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Moyes admits he’s interested in Irons

Our next management team? The not so likely lads!

Our next management team? The not so likely lads!

Well. it now looks a done deal!

David Moyes has made it clear he wants the job and it seems as if that’s the road being travelled so why not just release Slav en Bilic now.

Moyes let his feeling spill in an interview on BeiN Sports when asked if he would be interested in taking over from Slaven Bilic.

He said: “If it becomes available, yes, but at the moment it is not available.

Managers – in or our of work – don’t talk like that unless it’s a done deal preferring instead to offer the usual cliches about being flattered to be “linked with the job” or claiming that “it’s newspaper talk.”

So it seems the latest stop on Moyes stop/start career will be the London Stadium and once again the news is out there before the club can announce it all officially on the website at some point in the future!

It’s the West Ham Way you know!

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

20 comments on “Moyes admits he’s interested in Irons

  1. Hugh – Dumb and Dumber is a more apt description for the photo! “Which way is the job centre” can help when you re-use it come the end of the season!

  2. He said he hasn’t been contacted but he was at the game

  3. Moyes turned us down and took the Everton job. Why apart from money does he think we are a better bet now?

    • Bc not even a championship club will hive him a job after what he did w Sunderland & he wants to get back in. Only hope we have is he has a big point to prove but he has to move faster usually takes him while to implement is game

    • I doubt they are paying him much & won’t have a long contract 1yr max probably they don’t want to spend money even getting a good Championship mgr out of a job.

  4. Neville ? Wtf is going on !!! I hope you’re wrong hugh. So we end up with a pair of c###s for the dildos to play with !! Ffs you couldn’t make this shyte up !!😤

  5. I think the owners are in a troubled state if they think Moyes is the answer, I firmly believe we will be relegated with this appointment. There is no doubt in my mind that Bilic has to leave. I for one would prefer to do what Leicester did last season and give Westley the job on a short term basis till the end of the season. Moyes would be a terrible appointment. If they want someone external and who is out of a job then I would go for Koeman all day long ahead of Moyes. As for Phil Neville – the lad has not got a Scooby in my opinion.

  6. And Westley has done a cracking job with the u23s…

    • He has and I would like to give him a chance but I’ve said before my worry is if he took over it would most likely be short term. And then we would lose a great U23s coach and they are the one thing we got going right now. GE wouldn’t step back down I dont think. That’s my worry with him
      And we need a whole new staff we need a new Mgr & #2 bc handball coach will go & fitness is already a big problem.
      I would have Moyes as a #2 preferable to our mgr. For me if we don’t want to spend money on buying a mgt out there are better options Moyes verbally assaulted a women saying the bithc would be slapped for saying that w a laugh. He killed the confidence in Sunderland told the media they weren’t good and would be relegated.
      And that’s what we want. Even when he was doing good it talks him a while to get going.
      I just can’t believe all the links but no Guus Hiddink whonhas been getting good results since 1987 as done caretaker role and PL mgr from PSV Valencia Betis Febernace Netherlands S Korea and more…. Free agent has home in London.
      If not… I’d take Mazzari over Moyes. Schubert, Pardew, Redknapp, Sauso, and so on.
      We could spend so money & get & up and comer like Chris Wilder or Jokanovic wouldn’t cost a lot.
      Just seems like the last mgr u would go to in this situation now if he does take over I hope that he has a point to prove the is could be his last job and learned from his mistakes. But that’s a huge gamble w relegation & £100m plus on the line

  7. I actually prefer Neville to Moyes, if Neville was first team coach it would have to be a step up from the current mob, its more Moyes I am concerned about, Neville would have the respect of the players for all that he achieved in the PL someone needs to get our defence organised shame it is not his brother, I am not convinced the owners are sold on Moyes quite often when a job is in the offing managers try to put themselves in the frame by asking for tickets to the match, lets see what happens in the next few days.

    • Yep w should no Monday but I would much rather Moyew be #2 he would do better then Handball coach w fitness but as the frontman he just killed his career at Sunderland on the pitch and off w the media

  8. I am sure he is interested he is unemployed and no one else wants him….I didn’t think Fred Kano’s circus could get any worse ….

