footballing career.Go to Saudi enjoy the money and playing for a Mickey Mouse team and league.

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