Mourinho: ‘I think Chicharito will have 20 goals easy’


Jose-Mourinho-made-a-hand-001Watch Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho talk about former Javier Hernandez:

“I think Chicharito will have twenty goals easy, even coming from the bench for the last 10 or 20 minutes, he will have 20 goals. He is a guy that naturally the ball comes, rebound here, rebounds there, boom – goal. The goalkeeper saves, he goes there, tap in – goal. The cross is coming, he anticipates the first post header – goal. And not even coming from the bench, we have this kind of player that scores 10, 15 goals and gives you 10 or 15 more points.

His comments were made in April this year as he explained he admitted that his team is sorely lacking a real goal poacher like Manchester United Fans Favourite Chicharito.

Hernandez was let go by Louis van Gaal in 2015, a decision that was unpopular with fans at the time.

Speaking yesterday Jose Mourinho reportedly said “I am thinking about West Ham for the first match of the Premier League.They have got Joe Hart, Chicharito and Arnautovic. It looks like they are playing to win the Premier League too.”

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  • kevin says:

    Wouldn’t it be interesting to see teams go all defensive against us . Looks as though our favorite tactic of scoring on the counter attack will be used less this season . Hopefully that will be the case and teams will have a bit more respect for us and sit back more . It’s been a long time coming and I’m pleased to see it after all these years .

  • markro says:

    He’s prone to exaggeration – I’ll be happy with 15 (with Antonio, Lanzini, Arnautovic et al, banging ’em in in support.)

    • kevin says:

      Absolutely , markro .

    • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

      I am sure I heard you say that a million times previously Markro 😉 yes though you are right he always tries to dampen down expectation wherever possible, he knows the first game of the season is always a bit of a lottery because no manager really knows where his players are at physically compared to the competition on that day and in addition it is probably good for him to make sure his players know he is taking the opposition seriously and wants to get off to the best start possible.

  • Radai Lama says:

    Typical Moanie,going ott is all part of his masters plans.Then throw in he said previously he wouldnt have sold Hernandez had he been at Manure.Good chance to slap Van Gaal round the face as well 😉

  • sharklazer says:

    Urm, wasn’t the 20 goals quote in reference to if he went back to ManUre?

  • Gaz says:

    He said he was missing a player like him and it says he said it in April.I dont think anyone was suggesting he was on about Chicharito with us.

    • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

      If we sign him Gaz we will find out for ourselves, I doubt any of us take what Mourinho says seriously in a press conference.

      • Gaz says:

        Agreed Whf no32 i was answering sharks question which im not sure was serious or a dig at the article.Which seems a regualar occurence on here.Who knows..

  • JRS says:

    Mou being nice or his evil plan. One thing is true before we where even linked with Chicharito Mou and others have said they would not have let him go. And a lot of Man u fans are quiet jealous which I do draw some pleasure from.
    And I hope he scores 20 goals for us who was the last striker to score that many goals for us Tony Cotte

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