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Maguire update

More news on the Maguire saga

The Daily Mail have reported that United are keeping a close eye on their FFP restrictions after they were fined £257,000 for a breach back in July.

The £6m payoff to the central defender in order to supplement his drop in wages is now a bone of contention, as according to the rules they have to raise funds through the sale of players.

Surely, a club the size of Manchester United are not looking under sofas for spare change?

They have not helped themselves in that regard by shelling out big money on Mount, Onana and Hojlund this summer.

For once, it has nothing to do with the Irons dithering but it seems to be down to Maguire and his representatives.

It does beg the question though, despite being our Supremo’s pin-up boy …do we really want him?

He is a Marmite figure who divides opinion among Irons fans on our forums.

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  • eromittal says:

    £120,000 per week plus a £6m payout from MU, and he’s pushing for more. If this is all true then it’s just pure greed. Let him rot in Manchester.

  • Auslander says:

    Hope these problems mean we don’t sign him.Our defence is slow enough without adding another tortoise!

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    In fairness to Maguire, this isn’t his problem, this is Utd’s problem, I don’t blame him for this, he probably wants to come, they will owe him certain payments as part of his contract and if the figures are correct he is taking a third of his salary as a pay cut to leave. All this FFP rubbish, whats happening to Chelsea, Man City, PSG, Real Madrid etc the only club being penalised is Juventus and they spoke out and led the European Super League stuff and FIFA and UEFA allegedly didn’t like their gravy train being at threat

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