Marketing director promoted to Hammers board


West Ham’s  Executive Director, Marketing and Communications, Tara Warren has been promoted to the Hammers main board of directors at West Ham United Football Club Limited.

Warren joined the Hammers in  

She joins fellow board members Joint Chairman David Gold, David Sullivan, Vice Chairwomen Karen Brady, Managing Director Angus Kinnear and Chief Financial Officer Andy Mollet around the board table.  Daniel Svanstorm is a non executive director which represents the Icelandic remaining 10% shareholding at board meetings.

Warren has recently returned to the club from maternity leave. She has been credited with the inception of the Supporters Advisory Board as well as masterminding the marketing relating to the move to the Olympic Stadium including change of the club crest. The appointment re-enforces the importance of global brand, marketing and communications in the modern world of football.




4 comments on “Marketing director promoted to Hammers board

  1. Good for her.
    What exactly does Brady do then? Complete waste of her part time salary.

  2. Lmao,here we go again.Rugby is off & running about Brady.Funny 😀

  3. Was it her idea to send out that squad.

  4. Says it all about the state of modern football,
    Someone with no football experiance,
    A marketing person, gets on the board.
    Actually makes me pine for the Cearns family, say what you like about them but at least they were a West Ham family

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