Make your mind up time Dec – Mooro’s legacy beckons

Whenever the conversation turns to ‘club v country’ I tend to turn off as like most of us I simply live in a West Ham bubble.

England is only of the most fleeting passing interest although I have to say that this is changing following the arrival on the scene of Declan Rice.

Suddenly, given his extraordinary form, presence and charisma we are seeing – and I know it’s been said many times before – the new Bobby Moore and those are words I never thought I would write!

In the meantime Dec has one very big decision to make and hopefully he will do so very soon for I am convinced should he choose The Three Lions he will become the first England and Hammers skipper since the great man.

In some respects his emergence has been even more impressive than Bobby’s who, although memory fades, wasn’t as far as I can recall ,man of the match game after game in his first full season.

I’m sure somebody out there will correct me but however, you look at it, the young man’s arrival has been the most sensational West Ham development in many years.

In my view he has everything in terms of ability and attitude to lead his club and country when the time arrives. over the next three or four years.

So come on Declan ‘make your mind up time’ must be close given your decision at club level – you can now become the first England claret and blue skipper since Mooro played his last international game against Italy in 1973!

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

7 comments on “Make your mind up time Dec – Mooro’s legacy beckons

  1. I feel sorry for him, it is a no win situation, if he chooses Ireland as he should do based on how he identifies he will be said to be lacking ambition and if he chooses England will be accused of greed or worse. Ireland are now being managed by Mick McCarthy, there could hardly be a less progressive manager at international level, I am not sure what from a footballing sense he can hope to achieve there but this is about more than football and it shows what a level head he has that he has taken so long to decide, whatever he chooses I hope he is celebrated for it rather than villified.

  2. I think the thread posted is totally biased from your point of view. If he is to make up his own mind he should be let. Not by putting Bobby Moore comparisons on here.

  3. I think you seem to forget he has played for Ireland u16 u18 u

  4. U21 and the full senior team. I could imagine the outcry if he played those games for England then was deliberating switching allegiance. He should stay with Ireland full stop. They showed the interest in him from u16 upwards. England never wanted him till now.

  5. Ireland picked him because they have a very small pool of players to choose from. England, on the other hand have a massive pool. When Declan was younger he wasn’t considered good enough, even Chelsea didn’t want him. As he’s aged he’s come on a bomb comparatively quickly. Now he’s come to the notice of England who have invited him to represent them. If he wants to go to the finals of major competitions he will pick England. If he doesn’t want to, he will pick Ireland. He is English, his Mum and Dad are English, I know which team i’d pick.

    • No. Ireland picked him because they showed an interest in him at underage level. Whereas England with Southgate in charge of youths then showed none. The fact he has deliberated makes me think he’ll switch. But I hope he’s loyal. Ireland is a proud nation by the way. We are not a fallback option.

      • Which is exactly what I said above. He wasn’t considered good enough to represent England until his remarkably rapid improvement over the last season or so. You don’t have to tell me about Ireland being a proud nation mate as my paternal grand parents are Irish.

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