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Memo to the board – you know what you must do

Memo to the Board

Gold sullivan BradyEnough is truly enough – last night felt like the end of the world and there is only one group of people who can do anything about the disaster that has now fully opened up beneath us…YOU!

Slaven Bilic is a lost man as demonstrated in his interview following the game. When a manager admits he doesn’t know what and why things went wrong and that the board will do what the board has to do it really is time to sack him.

You know what is wrong and any further delay in putting him and us out of our misery will make you as culpable as him.

The fact that some already think you are is neither here or there. We will always have haters but you surely know and we certainly do that this can’t go on.

If it doe,s everything -including your investment – will come down on your heads as the fans are again plunged into total despair. The message from almost every single one of them on every forum today is that Slaven Bilic has to be handed his P45!

Many are saying you won’t do it because you want to save the severance pay but in truth we know that a couple of million or whatever is not the issue. That argument makes no sense as there is far more at stake – our very Premiership status

The real problem in finding someone else at this time of the season. We get that but there are the likes of Hiddink and Advocaat out there who have rubber stamped their credentials over and over again in difficult circumstances. In the very short term Terry Westley could take over until a temporary manager has been found.

Appoint one of the two,or someone like them, until Christmas giving yourselves time to find the right guy.

The list of possible candidates is endless: Pellegrini, Dyche, Benitez Jokanovic, Mancini but the difficulty is all are in jobs so for now it looks like a caretaker followed by a permanent appointment.

It has to be done and done now.


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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

18 comments on “Memo to the board – you know what you must do

  1. Has to go.

    Westley in for a few games whilst we search. If he does well then keep him on. I actually like the football he produces for the u23s an awful lot. It’s completely the polar opposite of what Bilic’s ‘tactics’ are. Which also explains why hardly any youth team player is ever seen near the first team unless they’re a ‘favourite’ (fernandez and quina – no justified reason to be on the bench but ahead of effective players like martinez and holland.).

    • Yes Westley would do well in a care-taker’s capacity while we look for someone else.
      Ancelotti, Marcini, or anyone who has had experience at Ajax and/or Barcelona

  2. ffs can you learn to proof read? Grammar is more shocking than our pitch endeavours currently.

  3. Agree with Master, I know the family and friends of a West Ham U23 – tipped for big things who is completely disillusioned with life @ WHU.

    Bilic never goes near their training, they train away from the 1st team, and as you say favourites seem to make the bench, whilst others may as well not be here.

    Nice bloke (or so it seems), poor, poor manager. Get him out and get him out now… I was @ Birmingham City all those years ago, we are headed for the same fate 100% guaranteed if we stay like this.

  4. I know what they must do, but they won’t sell up while they’re milking 7% per year out of the club!

  5. Dead man walking.. got to go now. If last night is the best we can offer under Bilic then surely there’s nothing to debate, imo he should have gone end of last season.
    Carragher was bang on for a change when he said we have good players but a really poor team.
    For gods sake pull the trigger b4 it is too late. By Xmas we could so far behind that it could be curtains..

  6. To all concerned..
    Hugh has bravely spoken..
    Honestly and passionately
    He loves this club, as I do, and I implore upon you-act now before it is all too late.
    Some of us more senior supporters remember the great times, but what have we achieved, since winning the 1980 FA Cup Final.
    But age doesn’t matter, since it was only last week that the boys played some real Brazilian magic, albeit for a short time.

    So if you truly love the club, then do the right thing and let’s move on..
    I’m sad to say, that Slav has lost the team. and who wants to see one Hammers fan fighting with another during such a crisis!
    Stand up for everything that is great about our club, and do the right thing, please!

  7. Terry Westley – no chance..I’d rather bring Alan Pardew back in..I agree Slaven Bilic has to go, that was as bad a performance if you can call it that I have seen and was truly depressing as a supporter. It feels worse waking up this morning and reliving that game…I also came to the conclusion again last night that this move to the OS is a disaster..The ground is not fit for purpose and we play Home games with a hugh disadvantage…A move based on greed by Sullivan gold and Brady to one day line their own pockets…

  8. Can we start a petition?

  9. You say ‘the difficulty is they are all in jobs’. Equally important is that a decent manager will need some persuading to come now that the owners & Bilic ( yes ok & the players) have brought the club to its present position. Carragher as an ex player criticised DS last night for speaking out on football matters. A good manager will be happy to have full responsibility & some will now be happy with a Director of Football or whatever you call it. But I reckon most hate having owners who want to be involved & get their views into the media. So although I want Bilic replaced I think it will be a massive task to get the sort of manager we would like.

