Major honour for Karren Brady

BRADY GOLD SULLYKarren Brady has been named the ‘Most Influential Woman in Football’ by supporters.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, which is being marked worldwide on Wednesday, the West Ham United Vice-Chairman was presented with the award and a £5,000 donation was made to her chosen Wellbeing of Women charity.

She told the official website: “It’s a great honour to receive this award and my sincere thanks go to everyone who took the time to vote.

“To top a poll of what I am delighted to say is now an ever-growing group of distinguished and talented influential women in the game, is more than I could have imagined a quarter of a century ago when I first started kicking down doors!

“I say it often but there is still a lot of work to be done. My hope is that the talented women on this list will continue to pave the way and open doors for others to follow. My ultimate aim is to see more women occupying executive positions throughout the business community helped by those who led the way.

“I give credit to The Football Pools for bringing awareness to this important issue through the creation of this award to celebrate International Women’s Day. There are more women occupying key roles within the game than ever and to be recognised among them makes me extremely proud.”



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24 comments on “Major honour for Karren Brady

  1. Good for Karren. Bad for Rugby Irons/Steve 😂😂😂

    As regards Simon from Wetlands, you talk a lot of sense fella! Breaking news, Billionaire football club owner takes advise from blogger from Germany after he typed advise in bold caps. 😂😂

    • So John, do you actually disagree with the points I made in my “advice“ to the board (advise with an -s is the verb by the way, but maybe that’s just a blogger from Germany being pedantic about English grammar) ?

      Are you saying bloggers, especially from abroad, shouldn’t express an opinion, especially not in bold caps? Are you happy with the signings our board made (or not made for that matter) in the last two windows?

      Do you actually have an opinion of your own or are you satisfied with s******ing over articles/comments on another blog? Thanks anyway for reading.
      Looks like us Wetlanders are doing a fine job of keeping all you good folks on here entertained and that has to count for something…;-)

      • Oh stop bloody moaning H 😁 You are turning in to a right old granny with her knitting on her lap 😂😂

        • Well, we are all getting older I suppose…;-))

          • Lol speak for yourself H,im still clinging on to my early 30s.Not like you old wrinklies in your 40s & 50s 😂
            Anyway i will take a look at your piece when i get home from work.I need to know how Concordia got on.Im sad i even googled their website the other week 😁😁

          • Sorry Concordia not mentioned at all in the article this time…:-)

          • Oh you are a card young Hamburg.Back again to whine about people mentioning Wetlands while YET AGAIN today your petticoat wearing buddies go on the b1tch about Hugh and this site.You only see what you want to see dont you lol

      • Mind you i wouldnt expect much more from people who have managed to make other fans complain to the site owner about aggression,bullying and sexism.Says it all really no matter how much you think your buddies poo dont stink.

        • We all know there are people on both sides who like to have a snipe.
          I wish there weren’t, but it is what it is…

          • Lol Stanley,H aint the comment police over there is he.He is just a normal geezer.I mean i hate defending a German but in this case it has to be done 😂😂

  2. Karren Brady voted most influential Woman in Football by ‘supporters’ – eh!

    Two things occurs to me :-

    Name another Woman in Football?
    What supporters voted for her, name one?

  3. Who gives a **** Michael.It will be tomorrows fish and chips wrapper.
    Perhaps you might have to accept that not ever person in this country has a pathalogical obsession with slagging her off.Well apart from Steve the mental case lmao

    • I’m not slagging her off, I’m just being cynical about her almost pathological need for recognition of her ‘achievements’. You just have to look at twitter and note the times she retweets ‘dubious’ congratulations from ‘others’ about her book or her ridiculous column in the Sun.

      It seems to me this is a deeply insecure person craving recognition – maybe she didn’t get enough love from her parents as a child – I do private psychological counselling for a fee!

  4. Lol Michael,i never had you down as a KB twitter stalker.You learn something new every day 😁😁

  5. HH let’s be clear Sullivan will not take a blind bit of notice what you think, what you post, bold type or no bold type, or indeed what I think so I’m realistic enough to know that it makes not a jot of difference if I agree with you or not. I couldn’t care less if he talks about it or not so long as he brings the players in to make us better and I do believe that’s what our board tries to do. It’s fantastic that you and your pals tell Sullivan how poor he has done but most of us were quite happy with the likes of Feg, Nordtvielt (I recall you were a big fan) Tore and Zaza. It’s too easy saying where the club went wrong with the benefit of hindsight. On paper Zaza was better than the Italian Southampton just signed as he was valued at twice as much and had a better scoring record. Who’d have thought eh?

    I make Simon on your site right, it’s all about opinions and I agree with him. You can spend the next 10 years writing negative stuff about the owners, making up lies and *****ing, that’s your choice, but I really can’t see the pleasure you gain from doing that.

    As to grammar and you coming over here to take us to task, as Stan says, I look forward to you reprimanding the next poster on wetlands that bad mouths this site and I look forward to you correcting bad grammar. This is going to be fun. The bromance could be over lmao.

    I bid you a good day HH.

    • Thanks for posting John. I am under no illusions of grandeur. I know our board will do as they see fit, regardless what bloggers post. I don’t know if they read my stuff but Karren Brady recently did meet up with various bloggers, so they at least seem interested to hear what the fans think.
      My opinion is no more or less valid than yours. On WHTID we enjoy exchanging points of view and just like on other blogs there are always some people who enjoy sniping, bullying or name calling.
      We try to ban persistent offenders, but indeed my main thing is writing my column, not policing the site or banning people. Good day to you too.

  6. As to the subject matter like the stadium being voted the best new stadium, over Miami and the Turks, Brady being voted top woman whatever, over the Southampton woman and the Stoke woman is positive for our club. Why do fans hate on this sort of news? It’s good for the club, it won’t change my life but I’m pleased that we won these 2 honours rather than not.

    • Didnt you know we are all ment to sit in a crumbling Upton Park for the next fifty years just to keep some hippies happy John lmao

  7. John i think you are being a bit harsh on H,he has posted on this site for a few years now & always been up for a laugh.Lets be honest he didnt know that when he came over from Germany for a game one day he was going to be cunningly hypnotised by the grim reapers of west ham fans 😂😂😂

  8. Lmao Rads are you saying there is no hope for him? Can he not be treated? 3 dry nappies a day will surely solve the chapping and wetness?

    HH just to say I never said coming from a different country precludes you from having an opinion now did I? Shame on you.

    I wish you well in your new grammar quest over on the wetlands. I shall be watching 😂⚒😂

    • That grammar thing was a cheap dig and uncalled for, I apologise. Maybe I just had pretty decent English teachers…:-)
      Of course bloggers tend to post negative stuff rather than mentioning every day how happy they are with things going on at their favourite club, that’s human nature – you are far more likely to comment if you don’t agree with things.
      Doesn’t mean I don’t want our club to thrive, actually it’s the opposite.

      • Well you have that bang on actually Hamburg Hammer.It has been and forever will be the same that football fan sites are for the moaners amongst fanbases.It is why when you ask so many fans if they use them they will tell you they wouldnt touch them with a barge pole because they are for the negative,nothings ever right fans.
        It doesnt say much for any of us does it lmao

  9. Nope too late son you ain’t, sorry, you are not, getting away with it that easy, you are to correct your bromance taxi driver on all grammar inconstancies 😂😂

    Right I’ve exceeded my daily post allowance gotta go!!

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