Morley: Gay rumours almost killed career


Morley revealed truth behind rumours

Former West Ham United star Trevor Morley has revealed the truth of the infamous night he was was stabbed and accusations of a ‘gay’ affair with Ian Bishop!.

In March 1991, the news that Morley was critically ill in hospital having been wounded in a domestic incident shook West Ham.
And although he made a good physical recovery, rumours that the incident had been caused by him having a gay relationship with Bishop began to circulate – and refused to go away.
In a wide-ranging interview with Blowing Bubbles Monthly, he explained: ‘I nearly died in the incident, but my long-term recovery wasn’t actually that bad. Wounds heal, but those rumours almost killed me off as a footballer over the following year.
‘We’ll never know quite how it started. I remember being at the house on my own and the press knocking on the door asking why I was stabbed. Then somehow – without it being printed anywhere – this rumour began and it went around like wildfire.
‘Within two days, I had a call from my sister saying on word of mouth alone, it had made it as far as Nottingham, and this was in the days before social media. It was incredible.
‘In the long term, the stabbing incident had no impact on me whatsoever physically or mentally, but those rumours put me off my game so badly. For a long time the following season, I just wasn’t there mentally at all – I was training ok but my head wasn’t right.’
Read more of Julian Shea’s in-depth interview with Morley and get your copy of Blowing Bubbles

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  • John says:

    Remember that well. Stabbed on his driveway I recall by his wife although I’m not if he reported it/her which resulted in the rumours. Doubtless originated from White ****e Lane as did the nasty rumours about Wenger.

    I’m now getting a 30 sec ad for a bloody McDonalds Big Mac that runs on the bottom half of my screen. That’s all I bloody need!!!

  • Michael Miller says:

    Yes, but it doesn’t explain why he was stabbed – supposedly by his Missus – the rumours never went away and we’re still not any the wiser.

    I suppose we’ll have to buy Blowin Bubbles Magazine but I bet it doesn’t make it any clearer!

    • John says:

      You are right MM the rumour being she walked in and caught them at it lmao. Gave us all a few laughs at the time 😂😂

  • PopRobson says:

    Remember it well wasn’t he supposed to have been sha66ing another player?

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