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Mark Noble told to leave West Ham

By Simon Leyland

Interesting news regarding Mark Noble`s coaching career.

Andy Townsend believes Mark Noble should leave West Ham and go elsewhere if he wants to progress with his coaching career after retiring at the end of last season.

During in interview with talkSPORT Townsend said: “If it was me in his shoes and he wants to stay in the game, he will want to get his badges.

“If he wants to try and work under Moyes or part of that team, I don’t think it would be a bad thing to come out of there and go somewhere else.”

He added: “Lots of guys when they came out the game they go do a bit of travelling around Europe.

“They go and watch what they do at Real Madrid and watch what they do at Barcelona and that sort of stuff can be great for you.

“Not just knowing what you do in your own back yard.”

The fact that he is now sporting director at West Ham and seems to be enjoying his role, I doubt very much that he will going anywhere soon.

It is always interesting that players such as Townsend who have done nothing but act as pundits   since leaving the game have big opinions on what other former players should do at the end of their careers.

Mark Noble has been at the Hammers for his entire career and is as near a legend as it gets after such a time and the send off he received at his last game was as emotional as it gets.

It’s of no real consequence what other people think he should or should not do – the lad will be a Hammer until the day he dies.


One comment on “Mark Noble told to leave West Ham

  1. Now there’s a name I haven’t heard from in any true capacity since he finished playing.
    Like most pundits who offer their opinions, it is all about bandwagon jumping and stirring up controversy and debate…
    Our Legend Mark Noble (apparently not known by Townsend) has been given the freedom to visit top clubs all over Europe and see and speak to people who hold the same position of Sporting Director.
    Keep your snout Out with your talkSh*te Townsend!

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