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Meltdown follows Irons perfect storm

CircusIf you read social media today you could be fooled into thinking West Ham have already been relegated this season.

The internet has been going into meltdown with both anti -manager and anti-board feelings running high after the day after transfer deadline day.

There are new crowd funded campaigns for large protest banners and talk of protests and unrest at the Huddersfield home game at the London Stadium on Monday 11th September.

It is far cry from 24th July when Chicharito signed for the Hammers to the excitement and amazement of the same supporters many of whom congratulated the same manager and board.

Since then we have faced a perfect storm of three Premier League defeats in a row, lack of confidence in the manager and his tactics, a sending off of our record summer signing, a  pantomime performance by a sulky wantaway Sakho, a still injured Andy Carroll and the absence of any replacements for Robert Snodgrass and Sofiane Feghouli.

When we signed four quality signings of Hart, Hernandez, Arnautovic and Zabelta most fans seemed happy but talk of  William Carvalho changed all that and at the end of day expectations weren’t managed as no deals were completed meaning the net spend was £19m.

A healthy win against in form Huddersfield might be a start to repair some of the damage to the reputation of the manager of the board.

In the meantime, they probably need to keep a low profile during their international break as they attempt to weather this new storm.


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About Sean Whetstone

I am Season Ticket Holder in West stand lower at the London Stadium and before that, I used to stand in the Sir Trevor Brooking Lower Row R seat 159 in the Boleyn Ground and in the Eighties I stood on the terraces of the old South Bank. I am a presenter on the West Ham Podcast called MooreThanJustaPodcast.co.uk. A Blogger on WestHamTillIdie.com a member of the West Ham Supporters Advisory Board (SAB), Founder of a Youtube channel called Mr West Ham Football at http://www.youtube.com/MrWestHamFootball, I am also the associate editor here at Claret and Hugh. Life Long singer of bubbles! Come on you Irons! Follow me at @Westhamfootball on twitter

31 comments on “Meltdown follows Irons perfect storm

  1. Ha social media.More like unsocial media.
    Banners and protests,do they come with or without pitchforks and a bit of straw to hang out of their mouths.
    The only people having a meltdown are the ones who live for them day in day out.

    • Yep. Microcosm of idiocy. Is Bilic doing well? Clearly not. Could we do with reinforcements? Yes, if they’re the right ones. Any old iron at any price? Nah, tried that last year and looked where it got us. Better to blood a couple more youngsters – more Rice, please, with some Holland, Haksabanovic and Martinez on the side.

    • You’re not west ham, you can’t be!

  2. Like many I was happy with the first part of the window but really disappointed with how it ended but I don’t intend to go all wet pants just yet.
    I’m not prepared to slaughter the board just yet though. IMO we have a good squad of players. The defence is not as bad as people are making it out to be. They are playing poorly, they are not poor players.
    I think the issue is the manager and I think the board are starting to see that this is the case. Bilic has lost the plot, he has been treading water for ages and is now looking as though he is going to sick. He will not be given a new contract and if this form continues he will be sacked. Personally I think he should have been sacked after the Newcastle game but I can see why the board didn’t go down that line. As for the board, not sure I would give Bilic more cash to spend if I was in their position. They have backed him up until now and he has a total sh*tshoe so far this season, not to mention the previous one. Bilic has signed a lot of poor players… that’s a fact. Previously good players at this level who have signed for us suddenly seem lost at see. They go backwards under Bilic’s management and if there’s any truth, the slightest bit of truth in what Snoddy has to say it’s no suprise.
    I will wait for a full opinion on the board based on the next manager and how they back him financially. I believe they will back a new man but we will have to wait and see

    • Totally agree, I think the manager has been found out, quality players misplaced on the field. I like Slav, but I think he has shown to be out of his depth regarding tactics (or badly advised by the back room staff). Not sure if I want Rafa, lets see who is out there eager to take on a Premier League side.

  3. It’s starting to sound like a cracked record – it’s the lack of bodies, I’ve got no problems with the guys they’ve signed, they’re all a step up from what we had – it’s the fact that they’ve let 8+ players leave and only brought in four new bodies!

    I’ll say it again, a couple of suspensions or injuries and we’re in a crisis – I’m at a complete loss that Slaven Bilic and the Board apparently can’t see this!

    • Spot on! The squad is far too thin especially for a club with our injury record. I would have just taken Carvalho and Sanches on loan at the last minute at least they would have been quality risk free options. The board keep talking up the next level for the club but they have no idea what it is or how to get there.

