Moncur “bitter” over son George’s treatment

Football - West Ham United v Crewe Alexandra - Capital One Cup Second Round  - Upton Park - 12/13 - 28/8/12 George Moncur - West Ham United Mandatory Credit: Action Images / Tony O'Brien

Football – West Ham United v Crewe Alexandra – Capital One Cup Second Round – Upton Park – 12/13 – 28/8/12
George Moncur – West Ham United
Mandatory Credit: Action Images / Tony O’Brien

ClaretandHugh blogger John Moncur has spoken for the first time of his bitterness at seeing son George leave the club.

Moncur snr is delighted that new boss Slaven Bilic has given so many youngsters a chance in pre-season and culd be forgiven for believing things could have been so much different for his by under the new boss.

He believes his lad’s career as an Iron came to an end at the City Ground on Sunday January 5, 2014 when Sam Allardyce crazily chose to play a team of kids and was on the end of a 5-0 thrashing by Nottingham Forest.

Monc recalls his emotions perfectly and sums them up in three words:   “I was gutted. He played nearly a whole team of kids when only two or three should have been involved.”

Speaking exclsuively to ClaretandHugh he said: “I don’t really need to say any more than that – everybody in football will tell you the same and George – after playing a not bad at all 45 minutes – saw his career as a Hammer ended that afternoon. Yeah you can say I was bitter.

“The boy had been at West Ham since he was nine years old, his Dad had played for the club. His life was centred on becoming a star with West Ham and it was ll over – just like that.

“He carried scars for a while and got a fresh chance with Colchester where he scored 10 goals out of midfield last season and I really hope and pray he has a career in the game.

“They’ve got Blackpool this afternoon where Allardyce’s Number Two from West Ham, Neil McDonald is manager so I hope he shows him how wrong it was to get rid of him.

“George wasn’t alone in suffering – Danny Potts left but proving his own oin point in America is Sebastian Lleteg – not good enough apparently but performing brilliantly in the MLS.”

Moncs added: “George would come back to the Irons like a shot and I just wish Slaven had been here last year because had that been the case I think George would still be here with a Hammers career ahead of him.”





Seb Lletget

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  1. We ended the game with a team of youngsters after the damage was done, SA got the mix completely wrong and the 5-6 senior players who started that day should’ve hung their heads

  2. Playing with 3 centre backs that day, but none of them were center backs. That says something about the injuries, and with a semi-final against Man city 3 days later, I still cannot see an alternative. Unless we wanted to see the kids play Man city. Now let me see … 10-0 ? or 15-0 ? perhaps. That would have been better for the kids I suppose.

    • So you’re saying we had 11 first team players and the rest of the squad were all kids?? That we didn’t have any other fridge players we could’ve played? There was so much wrong about that day that I can’t see how anyone has the nerve to try and defend it. It was an utter disgrace. That’s the day I turned on Allardyce.

      • Well you just said that but I obviously didn’t so no comment. Try reading what I said.

  3. Let’s hope history changes because we did not do very well against Man City sleeps,
    And after Thursday how many more players are going to go to other clubs because we are not in Europe,
    I know who wanted Jimanez any way,but Jelvic and Borini are better are they ,
    Help Carlton come back,

    • True about the players going to other clubs. That will be a problem. Hernandez wont come now.
      As for the Man City game, we had |Roger Johnson ( our 4th CB ) and Tonks making his first appearance since a long injury lay-off. Thats better than we had against Forest but never good enough against city. The point is we had too many of our 1st teamers out injured., including Carrol, Reid, and Collins. For the Forest game we had O’brian and McCartny and that french midfield player, who was always injured all at CB. What else could we do?

  4. Hippo fans will defend the decision.Hippo haters will rip the decision to pieces,lol 😉

    • Actually I dont care a crap who the manager was, even with no injuries it was a big ask to play both games within 3 days. Man City were tearing teams apart that season. But with all those injuries in an already understrength squad, you sometimes have to look at the logic and not the emotional crap.

  5. Allardyce hurt the whole club and what it stands for that day.Thankfully Bilic has already restored the Acedmys standing to a point. Allardyce was a disgrace at Forest .Call himself a manager. Shameful.