  10. As John lyall said “if you aren’t going to win Cups then you have to entertain our fans and send them out with a smile on their face. That’s what they expect and it’s why they keep coming back week in week out.” This is bang on what the ‘West Ham Way’ is and is something Slav has not done at all this season or you could even say since them great first 6 months we had under him. The time has come to bring in someone who will bring in youngsters and is not afraid to shake things up. Maybe a young enthusiastic up and coming manager? Slav is too predictable and doesn’t have a plan B. Last night was a good example, Hernandez got injured in training so is not 100% and he doesn’t even put a striker on the bench. He set the team out with one game plan and had no one on the bench who could change the game. Enough is enough it’s time for him to go before it’s too late.

  11. Harry Redknapp?…

  12. Brooking !! All day long !!
    All those calling for Mancini and the like are not seeing the bigger picture ! These managers buy success not coach it mourinho , pep , conte , bring them here and they will fail !! We need a ex hammer and brooking is my choice , old school who would IMO instill some life and west ham values , the problem is will the players give a toss ? If not out them no matter who they are , because at the end of the day if they don’t want to pull their tabs out then they shouldn’t be in the shirt ! We’ve got big problems at the club and only time will tell if we can change the mood or commitment from the team ! Dire straights , pardew ? Better than what we have at present , took us to a cup final with green shield stamps as collateral lol! 😉

    • Sorry Laz but I can’t disagree with you more on both those names. Brooking hasn’t been involved in club football in years & as for Pardew the least said about him the better.
      He had a bigger ego than any of the players & if you believe the rumours he got very friendly with other peoples partners. Pardew is another boom then bust merchant.
      The main obstacle in finding a decent manager will be the board & the need to spend a serious amount of ££ to build a quality squad.

  13. Is it a coincidence that hours after the board day that they back Bilic until the end of the season that the team produce a shocker like that?
    Bring in Terry and give him a chance to run the team for six matches.
    Martinez needs a run in the team. I don’t care about his age. Did anyone ever say Owen and Rooney were too young?

  14. Max Willow’s sentiments and insights are sound. Hugh has written ‘truth to power’ because of his love for the ‘club’ (its heritage and its future) if not out of care for the owners and their practices. This distinction is an appropriate one to make. Listening to Sullivan talking about ‘honour’ was probably the most nauseatingly surreal part of the entire evenings proceedings. Worse than Arnautovic’s display and Hart’s incompetence. How is Hart an improvement on Adrian? How is Ayew a better punt than Martinez? TM knows where the goal is. Noble may be having a poor season, and his Iron’s career may be in decline, but he would have worked his cojones off last night unlike Arnautovic. Off he goes, and Slav brings on another ‘champagne Charlie’ performer.

    Slav has lost the team. Following the debacle last night, I’d imagine he’s many of those fans who walked. The board has a duty of care to the ‘club’ – this ought to include its traditions, culture and heritage, however this may be defined by fans whose money is an expression of their commitment and stakeholding in the Irons – and these so-called ‘leadership people’ need to show their duty of care in ‘deed’ rather than merely spouting cheap rhetoric about ‘honour’, whatever this might mean to Sullivan and this devout neoliberal trio.

    Slav has to go now. Preferably this board will follow his example, fall on their metaphorical swords, and sell up. Hopefully to new club owners with the savvy and ethics demonstrated by both Manc clubs, Spurs and Arsenal. I’ll never accept the OS as a ‘swap’ for the Boleyn, and so this board will forever be traitors! In my view. Selling your own property off for rented accommodation so you can enjoy yourselves while leaving no inheritance for the stakeholders who keep it afloat is a disgrace. Surreal Trumpanzee stuff. If our ‘Apprentice’ mimicking owners truly love the Irons they will take heritage more seriously than ‘brand presence’ in the US market. First, they are morally bound to sort things pitch-side with an established coaching crew, and then if honour means to Sullivan what it means to me, the owners will sell out…but like the coaching situation, who would want to invest in the Irons as an investment after being reduced to a shadow through the years of leadership of this board and owners? Frankly, I don’t have the answer to my own question. As things stand though, I’d like to find out by taking our chances and seeing who would have a punt at taking on the Irons, and re-structuring the club’s ownership ethos and mission statement.

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