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Manager hunt delays player targets

BelfodilTransfer gossip is always fun but as the season winds down that’s exactly what it is at West Ham right now – GOSSIP – nothing more, nothing less.

With the club’s managerial situation almost certainly in a state of transition no names we read at this stage of things can be taken in any way seriously.

I mention this only because at the same time as I was earlier writing that the managerial hunt was still going on and that Rafa Benitez was a hopeful rather than optimistic target,new player faces were being put in the frame.

One was Parma striker Ishak Belfodil who had apparently become a target amid claims Torino have entered the running for him.

The report adds that ” the Hammers are determined to strengthen their forward line,” a strange claim given David Sullivan has admitted defensive signings will be the priority.

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Take it all with a pinch of salt because with every passing day it looks as if a new man – whoever that maybe – is on the way in anything you may or may not read in the media is speculative at the very best.

Expect the action to stay in towards the end of May or early June when some serious decisions will have been made.


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30 comments on “Manager hunt delays player targets

  1. It aint a strange claim about forwards,Sullivan said ‘i think we need goalscorers’ in the article from the whufc website which you put on here about his plans 😉

  2. Ofc we are going to need forwards.Cole will be sold,Lee will probably go.That will leave Sakho,Valencia & the seemingly forever injured AC.How is buying another forward not going to be one of the priorities.

  3. Sam will be in charge next season, all this manager hunt stuff is just media invention. The David’s need to guarantee PL football for the entry to the OS, there is no chance they will risk that by changing manager. Once we are established in the new stadium then they will probably change but I would suggest that a 2 year extension is on the cards and that was also the reason behind Reid signing his contract.

  4. I am neither pro or anti Sam but i will never never understand people who come on here & say we will keep Sam to guarantee Prem football for the OS move.We were deep in it with him last year & he has now over seen,until the last match,1 win in 12.Relegation form in anyones terms.This belief in a new manager taking us down or Sam being infalible when it comes to relegation is rubbish.Sorry,just my opinion.

    • Totally agree Chicken.. If you split seasons into halves BOTH were rubbish last season and one has been rubbish this season. Only 1 good half outta 4 is not good.

      Nobody can guarantee anything in football so keeping Sam to guarantee survival is just bull.

  5. As for it being media invention.No it isnt,i know for an absolute fact,substansiated fact that that they ARE lookng into alternatives seriously.

  6. Of course any club has to draw up a list of manager candidates not just for now but for the future. This is contingency planning and good common sense business practace. Contract talks between manager and club dont always go completely without hitch and every club has to have a backup list of manager options. Many clubs would take sam allardyce at any cost. Such is the value financially of getting into or staying in the premier league that allardyce has already repaid whatever that cost may be many times over. No32 you are absolutely right though, most of the managers and players names you see being put forward are pure speculation. Sam wants to stay he has said so himself. Our owners are not stupid so unless something goes seriously wrong i cant see any other outcome than sam remaining as manager for the forseeable future.

    • It is far more than just contingency plans let me tell you.This is not just a case of lets contact or evaluate a manager in case Sam doesnt resign,the fact is he might not get the option to resign.It is to establish contact with prospective & interested managers.But as you seem to be an expert i will leave you to run this story on further.

  7. Ahaha… I read again “we need sam to guarantee PL football for the OS move”… BFS lovers should write a book called “Sam: the stable bridge between Upton Park and the Olympic Stadium”. I’m sure it would be a best seller…

  8. Wow,Sams agent aka lifeissobeautifulmarriedtosam is banging the drum bigtime today.Many clubs would have him at any cost,lol,guess chelsea,man.city,man utd just didnt get round to phoning him then,unless ofc he turned them down & kept it quiet 😉

    • Ahaha…maybe these clubs lost Sam’s phone number, otherwise they would already called him, I can’t see any other logical explanation…

  9. Haha,sometimes you read accounts on here either pro or anti Allardyce & you know they are a fake just to stir people up.lifeissobeautiful must be one of them.No one could be so in-love & see no faults in Sam otherwise,even his wife can probably find something in him that annoys here,lol 😀

  10. ahaha I thought Conker was the best, probably I’m wrong…

  11. I said many clubs, i didnt say every club tyson m. Dont think we are quite on a par with the likes of chelsea, man city, man u, just yet. The trouble with having too high expectation is you may just spend your life being dissapointed. 🙂

    • Haha,Ok lifeisso.I understand.Now go back to your desk & come up with your next Sam Is The Best surmon.It is what you agents are paid for after all 😀

  12. There will be a replacement for Cole. The emphasis is on defence

  13. Sam will be manager for the next years,two year contract,Tyson will choke on his cornflakes,but most off us will be very happy!!

    • sorry,doing 4 things at once,you know what I mean

    • Haha,why just me? There are many here who want him out,lol,i dont dislike the guy.I just want him out so i dont have to spend my last season at The Boleyn watching his boring football,it will be a sad way to bring down the curtain on a lot of memories 😉

  14. As for most being very happy,dont kid yourself Molder 😉

    • The last pole I saw Tyson was on ,west ham till I die,it was 60% to 40% for Sam,but it’s more of a pro-sam site,i think people are coming around to keeping sam,this is the most anti-sam site,i think,but we are all hammers fans in the end and want the best for our club,i do enjoy the banter though!! coyi

      • Well it is only banter for me molder,i cant stand allardyce but it is only fun for me on here.My life doesnt change whether he stays or goes.I think it is more anti-Sam here because you have a more intelligent kind of geezer on here 😀

      • If people want to watch another two seasons of mogadon football good luck to them 😉

  15. Dont worry Ty,if you do choke on your cornflakes we will send BFS round to give you mouth to mouth 😀

    • Lol,pls dont even go there.Funny story Rads,when i was overseas i got into a wee bit of a problem & needed a small blood transfusion.It was when we lost 5-0/5-1,whatever it was to Ipswich.Anyway a few days later i was more withit in bed cursing BFS.Next day the medics came in with an airmailed box.They said they contacted West Ham & Sam donated a couple of pints of blood & they got it flown over especially for me,lol,the b*stards 😀

      • Hahahaha,so your are blood brothers you & Sam.Now it makes sense,it is sibling rivalry.You fight but still love eachother.How does it feel to walk round everyday with a bit of Sam in you,lol 😀

        • Oh dear,if i had Sam blood in me i would ask to be syphoned like an old petrol tank,haha,drain me & start again.I know i dont have BFS blood anyway because i didnt develop an addiction to chewing gum & respecting the point!

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