Millwall’s stadium bigger than Conference final venue!

By Simon Leyland

It appears that the idiots at UEFA have come up with another reason to potentially spoil our season. The UEFA Conference League trophy is up for grabs and we have a great chance of finally getting our hands on some silverware – sorry the Intertoto thingy-me-bob does not count.

Assuming we get there, we will play the final at Vlad Coufal`s old stamping ground in Prague. Now known as the Sinobo Stadium , it only has a ground capacity of 20,000 – to put this in perspective even Millwall have a bigger stadium !

As the suits in UEFA have obviously no idea of how these things work, they have decided to give 20% of the stadium’s capacity to both clubs participating in the final, which would equate to just 4,000 tickets for each club.

UEFA are constantly harping on about how much they value the Conference League, but they are doing themselves and the many fans no favours with this.

Perhaps they should move it to the Den instead? !!


2 comments on “Millwall’s stadium bigger than Conference final venue!

  1. If we get there it would be much fairer to play at a ground with a bigger capacity such as The Allianz Arena Munich especially if our opponents were, say, Fiorentina who have a good following too. 4,000 to each team is a pittance.
    I applied for 8 tickets to watch England play a few years back and was refused and EUFA said I could reapply- ( I don’t have the appropriate emoji ).

  2. UEFA is an organisation which is “Hiding in Plain Sight”…

    Most people very rarely question the decisions made by organisations (governing bodies) like UEFA, but we as supporters are unable to affect any change or hold these organisations to account. It is these types of ridiculous decisions that we have sadly all become accustomed to.

    UEFA is one of many such irrelevant organisations replicated around the world.

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