Mike Ashley undercuts Hammers club store again


AwayshirtNewcastle owner Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct website is undercutting West Ham’s official club store for the new away shirt by as much as sixteen pounds.

The new away adult shirt retails for £55 on the official club store but adding a name to personalise it adds another £15 while delivery is £4.99 bringing the total to a potential £74.99 if bought online and delivered.Season ticket holders are able to get a 10% discount on the Umbro Shirt.

Sports Direct is selling the same shirt for 2017/2018 Away Shirt for just £49.99 online and charges just one pound per printed letter meaning to have the name REID or AYEW printed on the back with a further £4 for a number to be printed on the back. This personalisation would cost costas low as £8 for a four letter name compared to the Hammers £15. With £4.99 standard delivery, this totals £62.98 but with a four letter name only it would cost £58.98.

A source close to the club says Sports Direct can only be making a margin of £2 excluding VAT on the shirt and football shirts are often used by the retailer to drive fans into the store.  Umbro sets the recommended retail price at £60 of which £12 is VAT.  We understand that £17 is available to the retailer from the remaining £48.

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  • essexirons says:

    Disgusting way to treat your own fans. ALL clubs should make the top affordable to all fans.£23 profit on a £55 shirt?? PL clubs get £100m+ every year from TV deals but they still sqeeze every last drop out of the fans

  • Radai Lama..Paid up member of Slavs Chavs. says:

    You can afford it essex.Its only one less visit to that dodgy massage parlour you use & you can buy it 😂😂😂

  • markro says:

    If folk stop forking out for massively overpriced stuff, the prices will drop.

  • mooro66uk says:

    The same is probably being said on most prem league team sites.

  • Mr Buddy Lurve says:

    Really riles me when people moan about the price of shirts, then go and buy one anyway. The principles of price are largely driven by SUPPLY & DEMAND, people. It’s very simple. If you don’t the SUPPLY price, don’t DEMAND one and pay it!! If you stop DEMANDING the goods, the price of SUPPLY falls as the seller tries to make it more attractive to the customer. If you want to protest and affect change, do it with actions (or inaction in this case) and don’t buy one!!

    • essexirons says:

      I wont be buying one at these prices, it has priced me out. I can’t justify spending that much on basically a T-shirt. I will probably source a near identical copy from Asia for the £5 it cost to make the genuine.

  • Radai Lama..Paid up member of Slavs Chavs. says:

    If you are going to complain about paying 50 notes for a football shirt then you best not ever pay 50-70 quid for a match ticket.Thats a bigger rip off for 90 mins of football.
    At least you can keep a shirt & wear it 365 days a year if you want.You might honk a bit though 😁

  • EastStandJack says:

    I remember last year when this happened people on twitter were arguing because some fans claimed you’re not a true fan if you buy it from sports direct as you’re giving them money rather than your own club! Pathetic! I couldn’t care less where I bought a West Ham shirt from more than likely the cheaper option I’d always go for. I’d never pay £70 for a shirt that they wear for 1 season then and come March time it’s £35-£40 so they can get rid of all their stock for the new season! Although I’m a fan of that new away shirt I doubt i’ll be purchasing! The only shirt I’ve bought in recent seasons has been the Farewell Boleyn one for obvious reasons!

  • kevin says:

    I have two home made shirts . Home and away . Bought two long sleeve tee shirts , one light blue and one claret . Had the cuffs , collars , and sleeves swapped around and the crests ( crossed Hammers 1960’s style embroydered on the chest ) . The Claret based shirt is Home and the Blue based shirt is away . And I must say they look great . Nuts to paying silly money every six months .

  • Whurmagic says:

    Dont understand the people who would rather put money in the pocket of Newcastle United rather than West Ham. Yes the shirts are overpriced but I would rather give it to West Ham than bloody Newcastle.

  • Ludos Gloves says:

    I didnt realise anyone who got one from Sportsdirect was giving it to newcastle.What an anal arguement.So Sportsdirect have no overheads of an sort,it all goes directly to newcastle does it..meh.

  • cas_blue says:

    I’d buy the retro shirts all day long. As for these new shirts, they aren’t designed for the man who has not the body to wear it. Nothing worse than seeing a overweight middle aged man wearing one. When they do it wear one it looks like we are sponsored by ‘ETWA’.

  • Stan The Man says:

    Hehe youre not wrong cas blue.My tummy stopped looking good in a football strip many moons ago.I wouldnt wish it on anyone to have to see me at a game in a new strip lol

  • Boogabenson says:

    Just wait till your lady friend pops over from Thailand and starts knocking them out for a score.
    Some of my friend from Canvey were knocking them out.
    Only thing slightly wrong was the BETWAY print the B Started at my nipple and the Y finished at my belly button.

    What u expect for a score.

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