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Mourinho’s massive attention bid changes nothing!


BabyNothing he could say or do can change anything !

But the activities of horrible Jose Mourinho have seen the media  make yesterday’s amazing West Ham victory all about HIM rather than the brilliant team led by classy Slaven Bilic.

Slaven has class and spoke the opposition boss up to the skies before the game as the world’s best manager but the Bilic nature and character is 100 per cent diametrically opposed to the bloke from Portugal.

Class oozes from Slav- bitterness, anger and cheap, shoddy behaviour is the Mourinho stock-in-trade when things go pear shaped.

His headline-hogging behaviour doesn’t really matter of course – headlines are cheap whilst  victories such as ours are precious and to be treasured. But it still rankles.

Two Chelsea coaches  went to the stand before him – he followed them at half time-  as his horrible team descended into chaos against a brilliantly organised Irons team reaching for the heights.

And as great as the victory itself was, the manner in which we totally kept our control in the face of Chelsea’s indiscipline was superb! We rose above Mourinho and his childish activities.

The Chelsea manager, doing his impersonation of the school bully who finds the keys to the school tuck room locked and with nobody to threaten for free grub, is in huge trouble.

And if the Irons have taken a major step towards getting him the sack – GOOD! He tried to spoil our massive day and failed MASSIVELY.

It reaches the depths when you are actually trolled on Twitter by Danny Dyer of all people for goodness sake but Mourinho managed it. Rather than troll him it may have been a better idea to change his nappy!

The picture above appeared on the ClaretandHugh Facebook forum  @ earlier this morning.

It sums the man up perfectly!

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  • Ray_The_Hammer says:

    Can’t see the picture as I don’t have Facebook. It does rankle that the headlines are all about him & not West Ham & the coolest manager in the prem. but I suppose it was always going to be that way.

  • The Boleyn Badger says:

    Who cares what Mourinho did.He could have run naked across the pitch,it doesnt matter.We won,got the three points.I dont care whether he grabbed the attention in the press or not.It doesn’t change the league table or the result of the match.That really is all that matters.

  • Michael Miller says:

    Danny Dyer ‘It’s weally, weally kicking off here – Jose Mouwinho has just photobombed my video – what a cheek – I may have to give him a slap!’

  • ChickenRunner says:

    Lol Michael.Danny Dyer is a tw*t,he is the one who needs a slap 😉

  • kevin says:

    I actually prefer that West Ham and Slaven are kept out of the spotlight . The less hype the better . Just let us get on with the job quitely with no media distractions . And we don’t need our players giving it the big one either ,,,, we all know what happens when players start to get cocky . Mourinho and his Horrible mob deserve the headlines and long may it continue .
    Right up to relegation if need be . ( what a dream scenario that would be ).

  • whambam says:

    Agree with Kevin, lees hype makes us the underdogs in the big games and shocks the pundits when we win who in turn offer up excuses for getting it so wrong Lawrenson predictions so far have us on 3 goals and 3 points so far, luv it

  • whambam says:

    Btw, Charlton lost 0-3 to Brentford yesterday, I blame us for nicking their tax paying fans

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