Managerial change a non starter

It all seemed so different back then

Given the track record on managerial appointments at West Ham, a change of boss at the club is about as likely as Christmas being cancelled this year.

The fans rightly have the big time hump and that the cries for a change are growing louder and louder.

But the reality is it’s not going to happen and, depressingly, we are likely to go into another winter transfer window looking for new signings.

When is that going to stop? It’s an almost an endless feature of our seasons with a brief interlude last year!

For now, however, unpalatable it may be to some, we are where we are and any ideas of trading the manager and his staff in for new models is simply not going to happen.

With him and his staff on collective salaries of around £10 million a year, pay offs would currently come to somewhere close to £20 million before even considering how much to pay a new team.

In ours – or come to that most clubs of our size – that’s unsustainable.

We have to believe that Pellegrini can get this right. It’s a tough, tough call and no one on CandH is anything other than pretty sceptical he can manage it right now.

But there are times in life when you just have to go on believing simply because there are absolutely no alternatives.

This appears to be one of those times.



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15 comments on “Managerial change a non starter

  1. The 20m is peanuts compared to 100m relegation.
    The question I always ask is who is out there and available who is better than what we have.
    No one jumps out who is realistically available.
    I don’t think there was a supporter who didn’t think we needed a new left back, a centre midfielder and a pacy forward, after watching last season. We didn’t get one of those positions sorted.
    We all knew if Fabianski got injured we didn’t have a backup. A player who was average from Millwall and someone who was ok in Spain 5 years ago.
    Our transfer dealings from the past 24 months are coming home to bare.

    • Who is out there ? well Mourinho comes to mind as he lives in London and wants to manage a London Club, lets get him in before Arsenal or Spurs come calling

      • Couldn’t agree more , John Tyler . Someone needs to take this sleeping bull by the horns and stir things up before relegation becomes a real threat . It seems like our players have stopped in thier tracks and Pelligrini has no idea how to get them up and running again . Simply investing in new players is getting us nowhere .

      • John Tyler Mourinho would not come to West Ham as he would not be given the funds he would want to transform the team.

  2. I was at the game yesterday and I have never seen anything as bad as I seen since I been attending the West Ham home games past years and I have always think to myself are we gonna get any better at this rate especially the way we have been playing last few games we kick off our season a good decent run except first home game against Man City where we thrash 5-0 defeat which everyone knew that was gonna happened when we play against big team like that. Our performance was poorly and god knows what on earth the players where thinking and doing on the pitch it was like just pasting the ball to one another and nothing was on target either only 6 which I saw and that was it. it was like watching a game against Barcelona or PSG. what their should be doing is get all the players in the dressing room and sit down and see who is blind because truly they couldn’t not see anything or their must be day dreaming somewhere eise and not focus on the game itself. I think something has to be done and sorted out especially with our defence and I think it’s time that the manager should go and bring in someone like who know what their doing and one person I can think off is Jose mourinho or Martin Jol or Joachim low I wouldn’t mind him if I had to chose out of the three because Joachim is a great manager and I think he be better doing a job with us than he does at Germany. managerial changes must start now or we be looking at the bottom of the table as f we ant to careful. We never change level under our owners I hate the owners we got and their need to go and once we get new owners in than we will be on a different leave but till than we got to stick underneath their skin.

  3. The owners need to sell the club if they are incapable of making decisions such as changing the manager. We are facing relegation again…..I’ve seen it all before. Act now before it’s too late.

  4. I’m up for cancellling christmas !!

  5. Pretty much too depressed to comment earlier but there has been much said by others that is spot on in my opinion. I believe Dave is right about the lack of possible managerial candidates. I said earlier in the week that I thought the cost of getting rid of MP would be prohibitive as far as the Daves are concerned. Plus, they would lose a lot of face in appointing a ‘world-class manager’ only to sack him halfway through his contract. However, this current run has all the hallmarks of Slaven Bilic’s final months – an apparent lack of a game plan; a lack of cohesiveness on the pitch; a belief that they are all trying their best and that training is going well; a misguided belief in his squad in the face of the evidence (new deals for our left backs, Wilshere’s injury record!!!); an unwillingness to change tactics, formation or bring in youngsters; a belief that we make too many ‘individual mistakes’ from which we will ‘learn the lessons’ – in short, there is an air of drift and that we are at the mercy of events, or the opposition.

