Marseilles name their Payet price

Dmitri-Payet-NUFCClaretandHugh can today confirm that West Ham are involved in intensive discussions to bring Dmitri Payet to the club but that Marseilles are currently demanding£12 million for the playmaker.

The Hammers are very keen indeed to snatch the 28 year old but believe the price is too high for a 28 year old.

They are seriously impressed with his record last season which showed him providing seven goals and 21 assists for Marcelo Bielsa’s side.

Reports in France  claimed last night that Payet has decided to wait on an announcement concerning Bielsa’s future.

However, – as is always the case – it seems that transfer fees and wages are more pertinent with a top Hammers insider marking ClaretandHugh’s card on the current state of negotiations.

He said: “Marseilles want £12m which is a lot for a player of his age. There’s also big wages involved but we really do like him . However, the club does have alternative targets if it doesn’t work out.”

A full run-down on the player can be found here http://www.whoscored.com/Players/14058/Show/Dimitri-Payet


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24 comments on “Marseilles name their Payet price

  1. You want a player like him you have to pay the dough.If not just stick with KFC Nolan!!! Cant have it both ways!!Deciede whether you want a Robin Reliant or Rolls!!

  2. Yep, do you want to take a step up? Buy quality players, none gives you them for free… 😉

  3. I’m waiting for feedback from the Wetpants Automated Nuclear Knowledege Enrichment Resource System before I decide if the price is right. It does have an acronym but I can’t remember what it is…….lol

    • ahaha… Wetpants have the very latest in intercepts and statistics, they use advanced alien technology so they can predict the future… that site is the Area 51… lol

    • Bit late to the party where is this wet pants please

      • Tiddy,it’s an ongoing joke based on the WHTID site and a few and I mean only a few contributors who are fascinated with stats and their opinion and only their opinion. They’ve called us rabid dogs before. It’s friendly really and a few contribute to both sites.

  4. Really ****es me off when this happen, time and time again the 2 saves give it ‘we’ll spend big/we’ll sign players of a high calibre’ the as soon as anything above £10m is involved they bottle it. Didn’t mind spending money on Carroll did they or ****ing matt jarvis

  5. 12m dont buy a maggots c*ck in footballing terms!! When are they going to realize this!! They do my head in!! Wait for Swansea or Southampton to buy him!!They wont **** their pants!!

  6. There’s other rumours we’ve bid €8M for Diego Perotti from Genoa who plays a similar position which is all I know about him

  7. Daves are like a pair of bloody barrow boys.Want to cut a deal all the time.Which is fair enough.But in the meantime someone else comes along pays the full amount wanted or close to it & the player trots off somewhere else.They need to either compete for these players or keep quiet.Its always the same.We get told we are going to get world class signings then we end up with nothing like world class.Who the hell have they actually signed who is in this ‘world class’ bracket Sully always speak about! 😉

  8. Good points but a bit harsh maybe,I just think the term world class is grossly overused. I’d rather the deals were done on the QT but this seems to be impossible these days. The Daves are trying to big it all up for effect but sometimes should rein it in.

  9. The guys did good last summer and I expect they will do the same this time too. We now have Tony Henry and his network and we dont have vested interests meaning we pay top dollar and more for MC players who arent much cop. SB will also have his own ideas.Patience and I am sure all will be well.

    • Patience until when?? I need to know! Lol
      Seriously though you’ve made a good point I was pretty happy with our last lot coming in so I think we’ll get the same from Slav and TH

  10. It’s understandable that they are negotiating for a better price, the danger being of course that other clubs may simply pay the asking price and snatch the player away from us.
    If this guy is as good as his stats would suggest in terms of assists, that alone could be the difference between coming 12th in the table or 8th.
    Which translates into more income that would basically help financing this transfer.
    Also don’t underestimate shirt sales and the like.
    If you really like a player and this guy is inddeed our top target and priority it’s worth it paying a bit over the odds.
    Remember, getting Bilic instead of Bielsa also saved us a bit of money.

  11. I have patience,many players have been/are away on international duty or holidays atm,so its fine.What does p*ss me off though is when we dilly & dally then end up buying a free agent after the window shuts because we didnt tie up deals when the window was open 😉

  12. Quickdraw tidy knows what wetpants is they come as friends ?
    Last season we let so many good players go to other side because we would not pay £1 or £2 million more,time after time Southampton paid and got the player plus other clubs got 1 or 2
    The Lillie centre half is a prime example he is built for the English game and at £8 Million is a snip what was our top price £7 million,I would sooner get 4 good players and a couple of freebies than 6 or 7 basic players,
    We need to slash the cash £12 million compared with £25 million for Oscar ?

  13. Don’t quite understand why we would pay the first price mentioned by the selling club. You negotiate.

  14. They come down we go up that’s how it goes and after you spend 2 weeks agreeing a price
    Southampton come in and offer £1 million more and we loose out the window closes and we end up with injuries and Nolan starts playing
    Good night nurse

  15. We fart about!!Someone else pounces!!End of the transfer window we will have the Daves telling us that they tried so hard for these world class players but got beaten to the punch or couldnt get the deal over the line!!Same old,Same old!!Dont go to bed tonight!!Heared it all before!! Im a sceptical geezer when it comes to transfers & what is true & what is sent out to the fans to make us feel we are going for bigger better players even when we have no intention of buying them!!

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