Manager hunt: PL experience crucial factor

Moyes bubblesWest Ham are continuing their manager hunt as the season hits the final stretch.

A well placed source inside the club told ClaretandHugh: “The final ten games remain absolutely crucial. As things stand at the moment it’s probably 55 to 45 on a new man.”

However, the choices remain limited as one essential appears to be that whoever takes over has experience of managing in the Premier League.

We were told: “We cannot appoint a rookie boss – that’s not on. We need to ensure that whoever we may appoint knows the League and has managed at this level.”
Among those who fit such a bill are current favourite David Moyes (4/1), Rafa Benitez (8/1), Glenn Hoddle (14/1) and Claudio Ranieri (33/1) …(all odds are approximate depending on which shop or firm you use!).

Slaven Bilic at around 5/1 could also become a non runner if the club decide that Premier League experience is an absolute MUST.

And it’s interesting that the much touted Eddie Howe – seemingly in the process of leading Bournemouth to the Championship – doesn’t appear in the bookies’ lists.

Moyes is a strong favourite given that just a year’s compensation would be required if he is head hunted from Real Sociedad but D-day remains some way in the disatance.

The board are aware of the divide among the fans over the managerial situation and our source said: “That has to be be a factor but the last ten games are of  immediate importance right now.”





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12 comments on “Manager hunt: PL experience crucial factor

  1. I agree, we have another 10 games to play, we have played 28 but are required to play 38, it’s the law

  2. I don’t like to say it but I would think the favourite thing to happen is for Allardyce to stay and see West Ham into the Olympic Stadium – BFS is not popular with the Punters and apparently David Sullivan – but ‘better the Devil you know’ and all that – and West Ham being in the Premiership is vital!

    From the list you put up I’d love David Moyes or Rafa Benitez but can you really see them coming – I can’t!

    Bilic or Glenn Hoddle (or Eddie Howe for that matter) would be a big gamble and I can’t see the Dave’s taking that!

    The only bright thing I can see is that the purchasing of players will be down to the Dave’s (and their advisors) and BFS will be told what they expect and left to get on with it!

    Sorry to be such a killjoy but that’s how I see it!

    • I think that’s how most fans see it. However, I think a lot of people forget that a manager’s ability is not a constant. SA is 60 now and has never really won anything except the battle to survive.

      His ability in the transfer market is limited – I give you Maiga, Diarra, Jarvis and the never ending in through the out door for strikers and too high a price paid for an injury prone CF. No-one else was interested in AC at £17m and Liverpool wanted shot of him. Our recent improvement in purchases coincided with Tony Henry joining from Everton…

      Then there’s the long runs of out of form players and relegation standard performances every season. Before today’s game we have had just 1 win in 11 games. The over the top loyalty to badly performing Kevin Nolan. The weird starting tactics. The weirder substitutions. An unsavoury connection to a particular football agent. An inability to bring young players through. And taking players for a “break” to SA’s favourite overseas destination that has now led to a spate of injuries….

      “Better the devil you know” is a trap for those afraid to take positive action imo. I see no future in sticking with someone so fault ridden who will always keep running back to percentage football….

      • I agree 100% – but looking at it from the Dave’s point of view why jump into the unknown, that would be taking a real punt!

        Personally, I dislike BFS with a passion but he’s done what he was asked to do!

  3. Why the bookies even mention Hoddle, I’ll never know.
    Moyes is the only favorite by a long way, but that depends on results in the last 10 games. A good finish is likely to rescue Sam’s chances. ( devil you know – exactly Michael )
    Bilic sounds good but what has he done? Croation football has always been about counter attack from solid defence. Do we need that?
    No, the choices remain keep Sam or go for Moyes.

  4. I dont get this must have premiership experience.A decent manager will get his team to play,the tactics right whether he is foreign or not.Lets face it,foreigner managers have had no problems dealing with our teams in europe this season.If you only appoint a foreign manager with prem experience you are just narrowing your possible candidates big time.I guess it rules out Guardiola & Simeone then 😀

  5. When it comes to English managers, is there anyone better than SA who we would have here?

  6. So does this mean Bilic,who played over here for quite a few years,has managed a decent national team & has his team going well in turkey & europe doesnt qualify coz he hasnt managed over here.Maybe Avram Grant is available again,he has managed in the Prem & is foreign.A clear favourite 😀

  7. PL experience crucial factor?
    Perhaps, but it’s far from obvious…
    Looking at the top half of the Table at time of posting, & checking out PL experience
    on appointment:
    Chelsea Mourinho None (before his first time at the Bridge)
    Man C Pellegrino No
    Arsenal Wenger No
    ManU van Gaal No
    Liverpool Rodgers 9 months at Swansea
    Spurs Pochettino 16 months at Southampton
    So’ton Koeman No
    Stoke Hughes 7 years
    Swansea Monk No
    WHU Allardyce 14 years(!)

    The top 7 clubs (& a gap looks like it’s beginning to appear) have managers who can barely muster
    2 years PL experience *between* them!

    Evidently experience is less to do with where and how long, & more to do with what you learned.

  8. One word ….

    Paulo Wanchope

    Oh,that’s two!

  9. I spend 1 week away we loose again and all of a sudden BFS is worth another contract,
    Why can’t we be a he team that a new manager starts with and we prosper instead of having everyone else’s left overs,
    BFS is a spent force even our left overs like Pardew are doing better than us,
    Bilic deserves respect for his management achievements so far,
    Moyes can develop our youngsters and keep us in the premier and the year in Spain will have improved his style,
    De Canio deserves another chance and this club could give it as we did when he was a player and that was not a mistake.

  10. I wouldn’t touch Moyes with a barge pole. He is humorless, “solid” and Scots. I want someone with passion and drive.

    1. Bilic
    2. Bielsa
    3. Rijkard

    All proven at a level well beyond Moyes..

    The idea of Premiership experience being essential is a joke. Just ask the “Special One.”

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