    As well as Bilic, MP also reminds me of Wenger, as I have also said before. Wenger had an insistence in his team trying to play his style of football – if the team was not able to impose their game on the opposition, then just keep on trying; if the current tricky little midfielders aren’t working, just bring on another one (or buy another one …). I think Bilic, Wenger and MP are all honourable football men with their hearts in the right place. But we have to ask – does MP, like Wenger, really need the job? He has achieved enough for most managers and should have a healthy bank balance. One of the reasons Moyes and his backroom staff were able to save us from relegation, in my opinion, was that he was looking for redemption – to show the game of football that the Man Utd debacle and his exile in Spain were not how he should be remembered. He was also young enough to feel that he had a long future in the game if he got it right. That fierceness, hurt and ambition meant he didn’t need to try to assuage the sensibilities of the squad he inherited and could give the squad a kick up the backside if required – he was given a task, a time limit and a carrot dangling on the end of the Daves stick if he succeeded. The carrot ended up in the chops of the throughbred manager Manuel instead of donkey Dave and, while I’m surprised no-one has given him a chance at another club since, I’m very grateful for his efforts. I believe he should have been given longer but that’s history.

    We need MP to raise his game and that of our squad, so how does he do it? If our LB’s are not consistent, why not try Ben Johnson? Or go to 3 CBs. Ogbonna was playing OK and while I’m very much a fan of Balbuena, Ogbonna may help us to stop conceding from set-pieces. If not Johnson, then Masuaku and Fredericks as wing-backs. Get Rice to sit in front with Snodgrass for a bit of bite and Holland, Haller and in the absence of Antonio,either Yarmalenko or Anderson on the right. As is obvious, I’m no expert – but the jury’s obviously out as far as MP’s concerned as well. C’mon MP, shake it up … it’s only battling Burnley next at Turf Moor … !! COYI

  6. Justhammers…I agree… As a long time hammers supporter I know there are at least a dozen multi millionaire even billionaires willing to buy our great club however our loony tune duo wont sell because they CRAVE the limelight… Also remember this is entertainment, a business for them.. They rake in millions on hot dogs, beers, etc etc.. Who cares what happens on the pitch, they know that loyal supporters will pack into the stadium even if we end up 17th.. In fact they’ll make a fortune if we end up in the championship and compete for promotion.. Until we attract the investors our great club deserve NOTHING will ever change so either accept it or watch from the comfort of your sofa, it’s way cheaper…

    • Dave sums it up perfectly. Others thinking Jose would be the answer also doesn’t add up. What’s needed is not 25mill spending and 11players leaving that’s saving the board for their pockets to get heavier. We need to carry on letting pelle and his guru to bring in quality players to finish off reshaping the team. The person that thinks Anderson should be the only defender chasing back trying to stop another goal against Newcastle is living in sully land. Pelle needs what we all know a striker mid defensive , centre back and two full backs with a decent back up keeper that’s going to cost sully alot more than his joke of 25mill after saving millions on wages and having to buy Sanchez and ajeti cheap buys as that’s all that’s left in the measly mind and pocket of Sullivan. Wake up sully or sell up if you don’t want another protest .

  7. Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.
    Remind you of any one?
    I disagree about all the players, I thought Snoddy worked his socks off.

  8. Sounds easy,but is it not time somebody at the club told him how well the U23s are performing this season.In fact they are the polar opposite of our 1st team on form and confidence.Scully and Holland have scored again today.Might just save his skin because at the moment he looks like a man who has almost given up or at best run out of ideas on how to get things back on track.Agree that Snoddy is the only one who looks on it at the moment.but how a whole team can go off the boil so drastically is baffling.Even Rice looks fed up of it all.In all honesty the only way our club will move to the next level is a takeover.Its all about the money for Sullivan and Gold and they stick to it.A finite budget and no more.

  9. Bring in Jose, he has a point to prove and where better to prove it. If he goes to North London success is winning the league, if he comes to us success is top 6 and a go at the cups, must interest him surely????
    Pelle is a dead man walking unless he changes his system and mentality quickly but he is 72 so no chance !

  10. Just pick the best players available. Crazy to have Fredericks and Ogbonna on the bench. They have played very well when picked. Bring back Trott and get Johnson and Holland onto that bench. Bring back Diangana. Zaba and Cress are constantly dire yet get picked regardless. How does that help team spirit? Rice is a good defensive midfielder. But he is a brilliant defender. Play with a back three and two up front. Then the forwards will have more freedom. Haller is wasted as a lone target man…I noticed Anderson was the first man back on the goal line both times Roberto saved from breakaways. But he shouldn’t need to be doing that. Snoddy was the silver lining, though. Magnificent effort from the Scot and an excellent finish.

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