Merson: ‘West Ham just need to survive’

merson3Sky Sports pundit Paul Merson has tipped West Ham to struggle next season suggesting the Irons just need to concentrate on surviving relegation from the Premier League.

“Anyone who’s going to be in that bottom half of the table next season will be happy just to stay up and that’s where I think they’ll be again. It’s so important to stay up next year, with the TV money that’s going to be coming in. The bottom 10 teams – and I put West Ham in that bracket too – just need to survive.” said Merson.

Speaking about Sam Allardyce’s departure at the end of the season Merson added:

“I don’t know. What is the West Ham way? We are talking 1960s when they had a really good team. It’s a big gamble. One thing you are assured of with Sam Allardyce is you get a top manager. They won’t get relegated if he was manager next season. They are not a shoo-in to stay up next season.”




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35 comments on “Merson: ‘West Ham just need to survive’

  1. Oh do shut up you d*ckhead,go & shovel some more coke up your bugle!

  2. Sit down shut up..
    another ‘expert’ who needs to spout crap to justify his existence.

  3. Him alone makes you think twice about paying for sky sports.

  4. Ahah… Who is this idiot?

  5. Ah ok Paul Merson… Another super expert… Lol

  6. Lmao,this is the expert who about one month ago said Tony Fernandes had piled all his own dough into QPR because he was a life long supporter of QPR.Dont think so Merse.He is a tool,enough said!!!

  7. Best thing you can do to him is stick a stick of dynamite up his ass.That will stop him flapping his gums!!

    • Lol… You are my hero… 😀

      • Why mate?

        • Ahah.. I noticed you on the other site, I want your autograph… Lol ” hush your gum” It’s my favourite one… 😀

          • Oh that lot.I got blocked from commenting on there,bunch of crossdressing transexuals.Cant take a bit of banter or wind-up.Too busy flapping their gums about managers.Seen less bullsh*t on a cattle ranch!!!

          • Lol 😀

          • They wake up in the morning & have a bullsh*t smoothie for breakfast & their gums dont stop flapping till midnight.Honest mate,never read so much pigeon sh*t in my life.They all need sectioning in a lunatic asylum with their Sam Autobiography!!

          • Ahah… I want a copy of that book… Interesting the chapter on Sam’s trophies, one of those chapter you can read in one go… Lol

  8. Still doing the drugs or drink and he was always crap betting so we should be in the top 10,
    Wet pants must love him.

  9. Merson your such a minge, bore off !!!!!!

  10. He’s got a point though, every year is a relief when we get enough points to stay up, when we get a new manager in, the first and foremost thing on the owners and the majority of fans will be “can/let’s hope he can keep us up” not, automatic or qualifying Champions League?”

  11. Allardyce was and still is not a shooin definate to stay up. Sooner or later he’s going down.

  12. Whambam are you banging down the viagra tablets,if you aint take some.Stiffen up,stop talking about relegation,it aint happening.Get a grip my son.You aint a crossdresser from whtid are you?

    • Lol, no danger, Danger, reality check though cousin, it boils my p*ss the way these pundits talk about us being a yoyo club but let’s keep it real, most of them ain’t never played out of the top 6 at the top of their careers and it’s only natural for them to look down on us, agreed?

      • Yep but their trash me ol’ fruit cake.They get paid for expressing an opinion but most the time they no little about the club or season the club have had.They probably watch us 7 or 8 times a season then start flappig their old gums about it.They get me proper wound up on panels when they talk about us.Anyway enough relegation talk or i will have to send you some of my viagra,missus wants me to give them away,i keep poking her in the back at night.Never good at golf,always missed my close putts!

  13. Merson just like Kamara are kept on Sky to be laughed at with their mistakes and Merson mispronouncing names. They’re not taken seriously. The real message from all this is for the kids,the drugs don’t work they just make you worse or at the very least turn you into a moron like Merson.

  14. Just because the guy was a gambling and drug addict, alcoholic and adulterer doesn’t mean he is a moron. I think people like Merson and Adrian Durham say things for effect. It is attention seeking and designed to be controversial for the sake of it.

  15. But Sean, what about his comment – Sam is a top manager ? Does that make him a moron ?

  16. Apparently Sean he is good at baking cakes,
    I never watch Sky on a Saturday when Merson and co try and out shout each other and act like Morons,watched once and thought I had turned on a set up program,
    My mums 80 and watches it every week and thinks it funny,
    There must be some explayers out there with some brain cells intact

  17. I quite like the way it’s presented but they’ve always had roles to play off each other. Back to Marsh being controversial,Mullery and McLintock the unimpressed old timers,Le Tiss the supposed intelligent one,Thompson the excitable scouser and Merson playing the stupid one,it’s all part of the programme. All I’m saying is if he’s playing at it he missed a trick he should’ve been an actor. As for the drinking,drugs and adultery even Merson would admit that was moronic and cost him dearly.

  18. Dainon, at the risk of being shouted down. Sam is a top manager at surviving the Premier League. He has a skill at playing a non entertaining results based type of football that almost guarantees staying in the league thus bagging the TV money. It is excellent manager if you have no ambition to finish above mid table. Personally I am not bitter about the four years he spent as manager but totally agreed it was time for change for sometime who had more ambition and could play more entertaining football again.

  19. Well Sean he didn’t call him a top manager at keeping your team in the league, he call him a top manager… Which to me means he will be successful and take your team to the top part of the league table & do well in the cups. That’s my definition of a top manager, everyone else may have different opinions of what makes a top manager but keeping your team from relegation is not good enough in my opinion to class you as ‘top’

  20. So will around ten other clubs, and that’s only the premier league you silly little boy.

    • If you we’re talking to me I think you miss read my comments because your reply makes no sense .. unless you think Sam is a ‘TOP’ manager and Merson is not a moron, but even then your comment makes no sense… I’m guessing you misunderstood or misread my comment

      BTW I might be silly but little (6’1″ 17.5 stone) boy (39 yo) lol .. I wish I was a silly little boy

      🙂 🙂 COYI 🙂 🙂

  21. Sorry Tony who were you aiming that comment at ?

  22. **** me,rhe wetpants are having a meltdown about something sean said on there.They will jumping off the cliff like leemings soon in despair 😉

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