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Media pundit changes his West Ham tune

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Cesc Fabregas believes that despite Julen Lopetegui playing a “different style” than what West Ham fans are accustomed to, he could be a strong head coach for the club. This perspective marks a shift for Fabregas, who previously criticised West Ham’s decision not to renew David Moyes’s contract. Just last week, Fabregas had cautioned fans to “be careful what you wish for,” suggesting that Hammers supporters might only appreciate Moyes after he’s gone.

Lopetegui, who will replace Moyes at the season’s end, is rated highly by Fabregas despite their past. Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live’s *Planet Premier League* podcast, Fabregas said, “I think he’s a good coach – I shouldn’t say that because he dropped me from the Spanish national team, which hurt.”

However, he acknowledged Lopetegui’s achievements: “He has had success. Despite the chaos with the Spanish national team when he signed with Real Madrid and was dismissed before the World Cup, being hired by Madrid shows he has something special. His Sevilla team played well and won the Europa League.”

Reflecting on Lopetegui’s recent stint at Wolves, Fabregas noted, “I think he did a good job, especially in the first year, creating a strong dynamic and a good brand of football while steering them away from relegation.”

Lopetegui parted ways with Wolves just three days before the Premier League season began, with both parties amicably agreeing to end his contract due to differing opinions.

Fabregas concluded, “He’s a coach with clear ideas who’s found success in different places. I think he could do well, though his style is quite different from what West Ham has played in recent years.”

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  • A. Vezirev says:

    But that exactly what we need – different style, new style!

  • Neil Down Under says:

    Any chance the merch shop can make a new Tee for next season with a massive Hammers logo on one side and “Careful What You Wish For” printed on the other.
    I’d buy it.
    Or have the club start another charitable cause and call it “Careful what you wish for (dream big)”.
    Think it’s about time we started to own the moniker “Careful What You Wish For”, I’m over hearing it in a negative way.
    Would love it next season, if we’re winning a game and cruising, to hear the crowd sing it too.

    • Steve Wells says:

      Haha brilliant mate let’s shove those ****ers words down their throats & forever take the **** out of them 🤣. We’ll show them what we wished for.

      • Lloydy says:

        Careful what you wish for
        You should be careful what you wish for careful what you wish for
        You should be careful what you wish for

        To the tune of Guantunamera

    • Roy watzon says:

      I agree bring it on, heard enoth from x Pro players careful what you wish for.

  • Hope that kills you says:

    “ though his style is quite different from what West Ham has played in recent years.” And that is just what we want. I can’t face watching more possessionless football.

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