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Mitrovic charged after Lanzini ‘clash’

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Newcastle’s Aleksandar Mitrovic is facing a three game ban after being charged with violent conduct against Manu Lanzini in the weekend match.

A ย Football Association ย  statement said: ย “Aleksandar Mitrovic has been charged for an alleged act of violent conduct which was not seen by the match officials but caught on video.

“The Newcastle United forward was involved in an incident with West Ham Unitedโ€™s Manuel Lanzini in the 80th minute of the game on Saturday (26 August 2017).

“He has until 6pm on 30 August 2017 to respond to the charge.”

Mitrovic appeared to clash with Manuel Lanzini in an incident that was not seen by any of the match officials at St James’ Park.

The Serbian was a second half substitute and went on to score the third and final goal in the 3-0 win.

FA chiefs are able to retrospectively ban footballers for incidents that are not included in a referee’s post-match report.

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23 comments on “Mitrovic charged after Lanzini ‘clash’

  1. So basically , if any of the five or six match officials had seen the incident Newcastle would have been down to ten men for the last 10mins . Too late anyway . We had already embarrassed ourselves by then .

  2. A pathetic, cowardly assault – this guy has the same mentality as Arnautovic – a bag full of talent but definitely a screw loose somewhere!

  3. These challenges are becoming all to frequent
    Noble last week for us as well as 2 bad elbows 1 from each team
    If we as fans did anything like that on the street we would end up in court
    It’s about time charges were brought against thugs by the police they have all the video coverage
    We do not need our young fans all across the country thinking this sort of thing is normal
    We have cheats diving all over the place
    We have referees being so inconsistent with there decisions
    Ok give him 3 game ban but that’s not good enough
    Fine him 3 weeks wages give the money to the NHS
    Make him do 3 weeks community work after training
    He will think twice before he tries to mug someone again
    HARSH I don’t think so

    • All good suggestions Bubs, but it comes down to the managers.

      A simple, “You will not play in my side, if you deliberately intend to harm another player.” Would do the trick.

      Naive, I know, but there you go.

    • ๐Ÿ‘ bubs

  4. If everyone else can see it on video not sure why the video ref cannot speak through the earpiece to the match referee and tell him to send him off, take the ball back to the point of the offence and award us a free kick.

  5. I know it doesn’t help us now. I think if a goal is scored by a player, who is retrospectively sent off, that goal should be scrubbed from the result. So if the team win 2-1. Then the goal scored by that player should. be scrubbed making the score 1-1.

  6. Who read the latest blog on west ham till i die where the chap was saying that the poll on here about bilic on saturday was probably 70% out because of web warriors because essentially he is saying real fans would have been travelling back from the match.

    So if you dont go too away matches you dont have a view??
    You cant be more up yourself than that!

    • Talk about thinking youre above other!!

      ” Although there was some anger amongst the fans at the game, their reaction always seems more balanced than many who donโ€™t actually attend. I really donโ€™t know why this should be but the poll that was conducted on C&H which delivered a 70% plus vote in favour of Slaven Bilic being sacked was, I think, done on Saturday night so most of the participants were probably keyboard warriors as those who went to Newcastle would have still been on the A1.”

      • So seeing it live at the ground and live on the TV makes a difference ??
        Watching on TV you see everything, at the match its from a distance,ish ?
        Plus how do 56,000 get tickets to travel away ??
        The fans on the net coming out the ground were rampant in their criticism ! GW for a starter wasn’t impressed !! And as funny as it might seem neither was I after watching it on the box !
        I think you’re comment is not thought through and just another whinge at people on this site, its constant !!๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด

        • He is the ‘man’ who came here giving us lessons in to too two Vic.The spelling policeman.He has excelled himself this time though.
          Dont watch the match live away from home and you dont have a right to vote about the manager position.Ummm ok then.
          What a tit.

  7. Seems everyone but me didn’t see the first elbow go into the back of his head when sandwiched between two barcodes when one stayed down injured, anyone remember that ??
    Lanzini holding his head ??
    Its assault with the body’s most lethal weapon , mancs do it 5/6 times a game and nothing !!
    Chelsea’s Cahill and Luize the same!! One day someone dies and then it will be looked at ?
    Mourinho and the like use foul play to achieve success, has done for years, all top sides use these tactics and because of who they are its acceptable ! It will never be stopped , money is far more important in football , police need to use video as bubs said and arrest them for aggravated assault and imprisoned !! Its a crime !! Because its football doesn’t make it OK!!!

  8. Surely the PFA’s brief is to look after the interests of the players. Yet they say nothing about their members who are physically attacked.

    I wonder what the police view would be if a Mitrovic/Arnautovic deliberate elbow hit a temple and killed somebody.

  9. Its lying just under the surface Marko !!
    If it happens the FA should be held accountable as well as the law ! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. If the fans turned nasty in the stadium would he be nicked for enticement ? , probably not .
    If the fans turned nasty in the stadium would there be arrests ? , probably yes , and life bans
    Because it’s on a football field enclosed in a pay to enter stadium it is not considered assault but , if it was on a public playing field it could be . If it was in the street it would be .
    Don’t think the Law can go there really , it’s down to the FA to dish out penalties for violent acts during an official match . You can’t mix the two . There would be more arrrests among footballers than there are amongst hooligans . The only way to put a stop to it is to fine the parent club and increase the ban from three to ten games without pay .

  11. Don’t see the difference where it happens
    For instance at last the peados in football are now being treated like any other,
    Mike Tyson bites someone it’s treated as assault
    It needs to be stamped out now
    Thuggery cheating drugs have no place in sport but the problem is we have been taken over by one thing
    Money Money Money
    Bring back our Game for real people ,not those with to much money who are treating us like mugs

  12. So keV , if someone dies then we give him a 10 game ban ???
    Not charged ?? Walk away ?? Ffs keV you just sided with the games biggest problem . The FA! Its assault man , not a part of the game ??

  13. Well Duncan Ferguson got a jail sentence when he head butted a player when he was at Rangers so sure the law can get involved if they want.

  14. What happened to cantona !!
    Oh yes he’s a manc , who talks to seagulls ? and banned a few games ??

  15. Must have won the hikarate tombola at the time eh booby ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
    Didn’t the fan sue him ! Why don’t players do the same ??

  16. Cantona owns a sardine farm in the Med now Laz.He sits with a shotgun shooting seagulls who try to nick them while kissing a framed photo of Fergie ๐Ÿ˜‚

  17. ๐Ÿ˜‚ yes , sipping 1664 while smelling of poisson while impersonating a farmer who has lost his soap due to the pile of money he’s hiding underneath it ๐Ÿ˜‚

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