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Match of the day get it wrong

Kevin-Kilbane-BBC-576585BBC Match of the day commentator Kevin Kilbane said: “The Simon Francis incident on Kouyate, personally, I don’t think it is a red card. Simon Francis clearly looked, that looks bad I suppose from that angle. He is clearly looking the ball, he is just trying to bring it down from the air and he catches Kouyate. A yellow card was the right decision, I don’t think it was a red card.”      

Moving on to Josh King punch on Pedro Obiang Kilbane added: “This is Josh King on Pedro Obiang, it’s just frustration, they is a little petulance but there is certainly no intent there whatsoever so I don’t think either of those were red cards”   

The match commentator said “in Francis defence, Kouyate was leaning a little bit into the ball”

In his post-match interview with the BBC David Moyes says “The one where Kouyate gets kicked in the face, I don’t know any other country where that wouldn’t be a sending off. We have had a centre-forward recently who was watching the ball when he is jumping for it and swings his arm and it is classed as a sending off. There is a couple of players if we had done that they would get six months in jail never mind a yellow card”

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4 comments on “Match of the day get it wrong

  1. Kilbane is a Sunderland surporter! Sour grapes there – with Moyes I think ? So he won’t be agreeing on anything that Moyes has anything to do with? After Sunderland got relegated Moyes was not to popular with any Sunderland fans Kilbane included.

  2. If the ball’s at head height, why not head it? To raise your foot that high without knowing if another player is close is reckless and dangerous. What constitutes a red card? Reckless or dangerous play likely to injure another player. No excuses for not issuing a red.

  3. Kilbane is just another motd luvvie who knock west ham at every opportunity !
    Everyone but kilbane sees them as red , he’s just a ugly tnuc with no brain , like most northerners he clearly doesn’t like us southerners ! Mark my words ! One day pundits and refs will come to harm brought on by their bias ! Its only a question of when !! BBC need to have a word concerning certain pundits as do the FA with the controversy surrounding refs , its become a celebrity status for themselves but in reality they are nobody’s who are given power to use as they feel fit and disregard the rules and game ethics ! VAR needs to be introduced ASAP ! To stop the cheats
    As that’s exactly what they are !! And the Wakefield w@πker is certainly one of those where we are concerned , as I said before its not his first time concerning us that’s interfered with the result , is it ? He needs to be banned from officiating in the football league and ex pro,s maybe would do a better job with the aid of VAR and get rid of this rabble that’s infesting the game we love , we are not fools , be it at their peril if they persist and be it on the FA,s back if they do not act ! Personally I don’t think I could not contain myself if I came in contact with the Wakefield w@πker , I would have to confront him !! He’s a cheat !!!😈

    • Agree Laz.
      A boot above the shoulders intent or not is a RED always. Seen it before & got him studs in the side if face could lost an eye.
      Then add King punching Obiang in Face they were luckly not to be down to 9men by half.
      And then the end ffs Madley shouldn’t be a ref I. Sunday league

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