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More Mischief Canning Town Style

Canning Town Len

Well it’s David Golds birthday and there is no better way to celebrate than amongst friends and in this animation ‘Goldie’ eagerly awaits his gift from co-chairman David Sullivan. For those who don’t know this is the new West Ham parody account known only as Canning Town Len who puts a quirky twist on all he observes in the world of West Ham.

Also on offer is a little bit of help for our newly found Mexican fans who may well be wondering exactly what the ‘Cockney’s’ are banging on about. Fortunately Javier Hernandez aka Chicharito is on hand to help translate Spanish into English Canning Town Style.

It goes without saying that the views and opinions of the animated versions of Goldie and Chicha are probably not fully endorsed by their flesh and blood counterparts but it’s only a bit of fun. If you are on Twitter then go and give @CanningTownLen a follow where you’ll see him send up all manner of West Ham victims. Claret and Hugh as well as us over at Hammers Chat have failed to dodge the cross-hairs and you’ll find parody sketches of pretty much everyone who reports on West Ham as well as the owners themselves.

Stay tuned and Len will be back next week with another satirical look at the weeks goings-on at our beloved West Ham United.


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