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Moyes claims Balbuena red was “a rubbish decision”

David Moyes didn’t mince his words describing the red card handed to Fabian Balbuena as a “rubbish decision.”

The Paraguayan central defender was sent off after clearing the ball in a challenge with Ben Chillwell before his foot followed through and caught the Blues defender.

After VAR referred the decision to ref Chris Kavanagh the bloke somehow managed to decide that a red card was required.

Madness! Total madness.

And Moyes declared: “I don’t believe for one moment Fabian intended any malice – where on earth was he supposed to plant his foot.”

And he claimed that precisely the same thing happened later on when a Chelsea player planted his foot on one of ours.

This was, of course, the second week on the trot , we have had a central defender sent off with Craig Dawson suffering the same fate after two yellows against Newcastle.

But it seems a certainty the Balbuena decision will be appealed by the Irons ahead of next week’s game against Burnley.

Moyes was disappointed with the Hammers first half display but reckoned we showed a lot of character and desire in the seccond 45 minutes.

He said: “I’m glad we had a good go at it and didn’t let the game get away from us.”

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

8 comments on “Moyes claims Balbuena red was “a rubbish decision”

  1. VAR does not make recommendations, the person watching the replay does.
    Appeal as the reviewer and the referee were wrong.
    This year is a new low for referees.

  2. At 74 I seen today that very finish of watching football, no not our beloved Irons no matter what happens even with the lid put on my coffin , Before the oven flames get to me, I will always be West Irons Utd , basically today’s game broke me on three counts, one no penalty , it was a hand ball 100% then the red sweet Jesus that was no more a penalty than my Gran breaking wind, his whole body movement he could not retract his leg and foot in time. But my major grip is Chelsea were ready at a drop of a hat to join that crappy league, the plain fact is, they should have suspended them and the other five until a punishment was dealt to them, yet they played us get three points for taking the **** out us and others, that to me is enough. The game is dying

  3. If anyone deserved sending off it was Chelsea’s Andreas Christensen. Should have been yellowed when he wiped out Soucek. He’s a dirty player with a track record too… Foul on Lingard would have been Y2.

    Also agree with Baz, why is no one talking about the penalty we never got?? Far out, VAR replay clearly showed the ball hitting the arm below the PL badge???

  4. With all the money sloshing about at the elite end of the PL, you have to wonder about the integrity of some of the referees and officials making decisions in matches. We have become used to the “big boys” getting the game changing decisions for many years now, but in light of recent events ie the failed unashamed power grab of all involved in the ESL plot i can’t imagine what depths they would sink to in order to maintain the status quo in their favour. Only a thorough investigation of how decisions which punters and experts all agree are plain wrong needs to be carried out. But for a start all conversations between VAR and the ref need to be broadcast live as in Rugby Union with reasons for decisions out in open. While the worst of these decisions get overturned on appeal, by then the 3 points are gone for good. There have been incidents of match fixing in Cricket, Snooker and many other sports over the years and we would be naive if we thought football wasn’t a target for the perpetrators of these criminal activities.

  5. There was definitely a problem of efficacy of several decisions yesterday, all given in favour of the ‘big 6’ club. Every pundit on Sky and MOTD all said it was a ridiculous red card – instantly, not after loads of replays. The ref and VAR ref showed not only no idea of Football, but not even a basic understanding of physics relating to inertia. Basically, Bal could not have physically stopped a follow through. Yet again, very shady, inconsistent and hopeless reffing. It’s not VAR, it’s the officials.

    • We’ve got the best league in the world , bar none
      We’ve got probably some of the best players in the world playing in our league.
      But without a shadow of a doubt, we have by far the worst referee,’s in the world officiating our league and they along with VAR are killing our game

  6. So sad. Not even a spur of the moment mistake. The referee has taken lots of time to view the action and still got it wrong. Doesn’t make him a bad man. Someone needs to have a word. His bosses are the people who need to explain why he has ‘correctly’ arrived at this calculated and considered decision. Should be appealed and overturned. Still went down to 10 men and left us all puzzled though. Handball was clear and obvious penalty. Offsides are reviewed down to millimetres irrespective of when the ball was kicked and whether there was intent to gain advantage by being in an offside position. So why should it be that this penalty wasn’t given with evidence that the arm has been used to play the ball? So sad this can’t be appealed.
    We need better educators for the officials.

    • Same thing happened to Leeds today. Clear handball by ManU in the box…
      ” ref? REF? OMG you cannot be serious!…” Corner.

      Then an almost identical incident to Balbeuna, with opposite outcome. The card was yellow and handed to Maguire for a reckless chargedown, even though he copped a boot in the leg after the ball had been kicked away.

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