“Miles Apart” | West Ham Struggle To Agree Saints Deal

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Popular Hammers social Media account West Ham Central is reporting that the Irons are still some way from striking a deal for Southampton defender Kyle Walker-Peters.

These source of Central’s information appears to be Sky Sports News transfer correspondent Darmesh Sheth, who made the claim in his daily update.

Whilst West Ham are understood to have agreed personal terms with the player, it is reported that Southampton are unhappy with the Hammers transfer offer.

Whether the South Coast club have been offered West Ham midfielder Flynn Downes in part exchange remains unknown. The Essex born Hammers fan reported back for pre-season training this week and will travel with the club to Austria as part of preparation for the upcoming Premier League season. Downes has also indicated that he would be willing to remain at West Ham to see if he can claim a first team spot under new coach Julen Lopetegui.

West Ham are keen to offload former Saints striker Danny Ings during this transfer window, and have offered the player to Southampton.

Walker Peters is on a very small shortlist to replace the recently departed Ben Johnson as West Ham’s right back. With Vladimir Coufal approaching the end of his career and in the last year of his West Ham contract, Tim Steidten is looking for a first team regular rather than an understudy.

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  • Dave says:

    Downes would not be part exchange. He was their best player last year, is 2-3 years younger & has 3 years left on his contract. If we were trying to but him off Southampton they’d be looking for £20-30m.
    KW-P is in the final year of his deal & wants the move so is £10-12m (£15m MAX).
    At BEST they should get a straight swap (& even then we’d be doing them a favour) & if they want to play games then we should start either offering Downes to other clubs or just keep him & find a better fullback (as Downes would cover off the homegrown requirement KW-P was helping).

    • Ben says:

      Walker peters was our best player you doughnut, hence why he was in team of the season. West Ham fans are deluded

      • Dave C says:

        Not what your mgr said now was it

        • Ben says:

          Doesn’t matter. Facts our that Walker Peters was Southamptons best player by a county mile!

          • John Ayris says:

            Erm the facts are… Adam Armstrong has been crowned Southampton Men’s First Team Player of the Season. The 20-goal striker narrowly pipped midfield enforcer Flynn Downes to the top prize.

          • Matt says:

            Facts are Walker-Peters doesn’t want to sign a new contract, and that’s why he’s only got one year left on his contract. Downes value is much higher because of this. West Ham need a right back, but Downes is simply worth more to Southampton than Walker-Peters is to West Ham. West Ham should just sign Wan-Bissaka and keep Downes.👍🏻

        • Soton🤣🤣🤣👍 says:

          🤣🤣🤣exactly mate ..don’t bother one of them xxxxxxx helmet kind of blokes..knows everything…sour grapes

      • Ben smells his mums panties says:

        Ben we need to mix the short with the long ..We have a new labour government 🤔

    • Fred says:

      What crap typical of West spam raid don’t pay the money

    • Matt says:

      Southampton are dreaming if they think Walker-Peters value will be high, given he’s in the last year of his contract. Downes value is high given his successful loan at Southampton last year. Enything leas than Walker-a peters and minimum of £8-10m added for Downes would be insulting. I would rather walk away than West Ham be stitched up by the Saints.

    • Matt says:

      I think W-P would fit West Ham, but the value cannot be the same as Downes, as you say. There is no sense in giving Southampton a player they basically really need, for a player who although good, has a much lower value. We should walk away if they are playing games. West Ham are not going to be in a relegation battle like Saints, so should act like the higher tier club and dictate terms or walk away.🤔

      • Evan Elpus says:

        I am sure Saints will not be in a relegation scrap this season. They will have a good season along with the Irons, but the Saints will finish higher in the table.

    • Lee Chance says:

      We’ll pay the money we want for him then and like jwp has he can get Ruined by West Ham 2

    • Nick Burnett says:

      You would be doing us a favour Dave? Dream on mush

  • Tim says:

    Walker Peters is a good player and would be a great Right Back. If the Saints dont sell him soon he will be out of contract in less than one year and he will be a free player. Come on Saints stop messing around or else you will lose another top player in Downes. You know it common makes sense!!

