More Maguire rumour


More Maguire rumour

These Harry Maguire rumours will still not go away, as more speculation and rumour abounds on his possible destination – the London Stadium.

Whether or not we would be willing to shell out a large chunk of the fee we have just received from the sale of Declan Rice to the Gooners is a ridiculous thought. But it appears that Moyes is looking at this very seriously.

Maguire is a player who splits opinion. He is the Marmite of the Premier League. He can be very effective from set pieces and he does know how to defend. But he is certainly not stylish and my aged mother could probably run faster than him.

Despite the fact he is being touted for £30 odd million, he is also on insanely high wages.

If our Supremo does want him, it really must be on a loan basis as this could all go spectacularly wrong.

Thankfully, however, the other rumour is that Maguire does not want to come to the club and is unwilling to take a sizeable pay cut from such a move.

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