Moneybags West Ham Set For Busy Summer

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Tim Steidten has revealed that West Ham have money to spend in the transfer window and don’t need to sell players.

Steidten was speaking during today’s press conference, which he jointly held with new Hammers head coach Julen Lopetegui.

The news will be a welcome relief to West Ham fans who had grown concerned that one of the club’s major stars would have to be sold off to fund a transfer binge. However, Steidten and Lopetegui were both on hand to ease fears, with the latter confirming the Hammers’ intention to keep all of our key players.

Steidten said, “The owners have done a great job with the transfer budget over the past couple of years. We have money to spend and don’t need to sell, so we’re in good shape financially.

I can’t tell you specifics on individual transfers, but it will be a busy summer for us for sure.”

Good transfer news for once and certainly at odds with the recent narrative of a limited war chest. It was certainly heartening to hear both Steidten and Lopetegui talk so candidly about West Ham’s transfer plans and ambitions.

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  • Morty says:

    It was this website spreading that narrative. So we do in fact have money, so why the delay in buying players, is it Moyes dithering again?

  • John Ayris says:

    Just look at an FFP table we’re close to the top, about fourth. We’re in a better position than most and in a lot better position than some.

  • Anon says:

    Sullivan and Brady will muck it up

  • D says:

    Reading on the West Ham Way website that the budget including the sales of kehrer and Benrahma was around 84 million. Subtract the 19 million for the young Brazilian that leaves around 65 million. So why are we still hearing we are putting another bid in for Killman around 40 million. That would be roughly 2 thirds of the budget on one central defender which just doesn’t sound right.

  • stewart steptoe says:

    i thinIII we will have way more money to spend than 85k. Player sales , and more money from the club. expect to see around 130k to spend.

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