Martinez and a bowl of Byram sour grapes

MartinezRoberto Martinez – at best is involved in double talk – and at worse has eaten a bowl of sour grapes in claiming Sam Byram would not have been right for Everton.

Despite the right back agreeing personal terms after a fee had been agreed between the Toffees and Leeds, Byram decided to jump into West Ham almost as soon as we approached him.

So Mr Martinez’s words tend to sound as though he had eaten several bowls of sour grapes before deciding to regale us with them.

He bleated: “Sam’s situation was one where we were first to identify a good player in Championship. We went through the correct procedures, established a good relationship with Leeds, but in the end it was not the right move for Sam or us and that was end of it for us.”

Martinez claimed he could not comment on claims that Byram felt his first-team prospects would be better at West Ham.

“I don’t have a crystal ball,” he said. “I can always give a correct path for a youngster to fulfil potential, but it wasn’t right to bring a young talent for the sake of it and it was not right for him, and it wasn’t a challenge he could embrace.”



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15 comments on “Martinez and a bowl of Byram sour grapes

  1. He’s sick as a pig! good
    He took Lukaku from out of our hands after we put all the work in, and in the last hours of the summer window.
    He took the cb from Majorca to Wigan after he had had his medical with us ( then took him down to the championship… ha ha )
    Then he did the same with the french striker ( can’t remember his name ), after he had had his medical with us.
    So who else did he spot first? What an absolute low-life.
    So now we beat him to Ogbonna and Byram. Now for number three.

    • There’s no way West Ham would have paid £28m for Lukaku,so I don’t know why you’re bringing that up. You are right you did beat Everton too Ogbonna,but I can’t see Martinez losing any sleep considering he’s crap and can’t settle in London. Whilst Byram would have made a good squad player,there’s no way on earth he’d dislodge Coleman anytime soon,so Martinez is right,the boy wasn’t up for the fight. Thanks for giggles,and thanks for the 3 points we’ll get next time we meet.

      • Ogbonna is crap and hasn’t settled in London? What are you smoking?
        Byram isn’t going straight into our first eleven either, so he clearly is up for the fight. The difference is, he wants to fight for the club he loves as well as a Manager who doesn’t talk complete and utter b*ll*cks everytime he opens his mouth, like Smarmynez does.

      • I didn’t bring that up. I was talking about the original loan move. Wake up pay attention

      • like to hear his version of the Macarthy/ Payet challenge!
        he has imo done himself little if no favours with this sourgrapes outburst,
        used to be a decent manager, just been too long on merseyside it appears!
        watch your hubcaps marty my son…

  2. This whole affair has been an embarrassment to Everton FC and his statement has just made it a whole lot worse. If I as one of their supporters I’d feel ashamed. We can be proud we have a manager who always mans up and tells the truth whether it hurts us or not.

  3. I sympathise with Martinez. When Lionel Messi chose Barcelona over us, I think we dodged a bullet. He would have never fitted in.

  4. Ola Paco
    We can teach Byram how to tackle properly so he does not have to go over the ball or jump from behind so you would not be interested,
    3 points mean you have to win and you know in your deluded mind that’s not going to happen,
    A real man like our manager holds his head up high and tells the truth but when you spend all your time in the shadow of the Kop it hurts when you loose to a little club like ours,
    Rooney must still stick in the throat but you are a feeder club to most teams so just keep churning out those young players for other clubs,

  5. He is a low life ! Who goes out of his way to bad talk us . He has a huge problem with west ham . I’m convinced more than ever now he told the paddy to target payet ! He will do so again when we meet them next ? I hope Byram is playing and scores a couple .
    Tanks is carrying a knock evidently , play Byram instead of jenks , he will be crusified and usif he plays , the lad iIMO needs to be introduced now , at 22 he is not a kid !!

  6. Most would like to see Jenks or JOB given the chance but they want to loose so they can cry for Hippo again,
    No Brainer give the boy a crack if he can’t hack it play Song there before any of those 2 losers
    Sooner play Ginge as a right back

  7. Martinez is just making the right noise’s for the manager of a club with egg on it’s face, all part of the game, Everton will get over it just as we would have if Bryam had gone Everton, however i figure Slaven would have been more honest and expressed some regret at not securing the player….

  8. They tried to hijack the ogbonna tranfer in the 11th hour , they also made moves to bring in song and now we have swiped byram from right under there noses! …3 players have chosen us over them in the last few months so they are allowed to be bitter …and from now on they better get used to it because we are on the verge of becoming a bigger club then them ..COYI! ⚒⚒⚒

  9. They have somehow got it in their heads they are a massive club.WHY. You have no better record than us for winning things in recent years. OK you have survived in the top flight for a long long while but surviving is not what its all about. Future potential and ambition will see us leaving you deluded people well in our wake. COYI X

  10. Lets face it he chose us because he had a better opportunity to progress, he wasn’t going to replace Coleman and potentially we could be bigger in 5 years than a lot of our contemporaries. He is originally an Essex boy and has family down here that are season ticket holders. We are not losing sleep over the transfers we have lost out on over the years we are looking ahead to brighter times COYI !!

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