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Moyes Coaching Team Leave West Ham

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Kevin Nolan, Billy McKinlay, John Heitinga, and other first-team coaches of David Moyes have been released from their contracts as expected, in preparation for Julen Lopetegui to bring in his own backroom team.

As is usual in these circumstances, a manager’s backroom team will have their contracts running concurrently with the manager’s to ensure continuity. Therefore, it’s no major surprise to see Moyes’ backroom team depart with him.

Lopetegui has had his own team lined up for his next position since departing Wolverhampton Wanderers at the beginning of the season. He has remained in the country with the majority of his staff and still lives in the Midlands.

Lopetegui has been working alongside Tim Steidten to identify transfer targets ahead of next season. He has also mobilised his backroom team and even has a detailed itinerary of training for the Hammers squad when they return from summer holidays for pre-season.

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  • Vince says:

    Huge thanks to Kevin Nolan for his work and dedication to the club over the years and wish him the best for the future

    • Kenny Irons says:

      Well said, Vince πŸ‘

      • Les says:

        Hope everything
        Goes wrong for the
        West ham hierarchy
        Money making
        Greedy f—-rs
        Good luck to d moyes
        In your new venture
        You might be appreciated more

        • DB says:

          Sour grapes mate, πŸ‡ D.Moyes should have gone when we had that bad season not too long ago..Short memory. Can’t fault K.Nolan. Even the players were slagging him off for the tactics. That was Soucek. His the most placid player. Never seen so many goals going in ..Crystal Palace, Chelsea come on.
          D.Moyes just got stagnant in the job. Also I’m surprised he took up the position after the dumped him the first time.. Sorry LOSER….

        • Robbo says:

          Good luck to Moyes and Nolan. We will especially miss Nolan, top player and coach. Good luck to you both….and thanks for everything

        • Beanie says:

          Bit harsh that. If they lose so do we. Got to say, in my opinion the club has spent more and brought more players than in my previous memory. I don’t mind if they make money, they’ve put theirs in up front – once we the supporters get good football.
          Also in my opinion, Moyes would still be there if he didn’t revert to such negative tactics. Attack is the best form of defence

    • Charlie says:

      Good luck to Billy ( badger ) mckinlay.

    • B.Tucker says:

      Well said, Nolan was class …. has potential to become a decent manager.

      • Mark says:

        Didn’t do well at Leyton Orient or Notts County. Am I missing something?

        • P. Douglas says:

          yes you are

        • Mike holt says:

          I do not know who you have been watching during my support we won 3 FA cups, European cup winners cup had fantastic centre forwards and played a lot of great football. With world class players who went out to win matches, not just not to lose them. It may be that you have heard of the West Ham way It means to play attacking entertaining football.

          • Tom says:

            Well said Mike Holt. The founder of the West Ham Way, Ron Greenwod, said that football had to be entertaining first. And that requires skillful and imaginative attacking football. That philosophy, along with decent sportsmanship is The West Ham Way and it Is the polar opposite to Moyes’ approach.

    • Gary says:

      Massive thanks to DM and all his staff for bringing the best football I’ve seen from a whu team in my 5 decades of loyal support.

      The ignorant highly militant and vocal minority who forced you out of this great club are most definitely not supporters of west ham United and will forever be considered as the 5th column.

      • Ron Willson says:

        Are you bonkers! THE BEST FOOTBALL IN FIVE DECADES. Did you ever see the football under John Lyall . We not only won the FA Cup twice but the football was terrific.
        eg. semi final against Eintracht Frankfurt 1976.

        • Colin says:

          John Lyall was our Greatest ever Manager & most of the 15 seasons he was there were probably the best ever I can remember πŸ˜±πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

          • Kevin Eyles says:

            Thank-you, David Moyes..You have done us proud, We lifted a trophy & I had tears that night.. Tears of joy πŸ˜‚ Thanks David

      • Hammeroo says:

        What a load of b*llocks!

      • Selsdonhammer says:

        If you think that garbage was the best West Ham football in 5 decades, you either don’t attend matches and/or the boring negativity that is Moyesball must have left you bewildered.

      • Brian says:

        Best football in five decades you must have been living in a different dimension for 50 years

      • Tony says:

        That is a perfect windup and people will bite on that one lol

      • David says:

        Absolutely right Gary… crapped on DM and the rest.. People forget that Sullivan brought in pelligrini and slaven. I have been watching for decades and it was the first time I didn’t sweat watching since John Lyall.

