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Mike on Monday

Mike is back again with his weekly feature and on this episode he talks about our battling draw against Burnley, Andy Carroll’s dismissal and the resulting improvement in our passing game.


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5 comments on “Mike on Monday

  1. Defo agree with your comments Mike, we can do both and we should be playing the ball on the floor instead of hoofball COYI!!!

  2. OMG!
    What a hoot; next best thing to Alexei Sayle in a tight suit!
    Seriously, it was a very informative review..Thank you for that, mate!

    I agree that those 1-15 minutes of play in the 2nd half was reminiscent of Brazil at their amazing best..
    We can play like this; leave Andy in the Whopping Nick, and put on Sakho up with Chicharito, and it will happen again.

    May also put in a special mention for Obiang’s brilliant display-sure we have another play-maker (‘regista’ type) in our midst. Go you good thing!!

  3. We can all see it maxi but can bilic !!!😉

  4. I was reading Martin Samuel’s column in the Daily Mail this morning, his opinion is that Andy Carroll is a liability due to him being a marked man, referees are of the ooinion that he fouls all the time even though he is more sinned against than sinning, and they won’t stand for his ‘style of play’.

    One of my earliest memories is of Nat Lofthouse, in the 1958 Cup Final, where he bundled Harry Gregg into the net – Andy Carroll is a throwback to those days in his style of play, or Duncan Ferguson – it’s just not allowed nowadays and it’s true, he is a liability!

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