    • Ben says:

      I would rather keep our best player in Walker Peters

      • Matt says:

        For one season, and then he walks as you probably are relegated? Ok. That makes sense.🤦🏼‍♂️ Southampton are being silly if they think they are going to attract a better midfielder than downs this window. Downes might be a squad player for West Ham, but he’s probably pivotal at Saints. West Ham are operating at a different level to Saints, and in all likelihood Saints are going to be in a relegation battle. I would say good luck and let’s see if Saints can survive without last seasons best Championship midfielder? My guess is not.🤷‍♂️

  • Alvin says:

    Downes plus Ings (liability) for Walker Peter

  • Jeeps says:

    They are looking at Downes as a major asset, on that basis open market transfer fee should be £15-18m.
    As Downes has stated he is willing to stay at whu walk away from deal.
    Previous article for right back was KWP or Wan-Bissaka.
    Go for Wan-Bissaka and keep Downes (if funds permit?).
    Both are same age and homegrown.

    • Tim says:

      Walker Peters has said he wants to join the hammers and has already signed a contract.He doesn’t want to play at Spurs nor the Saints and in 12 months his contract will have run out meaning he can leave St Marys for nothing. If the Saints dont cop on you wont get Downes and you will lose Walker Peters for nothing at the season end plus he will be playing with a huge hump on his back and we all know what that means. Its bloody obvious what the Saints need to do!

  • Kevlar says:

    Offer saints ings and £10m job done!

    • Casey says:

      Ings and lallana is xxxx and getting old there like 33+ get jobs Bellingham from Sunderland I don’t know why we sign lallana for keep bella-kotchap and talor play together get a winger and striker and get a playmaker

    • Casey says:

      Ings is xxxx get jobs Bellingham from Sunderland I don’t know why we sign lallana for keep bella-kotchap and talor play together get a winger and striker and get a playmaker

  • Dan fisher says:

    I would like some of the drugs that West ham and their supporters are smoking.

    Spurs has offer 25 mill for him so why will we take less

    Let’s be honest why would he go to Spurs when he can listen to your deluded supporters sing west ham is massive sitting mid table

    Before you start saying we won a cup a few years ago, Leicester won the Prem and look at them now

    Please comment on the drugs you are using it might help me get though next season

    • John Ayris says:

      Now there’s something. A Southampton supporter 13/10 with William Hill for relegation trying to put us down by saying we’re mid table. Also trying to denigrate the winning of a cup just over a year ago when in my memory the last time Southampton won anything was in 1976 wasn’t it. He then says we’re the ones on drugs – You couldn’t make it up if you tried.

    • Matt says:

      If you think Southampton don’t need Downes, just listen to your own Manager. Sure Walker-Peters would fit with West Ham’s new system, but get real. Spurs haven’t offered Saints £25m for a player they can get for free next season, and W-P has said he won’t sign a new deal as he wants to go. If Downes actually wants to play for a relegation threatened Saints, they should be desperate to sign him. Without him, I doubt Saints would have got promoted in the first place.🤷‍♂️ West Ham are operating at a higher level. We sacked our last manager for finishing 9th. Southampton fans would be dancing in the street if they finish 17th next season! The gulf is massive. We should keep Downes, sign Wan-Bissaka instead of Walker-Peters and watch as Saints drop
      back down. We can always pick up Walker-Peters for free next season.🤔😉👍🏻

  • R says:

    us deluded?? i lived on the south coast for a few years and ive never seen a more deluded lot than southampton fans.. to be honest the the only saviour down there were the pompey fans.they have proper fans at least.. now run along to your local chemist because theyve got your gear ready.. also instead of talking on here get along to saintsweb and talk to other like minded retards… cheerio

  • Charlie Farley says:

    If Walker-Peters wants to come to West Ham, and Southampton would like Downes (and Ings?) in their squad then I’m sure it’ll be sorted out regardless of the meaningless opinions of fans. When have any fans really had a say before a player was signed anyway? (Apart from the time when West Ham fans revolted at the prospect of Joey Barton playing for the team, resulting in Barton changing his mind!!

  • Phil McDonald says:

    If Saints expect to sell KWP high and buy Downes low they can do one. I’d happily keep Downes and we can buy a RB elsewhere. We know how much they want Downes.

