Merson upbeat prediction


Paul Merson prediction for next season

Paul Merson has made a bold prediction about West Ham United ahead of the 2023/24 season.

Hammers boss David Moyes has received justifiable criticism for the style of football that he endorses, and rightly so – it has been painful to watch at times.

However, should our Supremo guide his team to our first trophy as a club for 43 years, even our most stony- hearted supporter would have to admit that this season has been a success.

As things stand, it’s still an unknown as to what Moyes future will be. So, if he does stay, what can we expect from his team next season?

Paul Merson has been giving his view about the Hammers and how we have struggled in the Premier League.

When asked how West Ham will cope without Declan Rice next season: he replied

He’s head and shoulders their best player it’s not even close, he carries them most of the time. I don’t know but they won’t be going down, they won’t be where they are this season. I’ll be shocked if they’re not middle of the table next season.”

West Ham had a terrible pre-season before this campaign got underway and that then bled into the real season once it begun.

Moyes was then far too complacent and just expected that our form from the previous two campaigns would return. It didn’t – and then it was too late to turn things around. We remained in the Premier League in the end so a disaster was averted.

And our run to the Europa Conference League final has been incredible. Hopefully Moyes or the new incumbent makes some top-class signings this summer and we can really kick on.

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