  9. My preference is Redknapp and Ferdinand and Westley as a three man managerial team until
    the end of the season.
    Moyes will not lift the fans or change the course of this season

  10. Looking at our squad there are clearly ‘issues’ -it may be the only way to sort is to go down, clear out and build around the talented younger players at the club. On that basis Westley would have been a smart call. I have no doubt Moyes will take us down but rather than have a plan, leave us in a complete mess….

  11. Well Antonio Conte could be available in 2 hours time of rumours are to be believed.

  12. Fans need to stop looking at the job he did at Sunderland. He inherited an awful side that had been lucky to stay up past couple of seasons. They are bottom of the championship and look bound to go down again. You can’t blame Moyes for that and then across to the Man United job, he inherited a side that was lucky to win the league. Man city with the side they had should have won it but they blew it. He was uniteds little guinea pig they put all the blame on. It was always gonna be hard to follow sir Alex footsteps and even harder when Van persie their top goalscorer was injured all season, they didn’t get the players moyes wanted in and then did van gaal do a good job in the LEAGUE after? Look at mourinho last season in the LEAGUE with them did he do a better job than Moyes? Give the man some credit, look at what he did at Everton, look at what he did at Preston,if we can get that Moyes back then we have got ourselves a good manager. At the end of the day we aren’t going down and everyone saying bring Wesley in, your in dream land his got no managing experience other than under 21s no way will the David’s give it to him. Watch this space Moyes will prove you all wrong and I think he will be a decent manager for us. Fans need to realise we aren’t gonna attract managers like ancelotti, pellegrini, mancini regardless whether the David’s want to reach into their pockets. They can easily walk into top teams and unfortunately we aren’t anywhere near that stage yet. Moyes is as good as it gets for us – there is not a manager out there in this moment in time who is an upgrade to Moyes. It’s time for a change we cannot wait any longer

  13. Its not set in stone and the David’s are getting a lot of stick from Fans about Moyes.
    I’m hoping they actually sack Bilic first then make a few offered take interviews. EX said we have approached Hiddink but he did want S Korea job and didn’t get it so approach again.
    Have to get rid of Slav before we can really interest some managers & Frere agents but we have time so use some it.
    It was just crazy how even before game was over everyone was reporting Moyes for job

  14. I understand why the fans are angry at the board. They took us to a stadium that we didn’t particularly want and they say and do some ridiculous things.

    However, they did save our club and have put in their own money. They have hade mistakes and the bottom line they should have removed Bilic in the summer when there were choices available.

    Instead they stuck with what they had after an awful season but understood the mitigation of the Payet saga, the stadium move and their own mistakes of buying cheap players.

    Everyone rattles in about the likes of Marco Silva but he didn’t save Hull from relegation and although he’s doing a good job at Watford, he was a massive risk to take.

    Moyes is not my first choice but there is nobody available. And something HAS to change. They gambled and lost with Bilic.

    Now we have to move on and if it’s Moyes until the end of the season, so be it. I don’t know how the season will pan out but if we don’t get behind him and the team, we definitely won’t have a chance.

    No one can blame Moyes for anything yet and you can’t blame him for taking the job. It’s a great job and this is his last chance to save his career.

    I would then go and get Howe or Dyche in the summer. Before another team comes in for them.

    We have to get behind the team and encourage any signs of improvement. COYI

  15. Would he like any job – of course – he needs to pay the Mortgage and any work is better than no work!

    He was being touted this week as the next Scotland Manager, but that’s only a part-time job really – so the West Ham job would preferable.

    What I don’t really understand is that it’s just a six-month contract – if I was David Moyes, with his background and Premier League experience, I’d be a bit insulted by being offered only a six-month deal.

    You’d have to suppose he’s being told get us out of this mess, with backing from the Dildo Brothers for a couple of much needed additions in January, and the job is yours for the foreseeable future. Fail to keep us up and it’s off to the Elephants Graveyard for Moyes – with only the occassional phone-in interview on Talksport left to keep the wolf from the door.

    • ….and as far as Phil Neville is concerned, he will bring a tremendous work ethic to the training and fitness side of the job. He might not be the smartest tack in the box but he is a tremendously hard worker and made the most of his limited talent – what our guys need is to apply themselves, get fit, work harder, get well coached and organised.

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