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West Ham midfielder Lucas Paqueta has been granted an extension to respond to the Football Association’s (FA) misconduct charges, according to The Athletic.

The initial deadline for Paqueta to address the alleged betting offenses was tomorrow- June 5th.

Paqueta, 26, continues to deny any wrongdoing and has firmly asserted his innocence throughout this ordeal.

The ongoing investigation casts a shadow over Paqueta’s future. If found guilty, he could face severe penalties, including fines and a potential suspension from playing.

Despite the accusations, West Ham United and the Brazilian Football Federation (CBF) have both publicly expressed their support for Paqueta. Notably, the CBF included him in their squad for the upcoming Copa America tournament.

The eventual outcome of the FA’s investigation will be a major turning point in Paqueta’s career.

A successful defence could allow him to continue his playing career with minimal disruption. However, a guilty verdict could result in a lengthy ban and significantly impact his future transfer prospects.

Paqueta’s long-term future hinges on the FA’s investigation and any potential legal proceedings that may follow.

West Ham, fans, and Paqueta himself will have to wait for the FA to conclude its investigation before the full impact on the player’s future becomes clear.

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  • Phil McDonald says:

    Where is the MORE?

  • Teddy Salad says:


    • Bennyboy baker says:

      I just hope that when he is cleared of any wrongdoing that he repays the club and fans for supporting him through all this and doesn’t just go for a big money move like what is being predicted and shows his thanks and respect to the club and the fans

      • Perry Harvey says:

        Mate he couldn’t care about us Hammers supporters he only cares for his back pocket absolutely crazy if he’s guilty he has done us west ham fans big time

      • Bennyboy Baker loves a chick with a dick says:

        I think we need a girl with large sized breasts to manage us

        • Steve Wells says:

          Haha great comment Bennyboy you’ve made me smile at least 🤣🤣🤣. A large breasted bird couldn’t do any worse than moyes & when we play **** the camera would be zoomed in on the tits!! ⚒️⚒️⚒️⚒️

  • weathamsteve says:

    Obviously guilty until proved innocent.

  • Jonboy says:

    Should do well at City – birds of a feather. Genuinely wish them well.

  • Saint says:

    Complete stitch up. One bet was just £7. He’s always prone to getting booked so people who know him betting on him being booked regularly is not criminal, it’s what anyone down the pub would bet on. One booking was in the 94th minute when he expected to be subbed much earlier because he expect to be sold to City and didn’t want to get injured. How would he have manufactured a booking in the 94th minute? He would have got booked much earlier if he was involved in a betting scam. It’s all ******** and as for sponsors Betway stitching him up, it couldn’t get more farcical. Only at West Ham!

    • Kerry says:

      I’ve often put him in my hammers bets as I know he’s likely to get booked. Never won naff all 🤣

  • Saint says:

    We need new sponsors btw after Betway grassed up Paqueta!

  • Sissons64 says:

    Have they stopped taking bets on players getting booked NO. How much have they won when punters backed Paqueta to be booked in a game and he wasn’t, they don’t tell you. The bookmakers should pay up and the FA are a disgrace.

  • Craig jones says:

    All that for 100k or so he’s a millionaire small fry

  • Kerry says:

    Agreed 👍

  • Patrick Kenny says:

    Something very fishy about this .
    I just hope it’s a good out come 4the young lad.betway have this poor kids life in there hands and should think very carefully about how they play there hand here because this could have a very worse out come if they get this wrong and take his hole life’s work away from him and he gose on to harm himself don’t they thing they have enough blood on there hands with there online banking to be worrying over a 7pound bet. Coming from a United fan I hope he clears his name and PAYS back the club and its fans 4having his back and still paying his wages no doubt

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