Marseille warned as Irons Payet anger grows

payetkfcWest Ham expect a new bid from Marseille for Dimi Payet early next week and have made it clear the expected £25 million offer will be turned down flat.

The Irons are annoyed that the French club and Payet have tried to push them into a corner and they have no intention of being shoved around anymore.

The club know Marseille’s game and that they are trying to get the midfielder on the cheap in order to upload the savings onto the player’s wages.

And tonight a Hammers source made it clear to ClaretandHugh that they are not budging from their £35 million valuation and that any hopes Payet had of picking his club won’t happen unless Marseille write the magic number on a cheque!

The Hammers would sooner he sat in the Under 23’s until the end of the season when Marseille, having been unable to meet their valuation, are highly unlikely to return with the required fee.

And that scenario would allow other clubs – probably from France, Payet’s chosen destination – to make their play for the player thus ensuring that a two or three club war pushes the price up!

This is a battle which neither Payet or Marseille can win because the Hammers negotiators are angry at their one-sided attempts to get one of Europe’s top player for peanuts.

And should Payet find himself at West Ham at the end of January he will need to press the panic button knowing that his chosen destination – Marseilles – will have all but disappeared.

A source told CandH: “We don’t like the game that’s being played – £25 million is nowhere near enough. That sort of deal is not going to happen.”


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9 comments on “Marseille warned as Irons Payet anger grows

  1. On a humorous off topic non Payet story this is pretty funny, I know there are some spelling obsessed followers, looks like the someone at the club can’t spell our opponents name correctly http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/oops-west-ham-spell-west-12480416 haha 😀

  2. Lol 32 thats funny.Cue outrage from some of our fans & loud calls of ‘the clubs an utter shambles’.It seems to be their go to term 😂😂😂

  3. Lmao yep there will be a definite outpouring of anger from some.Yawn…

  4. Let him rot on lower wages ., and maintain the fines . Reckon waiting for 35m won’t work though . Best take 30-32m if they can and have done with it .
    It’s all going to start getting into legal actions and rediculous if we are not careful .
    We need a striker , not a striker . If you see what I mean .

  5. Who knows what Payet’s family situation will be in the summer? Could be that the wife may want him gone as far away as possible.
    I hope we hold firm. We won’t get much less than 25 million in the summer.
    I still think we will have more interested clubs in the summer.
    Right now I would be happy enough to see him go anywhere BUT Marseille.

    Pay up or find yourself another creative midfielder.

  6. Spot on, make him sweat it out!
    Trouble is, if OM don’t meet our valuation, and with his reputation sinking quicker than whale sh!t, will anyone else want to take a punt on him?

    • Chinese clubs will.

      • If they’ve not reached their foreign player quota by then HH, which I’m guessing most of them may do, the way they’re splashing the cash. And China is a lot further from Marseille than London is, if the ‘homesick’ BS is to be believed.

  7. Why has dimi changed ?? He has been good ! He still is?? But is it Mrs.dimi ?? His greedy agent?? Or just silly HIM ?? Or is he a phycological nutter ?? Or all FOUR ?

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