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Merson’s West Ham insults go too far

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I probably should let Paul Merson’s comments about Julen Lopetegui roll off my back. After all, I don’t have much affection for a man who hasn’t yet managed a single game for West Ham.

However, Merson’s spiteful words follow a week in which various mainstream media personalities have lined up to take pot-shots at West Ham fans. Whilst it’s understandable that David Moyes‘ friends and family would be protective of him, it’s frustrating when paid commentators deliver vitriolic opinions that overshadow facts.

Merson’s prediction that Lopetegui won’t win a trophy in 25 years at West Ham is a bold statement but completely unquantifiable, given that it could take a quarter of a century to prove. It also disregards the record of a head coach who has already won the Europa League with Sevilla.

The Sky Sports pundits comment was clearly not meant as a sporting observation, but as a thinly veiled insult, poorly disguised as punditry, which fooled no one but a few nodding dogs on the Soccer Saturday panel.

Poor old Merse hasn’t figured out that it’s possible to be respectful to Moyes without insulting his successor. In internet terms it was clickbait at best, but dismissing an incoming Premier League coaches ability so publicly was absolutely intentional.

Maybe he’ll be proven correct, but it was a cheap attempt at point-scoring, delivered on live television. There was no twinkle in Merson’s eye either—the remark was delivered with a grimace that West Ham fans have grown accustomed to. Just four days ago, former Sky presenter Richard Keys referred to West Ham’s director of football as a “sneaky weasel.”

Figures like Merson, Chris Sutton, Keys, Alan Shearer, Alan Brazil, and others can’t seem to hide their contempt for West Ham fans, and it’s now spreading to direct insults toward club employees. They’re no different from internet trolls, the only difference is they’re just hiding behind a branded microphone.

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  • Breville says:

    Water off a Ducks Gonzo….just people trying to stay relevant in todays word and a former **** head and drug taking fool like Merson aint worth the effort…he’s the sneaky rat who grasses you up for a headline…sad bloke with no life other than punditry.

  • Nick the Hammer says:

    Well, we all remember what a rip roaring success as a manager that merson was at Walsall!!!

  • Ken Brickell says:

    I would love to see him taken of air. When a pundit finds himself unable to pronounce the names of players and then treats it as a joke, he should be sacked. I used to respect him for how he treated Razor Ruddock i trying to help him save him from himself, but that respect has now run out. Sack him – he is a blundering idiot who cannot put two words together that makes any sense. He’s a know nothing prat.

  • Dave T says:

    Have a few quid on it Merse if you the clicking has started again just my last bet

  • Steve says:

    If lopetegui is still manager in 25 years time he will have won quite a few trophies. I don’t think anyone would get that long and not get the sack

  • Jimmy says:

    So Merson! In your addled old brain Moyes should now go to manage Arsenal in place of Arteta! He has been manager of Arsenal longer than Moyes at West Ham and has won NOTHING, but Moyes has, as you say, won a trophy so he must be in a position to replace Arteta for next season, also Unai Emery was sacked as manager when Arsenal were in 8th position in the league in November, short memories have our “Expert” pundit’s! But as he is so sure of Moyes as a manager I’m sure he would agree and back him as next Arsenal manager next season

  • Mark says:

    Those who can do those who can’t work for talk sport

  • Terry mehegan says:

    Moyes had to go we were defending but not closing down letting in to many goals kept playing same players tiring them out. He liked a small squad the end he tired them out

  • John Sharp says:

    Merson is a serial loser. His opinion on anything is worthless.

  • Phillip says:

    Let’s make an (admittedly at the moment generous assumption) that we have a run all the way to, let’s say, the League Cup final next season, and Lopetegui is able to guide us to the trophy. All of what Merson has said is on the record, so we can naturally expect him to hold his hands up, admit he was completely wrong in what he said, and offer the most fulsome of apologies to us, to the manager and to the club.

    Oh, and by the way, my season ticket for Millwall is in the post (just in case, that is my equivalent of a pig with wings going past my third floor window)

  • Paul says:

    Well said Gonzo the whole cabal needs to offer a public apology from their bigoted opinioning.