    • Rugby we are still paying for Allardyce’s 4 years at the club. Moncur,Potts etc all paid the ultimate price.I blame the owners.They kept Allardyce until the bitter end and we are still counting the costs.Look at the legacy we still have .Nolan,JOB,Mr Miagi and a striker who is seldom fit.Gold & Sullivan go to the transfer market with their Woolworth’s catalogue promising to get value for money.If Austin goes elsewhere I suspect our season will suffer.I am sick of their penny pinching attitude when it comes to the transfer market.Not long to go to find out.

  6. As i remember it it was only 1-0 down with the few first team squad players in the team.It was when he left the youngsters out to dry we conceded 4 from about 60-65mins on.Whether we had a big match or not the first team players playing could easily have played the full 90.Only i believe it was Downing that was an actual first team starter on the pitch apart from Adrian.Hippo screwed up.Aint even an arguement.It was embarressing & shameful to put the kids in that position to be humiliated!!!

    • We started with a few kids from the beginning, and in fact Latget and Moncur were doing quite well until Moncur gave away a school boy penalty after about 30 minutes. It was after 2-0 in the second half he let more kids come on, including 17 year ols Burke who was the only CB in the squad that day. It’s no ues pretending the squad was stronger than it was.

  7. West Ham starting eleven
    13 Adrián
    7 Jarvis
    23 Downing (substituted for Turgott at 64 minutes’)
    27 Potts
    18 Diarra (substituted for Burke at 55 minutes’)
    39 Driver
    31 Whitehead
    35 Lletget booked at 45 minutes
    11 Maiga
    15 Morrison
    34 Moncur (substituted for Fanimo at 55 minutes’)

    • so 5 kids and Diarra was not exactely a strong starting 11. We did well to last so long.
      Now find the team against Man City. See how strong that was.

    • Seems like I got our back three wrong, but look at it and find a real CB there. I think it could have been Potts Diarra and Whitehead , with Jarvis and Driver as wing backs.

      • Didnt put it up to prove or disprove anything sleep.Was just a reference point for people who were discussing it 😉

        • I know … thanks for that , just wondered if you found the Man city game details too…

  8. The team of youngster I could sort of understand but Sam Allardyce played a formation not one of the club had played and it was obvious what his plan was.

    1.get out of the cup

    2.prove the academy/young players cannot play ( whilst players like Pog and Roger come in competitive games.

    Slavan gave the game up in Euro but the players played a normal formation and the youngsters played a good game. He’s shown the youngsters that by impressing in matches you’ll get rewarded.

    I’m pleased Sam does not have Oxfords career in his hands

    • good point the youngsters played a good game in the euro game….. why ….. because we have much better youngsters now than we had then. I am happy about that

  9. History,gone many,many months ago.I dont give a piggys nose about it(trying to not swear).Dafishes,you have your dander up today.Did Mrs.Dafishy not give you your friday night treat lastnight,lol 😀

    • Tys I thought you joined the foreign legion.. lol
      Where you been?
      I haven’t seen her for 10 years lol , so I suppose its true.
      You know how it is with no game to watch, very boring so If you can’t watch it , talk it….
      I just saw Spuds loose ha ha ha ha ( only problem was Man U won )
      Now watching Watford beating Everton ( Miralles looks happy )

      • I have been about Dafishy,just not on as much during the summer.Transfer speculation & not much else bores me 😉

  10. Here you go fishy,have google will travel,haha 😀
    West Ham starting eleven
    13 Adrián
    20 Demel
    17 O’Brien (substituted for Rat at 75 minutes’)
    21 Diamé
    28 Johnson
    3 McCartney
    16 Noble (substituted for Diarra at 57 minutes’)
    14 Taylor
    11 Maiga (substituted for Cole at 45 minutes’)
    23 Downing
    26 Cole

    • P*ss poor team,no wonder we got mullered at Citeh,haha 😀

      • tx Tys.
        yep that was a horrendous 1st team, the result to match. I think it was some record for semi of the league cup or did I dream that?
        I would not like to have put the kids in that disaster so we did the only thing possible.
        Crap Everton are 2-2 now

        • by the way I remember Matt Taylor played right back that day with Demel and O’brian at center back.

  11. I hope George continues to do well at Colchester United. Freddie Sears did, and he got an upwards move after a couple of years. It an important year for Colchester as they’ve finished near to the relegation zone too often recently….. George will help move them up the table this time.

  12. Boo HOO **** off

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