Mavropanos a Hammer?


Konstantinos Mavropanos is going to become a Hammer according to the German newspaper Das Bild.

The Greek international could complete his move by the weekend after the 25-year-old turned down offers from Juventus and Inter Milan this summer.

He is expected to cost in the region of £17million to get the Greek international, but short of a disaster apparently, we will be welcoming another successful signing to the London Stadium.

He is a top player with some very good metrics.

According to Fbref he averages  2.52 interceptions, 3.42 aerial duels won and 1.32 progressive carries per game, which may come as a surprise, is not far off the recently departed Declan Rice.

This could be a fine piece of business for the Irons

Whisper it, but it appears things are finally beginning to happen at West Ham and should this one happen it won’t look like a bad window at all thank goodness.

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  • Hammeroo says:

    “short of a disaster apparently, we will be welcoming another successful signing to the London Stadium.”

    You are talking about West Ham Disaster United here. Nothing ever seems to go to plan. Nothing ever happens quickly. There are only two certainties in life .. er, West Ham. Moyes and transfer disasters!

  • mibatch says:

    Well said Hameroo. Disaster united I like too. I think that Moyes has done more to harm WH in the last 12 months than the great kudos for his first 2 years, this session. If only he had walked away after the Euro win instead he stays and thinks he is the Messiah and we should only play his way. A laughing stock we have become now but the main man is only interested in his pocket until he sells. Come end of window the announcement will be “we came very close to several signings but for various reasons were thwarted by other people”. (and our inefficient staff and manager). Mibatch

  • Budgie says:

    If the doomsayers on here looked at all transfer window history it is always the last few days that generate most activity. Its nothing to do with Moyes really its the agents of gullible players that play clubs off against each other to max out their entirely undeserved pay day!

  • Buster says:

    If this Greek fella signs, we won’t know how good he is until he’s played a few games.
    So let’s get behind him, eh?

    I remember the negativity towards Craig Dawson, until we saw how good he was.

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