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Match Vlog: Chicha To The Rescue

It was incredibly cold yesterday but I managed to take the gloves off for long enough to get the camera out and record my day.

I love Saturday 3pm kick-offs but they seem few and far between these days so it was good to get down to the London Stadium nice and early for a few drinks on the boats. Joined by Mike from ‘Mike on Monday’ and our friend Tony we entered the stadium not really knowing what to expect. In terms of entertainment at least it’s been a mixed bag from David Moyes and it felt as if we were as likely to see an Arnautovic hat-trick as we were a dour 0-0.

What we got was something in between and I was quite pleasantly surprised with how frequently we attacked during the first 30 minutes of the game. As any good pessimistic West Ham fan will understand I started to become concerned when we didn’t take our chances, we were playing well but the game looked all set-up for Junior Stanislas to come off the bench and win the game.

As you’ll already be aware we scored almost immediately after Eddie Howe’s Bournemouth did but we were certainly clinging on at the end although I do think that we shaded the contest slightly. What I did find concerning was how quickly our attacking game diminished as soon as Lanzini left the pitch. We desperately need somebody else who can pass, dribble and help link the attack and help provide a bit of end product.

It’s beyond doubt that David Moyes has the team well organised which is why I’d like to see us bring in an attacking midfielder rather than the defensive players that we’ve been linked with recently. I’ve read Hugh’s article regarding Samir Nasri below and whilst he’s not a player that I like personally he is exactly the type of player we need and in the position we need it.

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12 comments on “Match Vlog: Chicha To The Rescue

  1. Spot on Gonzo . My sentiments exactly .

    • Nothing new gonz , its been evident from the time the nameless one slivered off ? Not only do we need a nasri type as you say but a carvhalo and dendonker type is also a must as Moyes and everyone in the world has pointed out ! Both can defend and start offensive play which IMO is a must , we need 3-4 this window if possible but sullys wallet is the problem ?
      He simply can’t afford it , so we will see what happens , injuries and problems with players has been the one big negative this season , let’s hope we can get through it and rebuild !
      Carvhalo. Dendonker. Maddison and smolov would be nice , all available at a price ! But !!!!

      • Hello mate, hope you’re well.

        I think he probably only has the money for one which is why I was speaking of one position. I’d imagine if he sells then Moyes can generate some aditional funds which is why I don’t get the transfer brinkmanship with Ayew & Sakho.

        As I understand we’ve turned down £9m for Sakho and £14m + xtras for Ayew. Neither are in the managers team so why not take the money and purchase a player who suits the system?

        • I’m well mate, and you !
          Its mind boggling the way its going ! Its like watching paint dry and a episode of soap? Confused ? You will be ? 😂
          9+14 = 23 ! Add 2 = carvhalo ? Or bentdoctor and smolov , or Madison ?
          That’s not even dipping into the kitty !
          SOAP !! 😉

  2. How I love Hammers Chat. It’s my favorite ever website, even though I would only post opinions on C&H.
    Match Previews always interesting
    Matchday VLOGs always entertaining
    Highlights discussed often contentious ( just as I always remember when I went to matches )
    Cup of Tea always worth waiting for ( how I miss the banter and the discussion )
    I don’t know if anyone on C&H is not looking into Hammers chat regularly, but if so then I recommend they do watch it.
    I recommended it to my 70 year old brother, and now he’s doing the London Marathon this year. See what your missing.

  3. Nice writing Gonzo. Admire the way you strike a balance. The ubiquitous ‘pessimistic’ Hammer resonated with me because I am one. Brace yourself for the worst likely outcome and anything positive is emotional bunce.

    I’m not a Mr Moyes fan. Though credit for a seven game unbeaten run, and his advent has seen discipline and a game plan the players are able to follow and implement. With new players he may rediscover his faith in attacking flair that once he sustained at Everton spearheaded by Pienaar, Cahill and Fellaini.

    Samir Nasri has always been a player I’ve admired personally and professionally. He is now too old for our purposes, though I agree a player of his style and mobility is precisely what we do need, especially with Lanzini’s injury. Interestingly, it seems that recurrent injuries to Hammers players is not a phenomenon that’s unique to Slaven Bilic’s lack of a proper fitness regime.

    Now for Palace and Woy’s boys. We could do with three points but that’s not a foregone conclusion….what was that about pessimistic Hammers….?

    • The pessimism is in our DNA my friend.

      What’s the West Ham Way? . . . . . .I’ll give you an example.

      Chelsea signed Fernando Torres for £50m from Liverpool and couldn’t hit a donkey’s wotsit with banjo. He’d gone almost 1000 minutes without looking remotely decent then up rock good old West Ham and we all knew what was going to happen.

      That’s the West Ham Way

  4. Funny that fishes ! Mine too! He does the changing rooms every year lol! Can’t get me head around why they pay him in watches and credit cards ? 😇

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