  • Ess_Bee says:

    Pundits are spouting nonsense most of the time. It makes their job relevant. They are either trying to be controversial or they simply find it hard to say anything remotely constructive. For an average pundit to criticise a guy who has managed at the top level for many years shows that the pundit shouldn’t be an actual pundit. A**ehole!
    COYI ⚒️⚒️⚒️

  • Hugh Jars says:

    Merson meaning in dictionary…….total drunk bellend

  • D.f.butcher says:

    Tell em to f??CK off go do one , I mean who the f??k listens to withered old has beens anyway. Some of em must get jaw ache with the way there north and souths go up and down, look let’s face it most of em are having a bubble at their own expense anyway wa????s.

  • Frederick Kauter says:

    Well said Mers!
    Back on the booze again?

  • SD says:

    This is a guy who lied to harry, and said he was ill and needed to go to Adams clinic, and instead jetted off on a holiday, and still jokes about it now. Tells you the idiot he is to make up a lie like that, lieing about needing help is so funny to him #joke

  • Thomas says:

    lol that picture you put up makes him look like he’s having a **** which would fit accordingly because he is 1 I hope our new head coach proves him wrong though

  • Bonzo says:

    Merson wasnt giving it so large a few years back when West Ham were above Arsenal in the table. Last couple of years with Arsenal back near the top he’s been intolerable.

  • Iron_It_Out says:

    Gonzo, I must say that you do write some good articles and have impressive knowledge about our awesome club, but they are so often intertwined with other articles that are not worth the screen real estate they take up. With that in mind, it definitely sounds like its a case of the pot calling the kettle black. For you to say its frustrating when paid commentators deliver vitriolic opinions that overshadow facts – you and Claret & Hugh have been guilty of the same many times over in the past. And its even more hypocritical when u openly mention clickbait, you know, clickbait – where u get some of your revenue from (please give me a like or a thumbs up and click the subscribe button!). I guess that makes you a paid commentator of sorts as well? Isn’t it about time that people try and stick to the facts and report news about our wonderful club, instead of the speculative tabloid style rubbish that is constantly being churned out. Obviously, that kind of content is more than likely done with the mindset of generating more click bait I guess? Oh well, I guess that we are stuck with the gossip and rumour fake news style of journalism then. COYI

    • David Pope says:

      C&H posts facts…and rumours…and gossip….and opinions….
      A lively and enjoyable site for all to express their opinions and all opinions are expressed.
      Your post is pointless and petty…

      • Iron_It_Out says:

        Well considering u said its a lively site for all to express their opinions – I’m just expressing mine. The original post was criticising a paid opinion, so I think my post is accurate and relevant. And for u to have responded the way u did to someone just asking for accurate articles instead of paid opinion, maybe I’ve touched a nerve. But then again that’s your opinion which I’m happy to accept, but I’m guessing u aren’t being paid for it….or are u lol?

  • SD says:

    This is from a guy that lied to harry and said he needed to go for treatment at adams clinic as he wasn’t well, and jetted off for a family holiday, really classy not for those that suffer from addications and he still laughs about it, and want did he do do at walsall, get the sack!!

  • Dartford Bhoy says:

    All of this is just lazy broadcasting / journalism. They all look at the stats and say, look he’s done a great job why do you want him gone? The fact is that these pundits take data from the little researcher without delving into the details by watching a full West Ham game and realising that not only is it ugly football but Moyes uses a defensive low ball tactic without the raw material to defend! What Shearer, Merson and others are doing in the media is the equivalent to not running back to support the team when out of possession… had they played under St Pep he would have dropped them! He will eat his words when J Lo wins silverware and he has that Cockrel tattoo!

  • Trevsheadwonthecup says:

    Merson should be the 1st recipient of the worlds first full brain transplant. Might improve his football knowledge as well .

  • Jeff Adamson says:

    Merson probably had a bet on someone else.

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