  4. Actually, the jury(Hammers supporting friends) is out on our summer signings, Hart wasn’t much cop in Italy last year, and the Euros before that, Zabaletta might still be a squad player at city if he was that great, Arnautovic, well who knows if he can make an impact other than with his elbows, studs or his mouth, already looks like temperamental issues. Only Hernandez looks ok so far, but will he look to get out in Jan if he keeps scoring goals and we keep leaking them. West Ham supporters are not stupid, they can see where the issues are in the team, and the coaching staff, they have seen it all before

    • Hart – agreed. Zabaleta – good signing on a free. Arnautovic – did he have that bad a disciplinary record at stoke because I can’t recall that he did. I have had him in my dream team for the past 2 seasons for long periods and he has returned a decent amount of points through assists and goals so I hope he does the same for us. Yes his red card was stupid but let’s not get carried away. He is not aBallotelli, a Diego Codta so think everyone needs to calm down there a little. Hernandez speaks for himself

    • Exactly correct!

  5. Have you seen Del Boy’s claim that he was offered both Sanches and the WBA Pole but Bilic turned them both down, and that a deal could have been finalised for Carvilho but without a medical? Talk about hanging Bilic out to dry and deflecting away the wrath. Carvilho was clearly fit (ask Portugal) and he’d never have funded the other two. More bulls**t from the board. If Bilic had anything bout him he would smile and walk away into the sunset tomorrow morning, leaving the chuckle bros and Baroness B to face the music.

    • I know I couldn’t believe he said them things.. I just want them to sell up to someone who will invest some proper money.. …give it couple weeks and let the injuries start then see what happens.. Just staying in the prem would be a good season this year ..this will get worse before it gets better ….AGAIN!!

    • People have a go at the board for not signing players, have a whip round to wave their little flags to ‘sack the board’ and generally have a hissy fit…. and he isn’t allowed the right of reply to defend himself? Absolute tosh.

      • he hasn’t defended himself he has just lumped all on slaven,we could have had more players but the manager didnt want them absolute rubbish

        • Spot on Dan. Del boy has pointed the finger at his own manager in an effort to either deflect fan fury or to suggest Bilic doesn’t know what he is doing. If its the former, we aren’t that daft as to believe anything the board says, and if it’s the latter, then why the hell hasn’t the board done something about it? Either way all fingers point squarely back to the board. They have to go.

        • Agreed.. But I think e20 is after me Dan ..having little digs as didn’t like my views.😂😂

          • He seems to be a fan of the board more then the club,i actually feel a bit sorry for Billic think he should go now but has been well stitched up by owners,it seems the bad signings are his and the good ones are sullivans

          • 😂😂 he does it all the time kip ! Boardette mate ! They do no wrong !
            He’s been on about zaza for a couple of days now ? and recons carvalho ain’t up to much 😂 , says it all really!
            For sully to say what he did about his medical was a brain dead excuse , desperate in fact , we missed a proper player there and the question is why E20 lol😉

      • You are not a west ham supporter

  6. This repeated figure of £19m I cannot get to and in any case ignores the unexpected Payet income. Added to this last years figures on this website assumed an eventual payout for Zazza that never happpened. Adding in the sale of Tomkins our net expenditure since leaving UP is pitiful so stop the cover up

  7. wheres the bearded lady in the pic

    • She,s wearing the tent !! Bit tight though ! 😂

    • Yes you’re the big boys who call Brady Miss Piggy on here aint ya..i would love too see your reactions if someone called one of your wives or female family members Miss Piggy..but hey its ok for you halfwits hiding behind your keyboards isnt it…pathetic excuses for men.

      • Personally I always thought her name was belle tent ?
        But then again our wives didn’t vote to have the child tax credits cut which the people in
        Our borough needed to survive then called herself a champion of the same people who west ham help and give back to the community all sport and activity’s to enjoy and charge them for doing it! She,s even had pops at the supporters ? But that’s OK in it Diana mite , on yer bike Boardette !!! End of conversation !!!!

      • I won’t hide from you!

  8. Tony Gake reckons £4m by spendcin 4 years – is it that bad? Certainly bugger all in last two years. I was told by someone involved when icelandics were selling up that G and S wanted to sell at £80m but would never invest the money to get there, as this meant a top 6 team. Seems very true.

  9. Meant to say £800m

  10. It could turn very ugly if the Huddersfield game goes against us – they’re not mugs, they work hard, are fit and are well organised!

  11. I agree Michael, and they have solid owners too who backed their manager and brought in 13 new signings. And as for Stratford my friend, we, the fans, are the ones who fund the club through our purchases of tickets, merchandise and Sky subscriptions, so we have every right to vent our frustrations when the board fail to deliver with our money. Del boy didn’t have to hang Bilic out to dry, he chose to, just as we now choose to tell the board what we think. It’s called democracy!

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