Transfer news: Matri to snub Hammers says media

matriItalian TV broadcaster Sport Mediaset is reporting that 31-year-old Alessandro Matri WILL NOT be joining West Ham after all.

Yesterday,  Italy’s daily sports newspaper Gazzetta Dello Sport stated Matri would be flying to London for talks with West Ham with a medical to follow.

But the latest reports from Italy now put a question mark over Matri’s move, suggesting the player wants to now stay and fight for his place at Milan.

Matri is likely to find himself  down the pecking order at the San Siro following the arrival of Mario Balotelli from Liverpool.  Matri was loaned to Juventus last season.  If true, it is the latest disappointment to hit the Irons after seeing a succession of deals collapse.


18 comments on “Transfer news: Matri to snub Hammers says media

  1. If you know anything about football this is not a disappointment – he is a poor player and will make no difference. Good news I would rather do without than bring in this type of player – I would give the youngsters a chance. I hope the report linking us to Jelanic from Hull is also false. If the chairmen think these players are what we need then Harry Rednapp is right we are in for a relegation battle. Any word on our number one priority – a winger and hopefully Moses.

  2. Happy this one has fallen through but truly gutted about Zaza. He would have been ideal with Sakho and better striker than Valencia / Carroll and Zarate. Really hope we have a chance with him in the future as he would be a big hit with the fans and would find the net regularly IMO

  3. As things stand we are in for a relegation struggle more likely than not so with only a few days left to do deals (lets pray we don’t get turned over badly at Liverpool) then our options are rapidly declining.

    • Options declining !! we can’t even attract 31yr old players who can’t get a game with their own clubs on loan.. To say im worried doesn’t get close.And from what ive seen we are one of the lowest spens in the prem..

      • Yes firefigterx I am worried.It used to be in Slaven we trust.No bloody support from the owners.Pathetic.

  4. JUST IN lol even Joey Barton dont wanna join us?? thibk that says volumes.. COYI

  5. He went to Burnley yesterday.But we turned him down two weeks ago.Did we even try to get him again or just media bullsh#t.

  6. Sorry jimmy beging to find it hard to distinguish between truth and bull sh%t now lol

  7. Looks like ‘last man standing’ again.on the rumour mill.

  8. Come on Canchaz,let the cat out of the bag,who did we sign on transfer deadline day.You live in a world a week ahead of the rest of us.You surely know by now who we purchased 😀

  9. All these attempted deals smack of sheer desperation! Unheard of journeymen who are not wanted at their clubs all 30 something’s loking for an as big pay day…I thought we were not going to do this again after past experiences.
    Where is the age/ wage profile we were told was in place when previous linked players were said to be too old …has this just been forgotten in our desperation?
    Liverpool must be rubbing their hands in glee.
    I still am hopeful the chairmen will pull a rabbit from the hat before Tuesday and I am sure they are doing all they can…..but please not a epeat of previous deadline days when we end up understrength in the striker department!!!

  10. Why not try a loan for Mirallas ? He has signed a new contract at Everton but isn’t playing and they have just signed a new striker from Uruguay. Doesn’t look good for Mirallas who will need playing time if he wants to continue being on the Belgian squad and have a chance to play the Euro next summer.

  11. So it’s the Spud or Carlton,
    Jelivic if we are or not lucky
    Why do we even go to Italy,name one successful Italian forward in the last ten years for any club,
    What happened to Vargas,
    Smoke bull ****e smoke bull ****e,
    Now I know why the Twitter accounts have been closed,no more Russian hat just tin helmets

  12. Vagas moved to Germany bubs,Hoffenheim i think.He was ****e for QPR last year anyway though 😉

  13. Its all looking a bit down to the dregs now.We really shouldnt get ourselves into this position,but with Goldilocks & Sullivan the Sultan it really doesnt surprise me one bit.

  14. Hopefully this loser stays at Milan. he can make some more 5 second appearances where his complete lack of skills can’t be exposed. I am maybe in a minority but I don’t mind Jelavic, he can be lazy at times but he is at least technically very good and will score some goals and create some, when he is in the mood he is a very good player and can link the play between midfield and the front man, Sakho hasn’t been himself without much support so as an option if je is available Jelavic would be good or their other striker Adel Hernandez who could play a similar role that Valencia did for us.

  15. I feel a song coming on…..Always believe in…..! 🙂

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