      • David Bull says:

        Wow Gary don’t believe you mate are you telling me the football played by Moyes team were better than 1980 Brooking Devonshire Cottee McAvenie and Carrick cole Defoe Di Canio under Redknapp in the 90’s

    • Simon says:

      Agree with special thanks to Kevin Nolan.
      One could see that his heart was fully in his coaching. But could also see how Moyes sidelined him in favour of his preferred right hand men. Another dark area in the Moyes style of management.
      Pray the new manager keeps Nolan on.

    • turks says:

      it is a shame that Nolan is not retained

    • Beanie says:

      Absolutely. Don’t know what the future briings

  • D.f.butcher says:

    Let’s hope he’s also got a barn door to practice against , and a brick wall for prowse to practice getting over. And he’ll have to give cresswell time off to get his pension from the post office?

    • Graham blondel says:

      Nothing wrong with Cresswell yes he is getting past his sell by date he can move

  • Paul says:

    Completely different direction & it’s so refreshing, fingers crossed everyone are given time to build on the success David Moyes brought the club

  • Bonzo says:

    Sad to see Nolan go, and Robson who had a part in George Earthys recent breakthrough. Shame. Best of luck and all the best to two good West Ham men.

    • Colin says:

      Hope they keep Kevin Keen/Stevie Potts as they have been brilliant in the last few seasons with the younger playersπŸ˜±πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Eastendexile says:

    I had hoped that Nolan would have been kept on. He was definitely one to put a passionate arm round players and was good for morale.
    Hope he lands another role in the near future

    • Phil says:

      Top Man Nolan…wanted to see his Chicken goal celebrations for his 100th Premiership League goal but fat Sam would not let him take the penalty – top captain Nolan πŸ‘

  • Elaine John says:

    Sorry to see Nolan go he was all heart. Also a big thank you to all the backroom staff they gave us that wonderful night. Best of luck to them all.

  • Deathblow says:

    These 3, more so the unfit, slouching under the weight of his beer-belly Nolan, and the very likable Billy McKinlay, were Moyes’s biggest hinderance as they could offer no quality coaching.
    How can a Premier League club expect to coach-on highly talented players when they are no better than 1st division ‘coaches’, and less worthy of the job than our youth team coaches?

    All yes-men and never questioning their gaffer. Nolan was constantly on the radio with his media mate from Nottingham constantly bigging-up Newcastle and talking they a fan in the pub.
    I was relieved when the inept Nevin went and he’s done no better at Strasbourg, but Nolan was a massive downgrade.
    Fingers crossed the new backroom staff are better and not more presently out of work yes-men.

  • Steve Lewis says:

    Big, big mistake letting Kevin Nolan go ! Sad but I wish them all future success. COYI !!

  • Morty says:

    Best wishes to them all, particularly sad to see Mark Robson go βš’οΈβš’οΈ

  • Trevor says:

    Many thanks to all of Moyes’s backroom staff during the past four and a half years. The future years at the club will be very interesting……. let’s hope West Ham can build on the hard work that Moyes’s coaching team put in.

  • John Ayris says:

    Big changes, manager, back room staff, system, many players. Nothing would surprise me at the start of next season, lets hope the surprise is a good one.

  • mike says:

    Should have kept Nolan and Robson they know the club inside and out.
    Thanks for your service over the years βš’βš’βš’

  • Hammer64 says:

    Out of all the backroom staff I personally feel Nolan will be missed the most he knew the club inside and out proper West Ham through and through. Good luck Nolan in whatever club you go to next they will be getting a special person and leader πŸ˜’

  • Hammer says:

    I personally think our style of play started sliding after Stuart Pearce left in 2022 he didn’t suffer fools easily.

    • Boleyn Boy says:

      I’m Glad someone else thinks highly of Stuart Pearce and Kevin Nolan and others in the back room staff thet kept contanuity and respect within the Team but since Stuart left the only opinion that mattered and no one is right all the time

  • Robyn Goodban says:

    Hi a big thank you to all the staff at the old West ham as we don’t know the new one’s who was the man that said that the manager could go out and get the players that he had in mind as thay would not send the money but that man could send it then have to sale then at time at half price as he was no good I hope it will not happen again for the FANS of this club I hope

  • Vaughan says:

    I was anti moyes for the last 3 years .His tactics was a disgrace. My mate put up a league table start of January we was 4th from bottom .Don’t know much about this new manager but retaining Cresswell is a disgrace .His legs have been gone the last 3 seasons
    he has gone backwards. I think Tim will bring players in but we have to keep kudos and the manager should play him in a free role behind the forward

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