  • Jimbo says:

    Spuds never offered £25m for Kwp. Think you’ve found your own stash and are well into it my friend!

  • Simon says:

    I still can’t believe anybody would offer 25 mill for a player whose out of contract in a year. Don’t get me wrong he’s a good player, but if he is that good why haven’t you tied him down to a long term contract yet.

    Or maybe he just said no…

  • Casey says:

    Ings is shxx get jobs Bellingham from Sunderland I don’t know why we sign lallana for keep bella-kotchap and talor play together get a winger and striker and get a playmaker

  • Hammerpete6 says:

    We loaned Downes to Saints and he did a good job, and we hear they want to sign him. KWP is a good prem level player coming to the end of his contract, and it seems we want him. Don’t need all the fan banter here, there must be a deal to be done that suits us both . Meanwhile, Ings is sellable to any number of clubs if his wages can be satisfied.

  • Ernest Zambucco says:

    Saints fan here, I think that KWP was our best player and Downes or most important player, beating Armstrong into 3rd place IMHO.

    Therefore we would like to keep hold of KWP and sign Downes. It stands to train that KWP is likely to want a move to prove himself, whatever that is now or when his contract is up only he knows. So the sensible choice would be to cash in whilst we can still sell him or do a swap deal for Downes.

    • Saints fc says:

      KWP is worth more than Downes even with the year remaining only, I hate to say it as I loved downes last season but he wasn’t even the best midfielder in the league and probably not even in the top 3 the only reason we want him so bad is he has played for Martin before id rather put the money elsewhere think we can get a better player for 15 mill, Kyle hasn’t said he wants to leave he has Said he wants to look at offers before signing as the ugly inside has stated, so taking 10-15 mill would be criminal

      And as for all these fans saying about ing you can keep him you guys would have to pay us 6 m to take him

      • Matt says:

        Sorry but Walker-Peters has supposedly already agreed to sign for West Ham, and there is no way he is signing a new deal with Saints. Now he could go to Spurs, I agree, but the choice seems simple. Sell him if he walks next season for nothing and you go back down without both him and Downes.🤷‍♂️ Timing is everything in sport. Downes might want to go back to Saints, but with 3 years left on his contract, he’s simply is just worth more than Walker-Peters with 1 year left. Either Saints accept that Walker-Peters and some cash is worth Downes or not.🤷‍♂️ West Ham aspirations are top 7, and Saints is 17th. West Ham can’t afford to waste time and money if Saints wants play games. Ultimately Saints needs are greater as attracting a better midfielder than Downes to Southampton will be hard. West Ham have the power in this deal, and Saints should realise this and act accordingly.🤷‍♂️👍🏻

        • Clarkycat9 says:

          KWP hasn’t agreed anything and without an adequate fee he won’t be going anywhere anyway and almost certainly not to a relegation rival like West ham- that seems pretty clear to everyone except in this comment section, £25m from spurs will do nicely and will cover the Downes fee- you can keep Ings he’s past prem football and seems happy warming you’re bench and picking up his wage

  • Ernest Zambucco says:


  • Spencer says:

    Downes is an exceptional player who never got a look in under the old dinosaur Moyes. I’d like to see him improve further back at West Ham but for sure we need a new right back as Coufal is not prem quality.
    I feel for you Soton boys as I wouldn’t want to sell our best player especially now your back in the premiership but we’ve had the same scenario for years where the big boys come in and raid the players we gave the opportunities to but I guess that’s just business.
    Anyway I hope to see Soton do well and become a permanent fixture in the pre league.

    • Lee says:

      A realistic football fan. Would like Downes to join but we have financial limits so swap deal makes sense for both clubs. Wish the Hammers all the best… not boxing day 🙂

  • Rodney says:

    Got to laugh at the mighty hammers. Me thinks they might regret massively getting rid of Moyes. The porn mongers will come à cropper sooner or later. No striker and à very tired looking midfield

  • Evan Elpus says:

    I am sure Saints will not be in a relegation scrap this season. They will have a good season along with the Irons, but the Saints will finish higher in the table.

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